Rate Raw September 3rd, 2012

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Sep 3, 2012.

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  1. 6/10 or 6.5/10.

    We had some useless stuff that I didn't really wanna see but whatever.
  2. 6.5/10 for me.
  3. I see you liked it, like I said you would. :obama:
  4. Changed my rating, thought about it twice.
  5. Meh.... 4 or 5 out of 10 for me.
  6. Only got time to watch the last 10 minutes.

    So, 10/10.

    Show Spoiler
  7. I was thinking somewhere along the lines of 6.5/10
    But after the last minute of the show... 8.5/10


    It's three hours long, there's ALWAYS gonna be useless stuff now.
  8. Missed the last segment ffs. Waiting for Hoss' upload lol
  9. 5/10
    I normally only watch for The Miz then download his part in RAW but that's gonna be a little bit tricky this week. Haha
    He better have a match on Smackdown or I'm gonna be pretty upset.
  10. You're a UKFag, surely you can torrent it fast. Need links?

    Also, has it been two weeks already?
  11. Yes it has lol.
  12. Punk & Heyman/10
  13. 7/10.

    Pack the show with storyline progression, backstage stuff, a good mix of logic and shock, and just enough wrestling to remind you this is a wrestling show... and the show turns out better for it. And don't you EVER take Miz off commentary.
  14. I think this episode of Raw was great, there was some bad points but still looks great to me. 8.5/10
  15. It wasn't that bad :cry:
  16. 7/10. Basically what Rainman said. The show was logical and filled to the right amount with all that was needed.
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