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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. You know the drill
  2. Didn't watch all of it. But 5/10
    Just really short matches and the memorable parts were just appearances.
  3. Everything about it was awful, even the surprise returns/debuts.

    Have match, announce award nominations, commercial break, announce award winner. Rinse and repeat.

    Just awful. 1/10.
  4. Yes. All the extra ads really screwed up match booking tonight. I feel like they must have had extra ads due to the commercial free SD tomorrow.
  5. You didn't enjoy Khali Vs. Otunga? :lol1:
  6. Really sloppy show, nice to see the Nature Boy though. Due to :woo1:, cesaro getting some offense in on :happy:, and short hair :bury: it gets a 5/10
  7. What I liked.

    - Short Hair HHH
    - The Boogeyman
    - Tommy Dreamer
    - Ric Flair
    - Mene Gene, Ricky Steamboat and JR
  8. I thought the Flair segment was really lame, tbh.
  9. 0.1 for every :woo1: so about 3/10
  10. Perhaps, but all the :woo1: ing, you can't stay upset with him.
  11. Enjoyed:

    The Shield kicking Dreamer's ass
    The New Age Outlaws
    HHH's haircut
    Antonio walking out on his match with Ryback
    Vickie and Dolph breaking it off

    The matches sucked though. The commercials were timed wrong causing us to miss important parts of the show. The whole show had no rhythm at all. Dolph should have cashed in.

    Had a few entertaining spots, but the overall show was garbage.

    Rating: 5/10

    Looking forward to seeing what they do with a 2 hour show with no commercials

    RyBlack's catchphrase should be "Feed Me Whore" since he is with AJ
  12. Probably 1, for Flair. I'm the leader of Team Optimism and I can't create a positive argument for this horrific show tonight.
  13. Boogeyman was there? Cool. Too bad I forgot Raw was on and lots the first 15 minutes and my stream froze many times during the show.
  14. 4 out of 10. I love Cesaro(Spelling?) and there no reason for why he ran away from Ryback.
  15. The entire night I was getting myself pumped for a massive main event and instead we get a pointless tag match and fucking Big E Langston.

    :cornette:/10 for me again.
  16. 2/10 sucked major.

    DZ again has a cash in attempt that fails but again the bell hadn't rang so still got the case but really same thing twice on one guy????????????

    Big E debut so I'm happy with that.

    Shield. Need I say more.

    Ric Flair ok I marked a little despite moaning in other threads.

    Just watched it and honestly I can't remember much else to be fair all the special guests were the usual really.

    TOMMY DREAMER I marked hard for that should've seen it coming being in Philly and all. ECW ECW.
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