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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 14, 2014.

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  1. Just for @Bad News Brad

    Rate RAW out of 10.
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  2. Haven't enjoyed an ending to raw like that in a long time. The show before that was surprising , Kofi won? but um

    7/10 just for NAO (always love that) and DB turn
  3. I didn't watch it yet! :angry: :mad2: :woo1:

    Seriously though, I'll rate it a 5/10, it was a pretty lackluster RAW, and it felt like it just dragged on. The only interesting part was the end imo.
  5. 5/10

    + The ending made Bryan look a star
    + Setting up HHH/Punk really well
    + Reigns pinning Punk again
    + Brotherhood were great as usual
    + No power couple on our screens doing shit

    - Why the fuck did Kofi get the clean win over Orton? Surely there are better people that could benefit from it than this shitty jobber.
    - Orton/Cena. So predictable after Cole told us Cena's dad is at ringside. Whole 'attack' segment was just so, so awful and lazy.
    - Big Show KO on Colter was pretty random and unnecessary. Probably foreshadowing what he'll do to Heyman next week.
    - No Lesnar
    - No Barrett?!
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  6. 6/10 I only liked the NAO heel turn and Cena vs Sandow. Bryan and Husky in the cage was cool but they should've saved it for the Rumble. The rest was garbage
  7. A global alert for this garbage? Bitch please
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. I enjoyed it, especially Reigns drop kick and telling NAO to suck it. good show 7/10
  10. how dare you talk to your rhm like that

    rhm work it out bitch :jesse:
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  11. 6/10
    -Sandow put up a good fight vs Cena.
    -Kofi Beat Orton.. while last weeks taping showed Kingston getting dominated by Alexander Rusev on NXT pretty quickly.. If Kofi loses on this weeks released tapings I'm not sure how they thought they could have that match go like that.
    -Big Show dominating Jack Swagger really quickly than unnecessarily knocking out Zeb Colter.. I'm not sure why this is how they're approaching his character considering how they made him look like such a baby back bitch last year :emoji_slight_smile:
    -NAO walking out on Punk was pretty crazy
    -Boring Match of the Meheecans (RM vs ADR)
    -The ending was awesome, the turn heard round the world.
  12. 7/10 on the TNA scale, was a largely boring show but had so much good that it can't get a low rating.

    It really established that anything can happen, with the horrible midcard vs main eventer matches getting turned on their heads with Kofi, a GREAT swerve with the Outlaws (Corporate DX FTW!) and the usual good wrestling we've come to expect from Raw.

    Did I cover all the good stuff? Yeah, think I did.
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  13. WAIT! you forgot
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  14. 6/10

    The only thing I enjoyed was the ending. Everything else was either repetitive or boring
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  15. like a 5.5, who knew you could make a steel cage match so boring? same matches every time to the point where I know who there facing as soon as that person comes out. and the old age outlaws and punk vs the shield once again, just in case you missed it the first 3 times we had this match
  16. 7/10. The Kofi upset victory was kind of cool to watch Orton rage. Liked the NAO turning, and the ending was great.
  17. 4/10, kofi was interesting to see, the Uso's looked strong as hell (but im not betting it lasts past the RR) and DB was amazing. The rest was absolute shit, including the WWENetwork plugs it had more than an hour of commercials and that bs, and the other two hours were 90% filler BS.
  18. Surprised at the scores. We got build towards RR and done well. Show looked a beast at the expense of The Real Americans but hey it made him look good. Sandow looked awesome against Cena after two weeks fighting Khali so thank god. NAO need I say more. Plus Bryan and The Wyatts.
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  19. I'd give it a nice 6.5/10.
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