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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Is it just me or was that the best RAW since the Post-WM one? Really enjoyed it. Lots of very good matches. Great build for the PPV. What a night for Reigns, who looked like a top guy already in backstage segments and the battle royal. 8/10.
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    yup this Raw was more entertaining than usual, I thought something was off while watching.

    I'll give it a 8/10 also. I could have done without the puke segment though.
  3. It was pretty damn boring for me with a lot of ND matches. It was boring to watch, the BR sucked and so did the ending to it. Cena vs Kane also sucked, it was just too boring for me this week. 3.34/10.
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  4. Way better than the usual garbage that they pedal. Most of the matches were good and the backstage segments were better than usual.

  5. Great matches, though it felt awkward just drifting the rest of The Shield off like that. I liked that Roman Reigns might but probably won't become champion. 8/10 great matches and other stuff.
  6. Gonna watch it tomorrow. Damn, I've been busy the last two days. Glad to know it was a fun RAW.
  7. Enjoyed it. Was a long time since we really had a storyline contained within the episode like that.
  8. I've seen better.. but not in awhile, good show indeed, 8/10.
  9. It's obvious Rusev and Reigns will be given a deserved push from the battle royal. Fine with that.

    Much better than previous weeks. Need some interest matches to cover the loss of big names.

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  10. too much negative thinking lad
  11. No, if something's boring, it's boring. There's no way of trying to rectify it.
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  12. it was not a bad show

    your negativity of wwe is getting tiresome lad
  13. It was a horrible show. Nothing interesting happened except for slight storyline advancements. That's the only thing that kept it alive besides 2 decent matches.
  14. it did what said on the tin and built to the ppv

    stop overthinking things lad
  15. It built it in cheap ways, IE bad matches. That doesn't make it any more special by my terms. I'd rather take quality > end result.
  16. more overthiniking lad

    just live and let live
  17. No, that's basically saying you could just have a 2 minute match and let it happen and "live and let live". That's fucking stupid. The matches last night were mostly bad, if you take out the opener and a few others. I was bored and lost most focus on the show for the most part.
  18. fair enough lad I open to suggestion

    think you are looking into things too much. overthinking is ruining lives, just get on with things sometime, works for this musketeer
  19. It's not overthinking things, it's a wrestling show. You're supposed to break down the matches and the planned storylines, that's how analysis works. I'd much rather have something that provides me with a quality show instead of cheap bullshit that doesn't do anything except barely contribute to storylines.
  20. you are putting too much thought into, it did what it said on the tin. its like family guy, people overthink it

    leave the deep thoughts to when you listen to nin lad
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