Spoiler Rate Raw September 28th 2015

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solidus, Sep 29, 2015.

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  1. Results (and things that happened)!

    U.S. Champion John Cena def. WWE Tag Team Champion Xavier Woods via Disqualification

    WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day def. U.S. Champion John Cena & The Dudley Boyz

    Big Show def. Mark Henry

    Divas Champion Charlotte & Becky Lynch called out Paige on ‘Miz TV’

    Team Bella def. PCB

    The Wyatt Family def. The Prime Time Players

    Neville def. Stardust via Disqualification

    Kane underwent a Human Resources evaluation

    Randy Orton def. Bo Dallas

    Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens vs. Rusev ended in a No Contest

    Big Show confronted Paul Heyman

    Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt ended in a Double Count-out
  2. Overall pretty bad raw. Kane being in the main event in the main even scene ruins it all.

    Brock fighting big show belittles the taker match. So pointless. Paul's segment being interrupted by fat ass is gay.

    Owens and rusev was okay. But Owens should still be feuding with ryback if you ask me.

    Everything else was shitty. I mean bray and Roman we've seen a lot. And it's getti gold having the "shield" fight the wyatts.
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  3. Raw was just as bad as last week's episode. Surprise, surprise. 3/10


    - The New Day's BASIC TROMBONE-OMICS. X-Woods played Cena's theme on trombone! I loved all things New Day in the opening segment.
    LOL'd when Big E said "Your title reign has been booty! Clap for your soon-to-be US champs and get beat like it's your duty!"
    Oh, and Cena has a brand new slogan now, courtesy of Big E: HUSTLE. LOYALTY. BOOTY. The New Day are just great, great men!

    - The New Day vs Jawn Cena & The Dudleyz was a fun little match. The New Day, thankfully, scored the win which gives 'em momentum heading into Saturday's title defense.

    - Heyman's promo.

    - Reigns vs Wyatt was a fine ME. But, the post-match brawl was good. Wyatt throwing a tech guy into Reigns, then launching himself into Reigns and going through the barricade was cool stuff, as well as Roman's Spear on Wyatt onto the announcers table to close the show.

    - Jawn Cena vs Woods was turning out to be a solid match, but the DQ fest ruined it for me.
    I get that they're trying to sell the tag match on Saturday, but the US Open Challenge shouldn't have been wasted like that.
    Also, I hope it doesn't come to Cena vs The New Day angle. They've got something special on their hands with The New Day and shouldn't screw it up by running 'em into the Cena wall.

    - That cringe-worthy backstage segment with a HR lady, HHH, Steph, Rollins and Kane might've been the WOAT.

    - I've no idea why I even bothered watching Big Slow vs Henry. It was all of the drizzling shits. It looked like two septuagenarians going at it.
    On the upside, at least it was short.

    - The MizTV segment featuring Charlotte, Becky and Team Bella... LOL'd at Nikki saying she started the Divas Revolution.
    No, that ain't true. #PraiseMamaStephanie for inventing women and the entire #DivasRevolution.

    - Team Bella vs Team PCB was boring.

    - Another cringe-worthy segment with Ashley, Kane and Rollins.

    - Harper & Strowman vs The PTP was a lackluster, filler match. Also, the PTP shouldn't have served as the cannon fodder for The Wyatts.

    - Neville vs Stardust, followed by Barrett's return. Nobody cared. Shame.

    - The performance evaluation was another cringe-worthy and incredibly boring segment. No worries, though, even worse stuff is coming.
    Rollins dropped the title, Kane tried to pick it up, but Seth hit a Pedigree on him (although he struggled) and then proceeded to attack him with a chair.
    Rollins talked trash, as Kane was carried away in an ambulance, and this is where I thought the painful segment would end, but hell no!
    Just as Kane started to go away, smoke and red lights filled the ambulance and DEMON KANE appeared, limped around the backstage area and then no-sold the ankle injury Seth had previously caused. Kane then returned to the ring, no-sold a chair shot and beat up Rollins.
    Rollins managed to escape before the Tombstone, but left his WWE-WHC for Kane to pose with. THIS IS AWESOME!
    What?! This couldn't have been put off till next week to sell Seth's beat down for a little bit? It's stuff like this that make the whole segment worthless to me... Rollins actually gets to look vicious for 30 seconds, and then acts like a big, flappy vagina and gets his ass handed to him, again. Wonderful.

    - Orton vs Bo.

    - KO vs Rusev, which then involved Ryback after like 30 seconds and the match was thrown out. KO/Rusev then teamed up and beat down Ryback.
    That brought out Ziggler to make the save. This was most likely a set up for a future Fatal 4-Way match, but it was so short that I honestly didn't care for it.

    - Big Show coming out after Heyman's promo to kill all the fun. The utter silence and apathy when Show's music hit was hilarious, though. lol
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  4. Oh, and I just thought I should add that we shall refer to Strowman's finisher from now on as the "I love you too much" hug! :smirk2:
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  5. It's kind of a dumb move. And it looks like he wants to kiss them.
  6. I gave it a 5, but a lot of that likely had to do with the chat. It was mostly me @The Lunatic Fringe and @brooke phillips towards the second half of the show, but I think we three had a fun chat despite the show being very blah.

    I liked:

    The beginning on the US Challenge match.

    The Kane human resources evaluation. One of those rare moments where I have to disagree with Purple Rain. :emoji_wink: Was it cringeworthy? Sure, but in a show that was absolutely painful to watch, I got plenty of good laughs out of the ongoing segment. And I think Raw actually is developing the eventual Kane and Rollins match well. Do I think it is a match that needs to happen? No, of course not. But regardless it is going to happen and I'll try to see some positive in it.

    I was ecstatic when Heyman came out... and then they ruined it.

    Wyatt vs Reigns was not bad. It wasn't GOOD, but it wasn't a bad match. Again, I didn't really care to see it but it wasn't boring to me.

    I disliked:

    End the US open challenge, the one consistently good segment on Raw this year, with the idiotic DQ and then starting a six man tag. The six man tag blew.

    Big Show vs Mark Henry. So the supposed World's Strongest Man couldn't pick up the Big Show when Cesaro has done it with relative ease? Plus this isn't building the Big Show up for Lesnar since EVERYONE beats Mark Henry.

    Miz TV and subsequent Diva match. COME THE FUCK ON! Quit treating these talented woman wrestlers like the fucking Diva division you've had on the main roster for years now. Quit with the six diva tag matches that no one cares about. Let these women put on the caliber of matches that they did in NXT. You won't find a bigger advocate for women's wrestling out there than me and I hate this.

    The PTP jobbing to the Wyatt Family. Weren't these guys just tag champs and now they are nothing?

    Neville vs Stardust. The match that wrestling forgot... boring and could not be saved by Barrett.

    Orton vs Barry Horowitz... I mean Bo Dallas, I don't have to explain why.

    Rusev vs KO could have been good...it wasn't.

    Big Show interrupting Paul Heyman. REALLY? With how bad these shows have been you have the fucking Big Show interrupt the undisputed best talker in the entire company right now? You have him interrupt Paul Fucking Heyman? Are you trying to deliberately tank these shows so USA cancels you and you can put RAW on the WWE Network (which won't happen, I am just throwing out an idiotic rant)? This could have been the segment to save the night and you ruined it. You made ME hate a Paul Heyman segment. Wow.
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  7. The 6 Man Tag & Main event were alright. The after match brawl was what put the show on a 5/10 from my original opinion of 3/10. Everything else was lame.

    What really was the point of Heyman showing up only to leave because Big Show said Lesnar's afraid of him?
  8. - Purple Rain says the performance evaluation segment wasn't as nearly as cringe-worthy as that backstage segment post-the 6 man tag.
    The one where the whole HR thing was introduced. It's nice to know some folks did enjoy that segment last night, though.
    TBH, the only positive I see from the Kane/Rollins match is Rollins retaining and the feud ending at HIAC.

    - While Reigns vs Wyatt wasn't a high quality match, it definitely wasn't bad or boring. The match was perfectly fine and serviceable.
    I mean, it served its purpose. It's prolonged the feud. WWE does screwy finishes more often than not, and they tend to not be of help most of the time, but I've no complaints about how this was done. Also, whoever told Wyatt he could throw a guy at Reigns... You rule, sir!

    - Orton vs Bo was bo-shit. Just wanted to say that. :smirk2:

    - The USA won't cancel the 'E as long as both companies benefit from each other. Plus, they're under contract with USA for at least 3 years, soo...
    Nevermind, but to your point, Big Show shouldn't have interrupted.
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  9. When did Bo Dallas become Bo Fat-a**?

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  10. I have been thinking about that too.... lots of wrestlers let themselves go, but he has QUICKLY let himself go.
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  11. Seems the same to me. But if he did, it might be because he's being treated like a complete waste in the profession he trained his entire life to get into. He really has potential with that gimmick. But as usual; killing the good is WWE's finishing move.
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  12. I've got to ask, honestly. What did you make of the Kane segment when he walked out of the ambulance?
    He sold the leg, then proceeded to no sell it all while on camera.
    I also saw the no sell John Cena sold after the New Day beat down. He was relatively fresh, but he still no sold it.
  13. he's probably 20lbs heavier than he was earlier this year and people like Jericho have done it also. Chalk it up to drinks and a lack of motivation due to what happened. Ryder had the match where he looked AWFUL and a month or two later he was right back.

    The hateful Bo gimmick was just too late and wasted IMO, and since he never wins it was pointless. He will job as long as he is in WWE.
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  14. off-topic, but... Anyone who knows anything about me as a fan knows how drastic it is for me to say this...
    I want to see Kane beat Rollins for the title. *runs*

    oh look Deez Nutz is our newest member. nice to see presidential candidates involved on a wrestling forum. Yay!

    10/10, because WWE respected it's audience enough to put New Day on at 8:00 and make it easier to turn over to football
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  15. Well I dunno, I expect the no selling from Kane a little more because it fits in with his original character, kind of like the Undertaker. Although he hasn't done it as of late, it was kind of a throwback to his character in the Attitude Era who no sold often. So it didn't really bother me. And it wasn't a complete no sell...he sold it for a while and then did that stamping thing (which was silly, I admit) but there is no doubt that before that he sold it as if he was hurt.

    Cena against the New Day was a complete no sell. Just like the frog splash from Rollins last week. It was if the move didn't hurt at all... and that is more irritating to me than the move hurting but recovering, such as Kane did.
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  16. You folks should see Chris Hero :tyson:
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  17. Hope he answers the challenge next week!
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  18. Cut Cena some slack, fellas. He cannot sell because it would make him look weak. [​IMG]
  19. The only cutting Cena should get is the kind that will keep his progeny from populating the Earth.

    EDIT: That is a vasectomy joke, not a dick chopping joke.
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