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  1. 9/10 for me. Was a really really good PPV in my opinion.
  2. 9/10 from me as well. Best PPV WWE has put out in a long time. All matches were good. Rock and Punk a bit slow at times and the ending was a bit convoluted but great to continue the story in my opinion.
  3. Great PPV. Love the finish to the main event except I feel Punk should have kicked out of the people's elbow and then taken a rock bottom before being put down, but that's a small nitpick. No real complaints.
  4. 9/10 for me as well.
  5. 8.5/10
  6. 8/10 for me. Loved the rumble and Show/Del Rio, wasn't really fond of RS/THN and Punk/Rock though.

    Punk/Rock was all over the place, Rocky looked REALLY sluggish the entire time. Couldn't keep up at all. Ruined the match. When he did that promo after Vince came out I was cringing pretty bad.
  7. 9/10 for me, really enjoyed the PPV. Loved seeing Jericho in the rumble as well as Goldust and even the Godfather for a brief minute or two. Was impressed with Bo Dallas wonder if he's starting a feud with Wade Barrett now? Disappointed John Cena won but I predicted that at the start so can't really complain. Rocky vs. Punk was slow as people have said but I'm glad it ended the way it did. It keeps Punk in the Main Event scene and draws up a triple threat at Mania.
  8. 8/10. Pretty fun PPV overall.
    Only complaints;

    -Sheamus eliminating Ziggler
    -Cena winning
    -ending to Punk/Rock match (ended too quickly after the restart imo)
  9. In agreement with everyone else, giving it a 9/10. Overall a stellar show, started off great with the Mexican Bret hart and continued with great showings from Dolph, Y2J and a plethora of other guys. Also, no divas on the entire show, but with some shots of Lillian Garcia, the Funkasauras chicks and the pg hoe train we got some eye candy without them wasting my paid for time with their sad excuse for entertainment.

    ~Three Said That~
  10. 8/10. Don't our collective Jericho orgasms balance out Cena?
  11. 10/10 Loved every min of it. The whc match was even great. Ryback didn't win and the vinny mac twist was nice. New champ
  12. 8/10 the rumble match dragged a little and it was a tad predictable, I was 4/4 on my prediction 4 the final four. I also would've liked it more of Vinny just stripped Punk and the title was vacant for EC. Then technically Punk was never beaten for the title and we could've had a three way with Rocky and Cena at WM.
  13. 6/10
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  14. 4.5/10
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  15. 6/10 since the outcomes were predictable but I did find the matches entertaining nonetheless
  16. 8/10 Good royal rumble.

    1/10 for the next Raw (Cena promo on how he dominates everybody)

    On the bright side, no Cena in Elimination Chamber
  17. I love the royal rumble..... And the match is always fun to watch.

    But cena winning... Barf!

    Tag titles... Meh.. 3/10 boring
    Del rio & show. 7/10.. But not a good wrestling ending
    Rock punk../. 1/10 just shit! Plain shit....

    A freshish punk and an exhausted rock after this attack... Spine buster... A FUCKING ELBOW? And he is down for the 1-2-3? That's shit! The same punk that takes punishment like a champ can't take a ducking elbow!!! Pure crap!

    Rumble match: 7

    Jericho: 10/10
    Goldust: 10/10
    Did not see that coming!

    Bit between Daniel and Kane ! Highlight
    Kofi... 2/10 bad.. Just bad

    Godfather... Ugh why bother if your doing that to him
    Santino.. Doesn't lose any steam being out first. Him doing that doesn't hurt his character

    Bo Dallas.... The new maven?

    Ziggler was in god mode tonight! Sold that brogue kick like a champ and NO ONE SAW IT COMING! Fantastic job!

    Khali could barely walk to the ring..

    Zack Ryder came out.. And no one cared! Poor kid is prolly done.

    Why the fuck were people chanting "you still got it!" At Jericho... Of course he does!

    I think the rumble should be 40 men every year. This one seemed too fast! It was 20 mins approximately between the rumble and the main event!

    Also, drop the championship match at WM gimmick... At least give the allure of anyone can win...
  18. 6/10, and no, that score isn't anything to do with the outcomes.
  19. 9/10 for me... My one wish came true, and that being the return of Y2J... Lol I told crayo and he pretty much said yeah right lol. Rocky is new champ, and Cena won the rumble... Would have been a 10/10 if Ryback won.
  20. Oh, and no divas match!
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