Spoiler Rate Raw October 26th 2015

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solidus, Oct 26, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Roman Reigns defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall

    Kevin Owens defeated Cesaro via pinfall

    Team Bella defeated Team PCB via pinfall

    Alberto Del Rio defeated Neville via pinfall

    Sheamus, Barrett, Rusev defeated Ryback & Dudley Boyz via pinfall

    Dolph Ziggler defeated Big E via pinfall

    Roman Reigns defeated Alberto Del Rio, Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler via pinfall

    Roman Reigns is now the #1 contender for the WWE WHC!
  2. Sounds good, new feuds and stuff. Watching tomorrow though.
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  3. Hitler/10
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  4. Europe turning into a mix of blacks/Arabs ran by Jews/10
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  5. Don't think it gets any better than that
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  6. 7/10 pretty good episode tonight. some really good wrestling matches. I always enjoy a nice tournament for #1 contender spots. It was nice to see a fatal four way, haven't seen one of those in awhile. There was only 1 divas segment and roman reigns mic time was short which is always a good thing. And a brief segment with Stone Cold is always a plus.
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  7. I give it a 7. I thought this was one of the more solid Raws in a long time. It wasn't perfect by any means, but I wasn't watching the clock like usual lately.

    I liked:

    The Roman Reigns and Rollins confrontation

    Reigns vs Kofi was not bad.

    Kevin Owens vs Cesaro was EXCELLENT. This was the best match and best part of the entire show. Owens definitely made up for the crap match he had with Ryback the previous day. That flying forearm uppercut thing Cesaro did was great.

    Del Rio and Nevile was okay.

    Ziggler vs Big E was pretty good.

    I liked Kane confronting Wyatt. It worked really well and Kane really was getting the better of all of them for a while. It is also good they are making the Wyatt Family look strong. I have an idea in my head of some people who might be including in this whole feud, but I'd rather let it play out and see what happens.


    The main event 4 way was pretty good too.

    I didn't like:

    Team Bella vs PCB sucked like the other 6 diva tag matches have

    6 man tag was pretty useless

    The whole Susan G Komen thing in the ring
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  8. Better RAW than expected... It's nice they're making the #1 contender earn that spot, rather than giving it to him.
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  9. Oh my goodness...
    So the WINNERS at Hell in a Cell got REWARDED with this tournament that "filled time" with MATCHES THAT MATTER leading to a #1 contender that EARNED IT...

    I'm back on board, WWE. Count me in for watching next week's Raw.
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  10. Does that include the LD? I'll cook up some Ramen for the occasion.
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  11. *sigh* Damned adult responsibilities... :cry:

    If you can do it on delay, I've even got some spare creamy chicken kind. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  12. The future GOAT Roman Reigns finally earning another title shot... :nod: Hopefully he wins the championship at Survivor Series and ushers us into a new era like he was meant to do at Wrestlemania earlier this year.
  13. RAW was actually good this week, without much garbage. I'm flabbergasted. 7/10
    Vinceman was forced to build a show around his current crop (with part-timers and Cena gone) and it was good, which ain't been in a while.
    So, here's to hoping it wasn't a one-off.

    Also, props to WWE for showing us that wins and losses do matter, as only those who won at HIAC got to be in the #1 contender's tournament.

    - The Rollins/Reigns confrontation.

    - All things New Day. Especially the pre-match promo where they ran down Reigns.

    - Reigns vs Kofi was decent.

    - KO vs Cesaro was good. I love KO, but they shouldn't have served up The Swiss Superman to KO again. #PushCesaroDammit
    The guy's busting his ass week in and week out and is connecting with the crowd. Yes, Vince! He is! Open your eyes, old man!
    He should be awarded for all his amazing displays.

    - ADR vs Neville was fine. But, what's up with ADR not using the Cross Armbreaker to win? The finish felt kinda lackluster and out of left field.
    The announcers mentioning AAA and CMLL, as well as ADR being AAA Mega Champion was nice, though.

    - The Wyatt Family abducting Kane was logical given what happened at HIAC and it was a fine segment overall.

    - DZ vs Big E was good. Also, Tyler Breeze coming out prior to the match and having his own VIP section was hilariously awesome.

    - Reigns vs KO vs ADR vs DZ was a very good ME and I enjoyed the hell out of it. It was a beautiful chaos.
    Even though it was pretty obvious Reigns was gonna win, it still had me on the edge of my seat. So, I guess this was the right time to pull the trigger. IMHO, I'd rather see Reigns win the title at SS than go through yet another Royal Rumble Rebellion [Part III] and the next few months of 'is he or isn't he ready?' till WM 32. Plus, with him (most likely) winning the title now, it makes the Royal Rumble winner a bit more unpredictable.

    - Cena's absence was handled poorly. It's absurd he quickly dropped the title at HIAC and left without an explanation or an injury angle.
    And it sorta comes off as Mr. NEVER GIVE UP has kinda... given up. Oh, well.

    - No explanation about Lesnar's absence. What, Heyman couldn't come out and cut a 5 minute promo?

    - Team Bella vs Team PCB was incredibly dull, just like every other multi-diva tag match up until this point. Oh, and Paige turned heel again.
    Gotta love the #DivasRevoution and its atrocious storytelling.

    - Sheamus, RuRu & Barrett vs Ryback & The Dudley Boyz was meh.

    - That Susan G. Komen in-ring segment.

    All in all... BEST. RAW. IN. A. LONG. TIME.
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  14. Hey, Sexy. Right now I am thinking Reigns takes the title at Survivor Series and maybe Lesnar wins the Royal Rumble to set off the main event from last year that never got completed. I mean, I know a lot of people were anti Reigns vs Lesnar (including me) but even before Rollins got involved it was an awesome match. I'd love to see it again and make it have a resolution.

    The other intriguing notion is Rollins keeping it and Daniel Bryan winning the Rumble and that would be another main event I'd love to see. Or Lesnar wins the Rumble and Sheamus has taken the world title by this time...Sheamus vs Lesnar could be interesting because they both have the really brawling I love to fight and get beat up attitude.
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  15. Both (Lesnar/Reigns II and Rollins/DB) scenarios are fine with me.

    If Reigns wins the WWE-WHC at SS, then I could definitely see Bork winning the Rumble. Reigns is better off without the Royal Rumble win this time, there's no need for another rebellion.

    But, if Vince is still hellbent on Reigns winning the title at WM, then I could see Ambrose costing Reigns the title at SS. That (pep talk) backstage segment with Ambrose/Reigns, to me, indicated Ambrose could probably turn on Reigns at SS. Then Reigns would probably win the Royal Rumble (not the brightest idea given this year's result) and we'd have a Shield triple-threat [or either Rollins vs Reigns] at Mania.

    Daniel Bryan FINALLY winning the Rumble and facing Rollins at WM would really float my boat. But, I guess that's just fantasy booking at this point.

    Bork vs Sheamus would be cool with me, but just not at WM. Sheamus should've been fed to Bork when Bork was still the WWE-WHC.
    And honestly, I'd much rather have Sheamus fail at cashing in his MITB contract. I like him, but I don't want him in the ME scene.
  16. Is it just me, or does this European stable make it feel like a guarantee that Sheamus will fail the cashin? Dude's just a tag team guy now, and that's great. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  17. I hope his cash-in fails.
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  18. I'm pretty certain the idea right now is to probably have Sheamus fail his cash-in at Wrestlemania. Whether Reigns wins the championship at Survivor Series or Wrestlemania (I imagine they probably want it to be the latter, since winning the gold for the first time on the grand stage feels much more special and monumental, especially of a guy they want as the next face of the company), Sheamus will probably try to recreate history by cashing in afterwards but then end up eating a spear out of nowhere and losing. It'd be a ideal way of Reigns' getting redemption for getting cashed in on this year.
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