Spoiler Rate Raw October 5th 2015

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solidus, Oct 5, 2015.

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  1. Results!

    Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose/Randy Orton defeated The Wyatt Family via pinfall
    Sheamus defeated Neville via pinfall
    Natalya defeated Paige via submission
    Kevin Owens defeated Sin Cara via pinfall
    Seth Rollins/Kane and The Dudley Boyz ended in a no contest
    Team BAD defeated Team Bella via submission
    John Cena defeated Big E via pinfall*

    Rate out of 10!

    *guessing, posting before it finished
  2. You take a good, you take a bad, you take them both and there you have:

    This episode of RAW.

    I gave it a 6. Did it deserve one? Probably not. But yet again, I had an excellent time chatting in the chatroom. @stonecoldsamadams and @Neptune both made the chat very enjoyable and kept chatting a long time after the end. Oh, and in case no one was in the chat, @Prince Bálor and I are getting married which raised it a few more points (you know me, NXT Champ, I tease for a few weeks and eventually stop).
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  3. The show had its moments, but it was largely forgettable. 4/10

    Anyhow, it needs more New Day!

    - The opening segment featuring Heyman/Lesnar was good. As well as BORK SMASH mode on Big Show afterwards. I wish they did an injury angle, though.

    - Reigns, Ambrose & Orton vs The Wyatt Family was rock solid. Reigns scored the win for his team by hitting a Spear on Harper.
    The first half was basic, but then things started to pick up nicely and the homestretch was wild and fun. I liked it and think it worked well, due to the chaotic nature of the feud. Post-match, Reigns cut a promo saying the feud ends at HIAC.

    - Natalya vs Paige was decent. It was nice to see Nattie back to in-ring action.
    The match had a clean finish, with Nattie winning, and simply felt fresh compared to all the meaningless tags 'tween the same 3 teams we've had the pleasure of seeing up to this point.

    - KO yelling at Kalisto during his match with Sin Cara: 'A 12 year old has no business ringside!'

    - Jawn Cena vs Big E was a decent ME. Cena retained via AA, of course.
    I liked the setup for it. DZ's music hit, but he didn't come out. The New Day did and they were dragging DZ's beaten body with 'em.
    What a nice touch to draw heat. They cut a short promo afterwards and teased a BIG challenger for the title, which was none other than Big E.
    The post-match segment saw The New Day beat down Cena, DZ then came out to make the save, but accidentally Superkicked Cena.
    That brought out The Dudleyz for a brawl, but The New Day took control and laid them out. The New Day stood tall to end the show, which I appreciate and it was a nice change of pace. Although, I didn't think it felt menacing enough. Perhaps because those 3 badass heels were made to look like Stephanie's bitches an hour earlier? The DZ Superkick on Cena was an expected twist, although I'm still not sold on a feud between the two. Not if the purpose is to feed DZ to Cena.

    - Sheamus vs Neville. The 'match' lasted 30 seconds and Neville looked like a bona fide jabroni losing like that.
    It's annoying that they keep revisiting feuds. They truly have no clue what to do with their midcard, it's still a mess with a bunch of guys going nowhere.

    - The in-ring segment between Kane and Rollins was cheesy. OMG LOLZ, Rollins drew major heat by saying Kane and Tom Brady had deflated balls.
    The Kane/Rollins feud continues to be underwhelming. But hey, at least WWE's consistent in SOMETHING.

    - Paige being seemingly cooled off after her PAIGEBOMB promo.

    - KO vs Sin Cara was simply too short. KO's IC title reign has been underwhelming already. The curse will never be broken. Shame.

    - Was Steph on her period or something? She seemed to be in a ball-cutting mode last night. And of course, she was randomly a babyface again.
    The thing that annoyed me was when The New Day tried to make her happy, but she just silenced them in such a rude way!
    You cannot do that to The New Day, Steph! They are great, great men and without them WWE would absolutely suck.

    - That Susan G. Komen segment was pandering so hard and was just bleh.

    - The Dudleyz vs Rollins & Kane sucked and was a waste of time. Gotta love WWE's persistency in making Rollins everyone's bitch, though.

    - The booking problems persist. It seems like nobody's allowed to get over. #DivasRevolution is still stuck in a rut... As the crappy back-and-forth 'tween Team BAD and Team Bella continues! Save it, mama Stephanie! Man, this was just another in a long line of meaningless tag matches and on top of it, it was incredibly dull.

    - The Rusev/Summer segment was so corny. lol
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  4. Just realized that they've been building this Kane/Rollins match since Extreme Rules. Such long term build, Batman
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  5. I said 5. Not a huge one but wasn't that bad. Although the matches were not as good as past few weeks. Disappointed that there was no Cesaro. Kane/Rollins and Ziggler/Cena hint was the highlight of the show. Also Sasha.
  6. Cesaro's toiling away on Superstars. It's a damn shame those empty backstage suits don't see how high quality of a wrestler this dude is.
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  7. So instead of ended this Rusev/Summer/Lana/Ziggler shit they escalated it to marriage? So what belt will Rusev win anyway?
  8. None :smirk2:
  9. Just as I thought :21-1:
  10. Bad show all around. Nothing memorable happened on this show, and the fact that they added 2 diva matches made the show almost un-watchable. Paige/Natalya should've just got 15 minutes and that's it.. Paul Heyman's promos are getting stale, it's hard to build a match if only 1 guy is there.
  11. 3/10

    felt like routine work of a run of the mill episode of Raw. Even Lesnar/Heyman segment dragged on with that unnecessarily long promo package (would like to see them mention No Mercy Hell in the Cell).

    Every other segment was just the boring same old crap, no twist, no pops, just straight down hill...

    Although I was pleasantly surprised to see the show end with New Day on top, overcoming 4 huge faces.
  12. :hmm:

    ...so... Summer wants to marry Rusev which makes no sense but w/e... but Rusev says once he wins GOLD, he'll put a ring around Summer's finger...
    ...Ziggler accidentally superkicked Cena, giving those two a chance to have a feud because Cena has to get SUPER PISSED about this MILD INJUSTICE because he's a TOTAL DICK...
    ...Ziggler and Summer are in cahoots kinda/sorta after that awful shower scene, so Summer has every right to go down and help Ziggler win... but then she can play it off to Rusev saying "Look! Easy opponent! Gold! Marry me? :please:" which would leave us wondering just which side Summer Rae is on going into their big match at Survivor Series, also where Lana fits in in all of this...

    ...if this was on Lucha Underground it'll be shockingly fascinating TV. Unfortunately it's not and this will get over like a fart in church
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  13. It would be so bizarre if Cena did get pissed about that kick.. it would be different, because he's generally more understanding about things like that... but if they wanted to, they could make Cena acknowledge it as an accident only to be hit by Ziggler again, revealing the first was intentional.

    However that would put Ziggler back as a heel and I think he blows in that role. But it would make the idiotic Ru-Ru segment make a little more sense if Dolph and Summer were setting Rusev up... but honestly, what could they possibly gain from that?

    Wow it hurts my brain considering the dumbassery of this angle or group of angles... or Kurt Angles or Pythagoras... I need sleep...
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  14. :lol1:

    I've actually given some "bored at work" thought to this post the past couple of days - typical Fox - and...

    - You're right, there's no need to go back to that stupid superkick.

    - On Raw, Dolph and the Dudleys can call out the New Day, out for revenge for that beatdown last week. Mid match during the heat, Devon can be taking those corner kicks from Big E and Kofi as Xavier blows his trombone at ringside... and Dolph superkicks the trombone, breaking it in half... This causes Xavier to run in the ring and be SUPER PISSED and get himself "DQed for kicking too much ass" as Dolph grabs the ropes or something, big brawl ensues and the faces clear the ring. After Xavier rants and raves and gets dragged backstage by E, Dolph announces he's going to take the opportunity that was stolen from him - a chance at the US TItle on Smackdown (think this is the go-home Raw, right?)...

    - Smackdown happens and Hot Summer is shown backstage, and tells the New Day that she knows the perfect place where they can go get the trombone that Dolph broke fixed... Xavier runs off in hilariously quick fashion while the other two comically chase after him. During the match, Ziggler is (legitimately) arguing with the ref as Summer hits Cena with a chair, Ziggler, not knowing about this, pins Cena off the chair shot and wins the belt. Commentary team tries to get Ziggler over as a face, saying he didn't know... Later on Summer's wearing her necklace and talking up to Ziggler, showing him the video of what she did... and Ziggler is conflicted and not knowing what to do... THE SOMEWHAT CORPORATE DEMON KANE FROM THE GATES OF HELL INSIDE OFFICE DEPOT shows up and books Ziggler vs RuRu at HIAC

    - At Hell in a Cell, 5 New Day segments air of these three at "Trombones R' Us", a just for trombones repair place, where Hugh Jackman (Why not!? :emoji_slight_smile: ) is sitting there trying to get this tube-thing back on the doohickey on the rest of the instrument as he is BEWILDERED by the jackassery of these three amazing, amazing people... meanwhile Ziggler vs Rusev happens and while the drama seems to be around who's going to leave with Sweet Submissive Summer... they battle back and forth and Summer runs interference a few times but it's never clear enough what she's doing because the ref does his job, and Rusev just wins the US Title, clean as a sheet... Summer is ECSTATIC at ringside. She jumps in, takes off the pearl necklace and starts putting it around RuRus neck... then Lana's music hits and she returns, smacks the hell out of Summer, reaches in the top of her outfit for maximum sexuality and grabs Putin's old Gold Star or whatever (does he still have that? I seriously don't know), puts that around Rusev's neck, they make out and the couple we all know and loved can be happily together again

    -Sad Xavier is crying by the 3rd one as they just can't fix that poor little trombone, then by the fifth one Kofi talks to Hugh in private...

    -Then on Raw, they have the Rusev/Lana marriage proposal segment, interrupted by Dolphin Summer... and then Mark Henry jumps the barricade, grabs Summer and beats the shit out of the other three using her as a weapon.:henry: then the New Day come out with a BRAND NEW SUPER LOUD trombone because Kofi is the bestest friend in the whole wide world, he plays Henry's theme and we fade to black... And Raw's ratings continued their ascent happily ever after.

    So much of this, though, comes from thinking that this trombone is gonna be broken someday, but whoever breaks it will get NUCLEAR heel heat....

    That and.. I'm gonna tag @GrammarNazi82 for the inside jokes and so she can make fun of me for saying this - but with all the women on this show squabbling over bullshit, Rusev has randomly become the most datable person on Raw. Even to a straight male pile of solidified frozen water like myself. :haha: I want to see the fat Bulgarian get his woman, dammit! :please:
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  15. Apologies to my fiancee Foxy for barging in to this post, but...

    - Unacceptable. Everyone loves New Day's basic trombone-omics! Also, yeah, DQ finishes FTW!

    - Nah, sadly, HIAC is two weeks away.
  16. :lol1:

    Absolutely! I figure that trombone could be broken someday, but whoever does it should get NUCLEAR heel heat... despite WWE seeing this as a face action lol.
    But that way the Rusev/Ziggler match should get the right reaction - although this validates my Smackdown section rant by making you blame the company for everything instead of the wrestler. This show. :lol1:

    -Okay, then replace the "Smackdown" from earlier with next week's Raw. :dawg:
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  17. It's okay... when I get married I have to get used to the fact that my only opinions any more are your opinions. :kiss:
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  18. That is already 1000 times more creative than anything WWE has been coming up with yet.
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