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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Shadow, Mar 13, 2016.

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What would you rate the special?

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    Results below:

    -SPOILERS if the thread title doesn't already imply them-


    - The New Day retained against King Barrett and Sheamus via pinfall.

    - Chris Jericho defeated Jack Swagger via submission.

    - The Revival retained against Enzo and Big Cass via pinfall.

    - Charlotte retained against Natalya via submission.

    - Brock Lesnar defeated Luke Harper 'and' Bray Wyatt via pinfall.

    - Sami Zayn defeated Stardust via pinfall.

    - Triple H retained against Dean Ambrose via pinfall.
  2. lol so nothing changes, Wyatt looks weak as hell (I assume, losing in a handicap) and Zayn faces Stardust so people don't forget Steven Amell will be back soon. Funny to see Barrett in action considering every weekly spoiler has his ass on the sidelines. Another WWE day i'm glad I just said "fuck it read the spoilers first before you waste your time."
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    Why did they build this? WWE, you can't spend 2 months during Mania season building up a house show and then deliver a mere house show. Equal positives and negatives here.

    Why did they do the bait and switch? Just announce it as Luke Harper. Hell, just announcing Brock is more buys than announcing Brock vs a jobber we're "supposed" to take seriously. Why did you tease us with Ambrose winning just to... Grrrrrrrr. For a house show, this was pretty great. Shame they wanted us to think it was more than that, so we had to go in thinking it was such.

    Aids check out that Jericho promo. Everyone else watch the NXT tag and the main event
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  4. 5/10 let me just take a dump on this event
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  5. Big Cass and Enzo vs The revival was enjoyable.
    Nattie vs Charlotte was great.
    Ambrose vs HHH was pretty awesome.

    The rest wasn't really worth watching.
  6. 5/10. Nothing surprising. Wasn't expecting much tho. Was kind of upset that Lesnar vs Wyatt turned into Lesnar vs Harper. I bet they wanna save Lesnar vs Wyatt for Summerslam or something. Also the ref trolling on that 3 count for Ambrose had me for a second. I feel like they should of fully committed on that and had some official come out and show the replay to restart the match. Or just have the ref on an inside job with the Authoirty.
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    Roadblock was okay. I didn't have high hopes for this glorified house show and that's why I wasn't disappointed in the end. 5/10

    - The New Day vs Sheamus & King Barrett was a rock solid show opener. **¾
    LOL, The New Day's pre-match promo was funny. Now, the match itself was like your typical RAW tag match, with both teams throwing out their usual offense, but adding nothing new. Still, nothing to complain about (yes, I'm ignoring Kofi's botchamania moment), as the action was quick and the right team prevailed. NEW DAY ROCKS!

    - Y2J vs Swagger was solid. **½
    I liked Y2J's pre-match promo better than the match itself. It was a serviceable bout, but the crowd didn't care much. Can't say I blame 'em.
    About that promo: Y2J cutting anti-Canada promo was great. I LOL'd at him saying "Canada stinks and Toronto is the anus". :lol1:
    Asshole Jericho is the best. Also, JBL shouting 'YOU STILL GOT IT!' ad nauseam almost made me wanna Superkick my PC.

    - The Revival vs Enzo & Cass was pretty darn good! ***½
    This was super fun from start to finish and I liked it better than their TakeOver: London bout. The right team won and we shall be seeing more of E&C on the main roster soon!

    - Charlotte vs Natalya was a little sloppy, but turned out to be good with both women working hard. ***
    I didn't like the finish at all, I get that they're trying to protect Nattie in Canada, but that finish's completely overused. Frig off. Yes, you guessed it, Charlotte retained her Butterfly title after her father got involved and she got her feet on the ropes to steal the win. Yay.

    - Brock Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper was fun given it lasted about 4 minutes. **½
    Bait & Switch City, eh? Okay. Lesnar/Harper turned out to be fun as I thought it would, but Wyatt looked like a bitch there. What was up with the Lesnar/Wyatt no contact thing? Is Wyatt hurt or something? Or is he being 'protected'? LOL. Either way, yeah, this was a fun Borkman massacre.

    - Sami Zayn vs Stardust was decent, but totally skip-worthy. **
    Oh boy, talk about underwhelming. Stardust had zero heat and the crowd just didn't care. This right here should've been a squash. Or better yet, The Miz should've been the one facing Zayn.

    - HHH vs Ambrose was a very good ME. ***¾
    The first half of the match was slowly paced, but the second half of the match was really fun and featured a good level of drama. I totally bought into that false 3 count finish, man and then I was like: :downer:. I just knew it was too good to happen. After that moment, the match continued on and got even better. Ambrose missed an elbow through the announcers table and then ran himself right into a Pedigree when he got back in the ring and HHH retained. Despite not selling the knee/leg more and being a bit like a babyface at times, HHH bumped hard and looked great. Also, I have to mention that Ambrose looked like an idiot by having his foot under the ropes when he pinned HHH. I mean, when was the last time they did that kind of finish? And from a storytelling aspect, HHH should've cheated to win (not that I hate he retained clean), he is a heel after all, but I guess Ambrose will stay over no matter what happens. So, I guess everything's okay and now we can go back to Ambrose and Lesnar.
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  8. Really good review here! And hey, great job not turning on New Day like the rest of the sheep over here. Right, @Neptune ? Yeah, Eevee just evolved into Flaffy. You heard me. Yeah.:tough:

    if you don't mind another super serious post... do you think this was actually brilliant booking in the end?

    This feud has done SO MUCH for Ambrose. He's got a great taste of the top of the mountaintop and proved that he's kicking serious ass as a main eventer. This Ambrose run has been awesome, and now he got a visual pinfall over Triple H. :yay: Plus they know what's up here, and saving the first Ambrose WWEWHC run is pretty imperative. This whole "they beat Ambrose just to put over Reigns at WM" garbage is going to do wonders making a new Daniel Bryan over here. The more this happens, the angrier we get that Ambrose isn't on top, and boom. New top face.

    Although I'll be perfectly honest. @Shadow you know a few things about video editing, don't you? If I can, is there a way I can upload Raw with no commentary? Don't cut out the crowd or the bouncing of the ring or anything but these three assholes yelling over the show. Please. Or let me just upload Hulu Raw so I can stop blindly hyping it up already lol
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  9. I said 7 only because I was there live lol the atmosphere was fun.

    Some pretty slow parts, but the highs were awesome. Big Cass literally throwing people around lol. Those guys are totally over with the crowd. I can't wait t see more of them, that was my first look.

    And the main event started boring but the second half was awesome. It seemed like everyone was more focused on the "let's go ambrose" "triple H" chants but that was more fun than the start of the match. It really picked up though and I was so happy with that ending.

    All in all a great event to be at.
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  10. Was thinking about it, Ambrose got about 80% of the offense in his match. Not to mention they were actually putting him over on commentary. Buuuuut, I noticed something. Out of all the encounters he's had, Dean is his own worst enemy. Sure, you can spin it to where it's what he's been given. It just doesn't play out that way in the ring.

    From the exploding TVs, to him not capitalizing on Roman after all those chairshots, to him having his foot under the ropes/crashing through the table. It makes him seem incompetent. He's still getting over despite this, but it's still annoying nonetheless. Didn't expect him to win, just a nitpick.

    If you can get a download file, sure. Can't do it myself, can't download apps on my laptop.

    Oh, and obligatory. :woods:
  11. Gave it a 5. I only seen the last match and I enjoyed it.
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  12. It will likely be mentioned on Raw. They have done it before. Where the ref was "questionable" during the match. lol
  13. You should check out The Revival vs Enzo & Cass, too! It was the second best match of the night. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  14. Well, I ain't turning on The New Day for having one awful segment (at Fastlane).

    We've got a new Daniel Bryan in Dean Ambrose, for sure. And no matter how many times he fails at capturing the gold, he'll still stay over with the crowd.
  15. Nothing special. It was just a glorified house show. Nothing bad but nothing special outside of the main event
  16. 10/10 for the Canada bashing alone.
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