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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Jan 25, 2015.

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  1. Tonight's PPV is the Royal Rumble for 2015, it is the 28th installment of the event.. It took place in Philadelphia, PA at the Wells Fargo Center..

    The Kick-off to the show started with a match between A New Day against the team of Adam Rose, Cesaro and Tyson Kidd.. Xavier Woods & Adam Rose seemed to be only on the outside of the ring for the match but it ended with a victory by the team of Tyson Kidd, Cesaro and I supposed Adam Rose played a part especially in the distraction.

    The first match of the actual Royal Rumble PPV Main card itself is The New Age Outlaws vs. The Ascension. Billy Gunn put on a helluva show however The Ascension was able to defeat the 6 time tag champions.

    Second up on for the main show is the Tag Team Title match between the champions in the Usos and Miz & Sandow.. Miz gets boos and Sandow got pops pretty much the whole match. The Usos get the pin on Miz to retain the titles.

    Third match is the divas tag match between the Bella twins and the team of Natalya and Paige.. Brie pulls Paige away from Natalya's tag and the Bella twins would pin Natalya to get the win after a forearm to the face by Nikki.

    Fourth up is the Triple Threat WWEWHC championship match between Lesnar, Cena & Rollins.. Lots of suplexes laid out by Lesnar, Seth got in a couple of good looks after distractions by Cena.. Cena took advantage of some distractions himself.. This match was very well orchestrated and is totally MOTN IMO.. The winner of the match was Brock Lesnar after a tremendous series of events, will most likely be a MOTY contender.

    Lastly for the main card is the Royal Rumble Match itself.. the first two people out were Miz at #1 and #2 R-Truth.. Most Royal Rumble matches end up having the same kind of concepts involved with it, it was a good one and had it's entertaining moments.. The person who came out victorious and will be headlining Wrestlemania 31 isssss...... Roman Reigns!
  2. Horrible ending, just horrible.
    Horrible DB marks, just horrible.
  3. I'm more excited for what this means in IWT tbh lol
  4. Outstanding triple threat. 9/10
    Rumble itself, 3/10.
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  5. Oh john Cena and Rusev face off in the after show
  6. I'd say a 6. Rumble was kind of bland but the triple threat was great. The rest was par for the course I suppose. No Sting - disappointed there.
  7. The Triple Threat was MOTN and will most likely be a MOTY contender.. that pretty much made the show for me.
  8. 5/10.. it would have been a 9/10 had the Rumble match been good.

    WHC Triple Threat is a definite MOTY candidate even though it's this early in the year.

    The Rumble match was just not good at all.. the early elimination of Bryan killed the crowd and drew any and all excitement out of the match, if he had been eliminated in the top 5 then the match would have been much better. They also did not follow through with several storylines that were already established and could have been pushed over the edge during the Rumble match.. Miz/Mizdow, Dust Bros, and others.

    All other matches were average at best.. most were below average.
  9. I agree with Just Kevin, I would have given the PPV a 9/10 if the Rumble match had been good I love Royal Rumbles and having such weak Rumbles two years in a row is unacceptable. It doesn't take much to make a battle royal of any kind interesting, so it says a lot when one sucks.

    The triple threat match was five stars. I wasn't rooting for Lesnar, but it didn't matter. The match was so phenomenal that I didn't care as much who won. I would have preferred Rollins, but I didn't care as much.

    The Rumble match could have been that way too. If it were a better match, I wouldn't have felt so let down at the end. Vince McMahon is just refusing to learn his lesson regarding Daniel Bryan. He honestly thinks that he can tell his fans what they should like. It didn't work in the early 1990's when the WWF was full of race car drivers, clowns and garbage men. It's not working now. You can only ignore your customers so long before they realize they can spend their money elsewhere and he really needs to stop pushing back so hard.

    I have no problem with Daniel Bryan not winning, but WWE shouldn't have been so stupid as to have Bryan eliminated so quickly. They should have known that it would kill the crowd. The guy is the most popular wrestler in the US right now, holding him down is not going to change that. Bryan is an underdog character on screen, so fans are going to recognize him that way off screen as well. By holding him down like they are, he is only going to get more popular. They should have known what effect an early elimination would have. Honestly, I think McMahon might be the one person in wrestling more delusional than Hulk Hogan.
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  10. All I can say to Reigns, is good fucking luck with being the man. Vince isn't doing you any favours. You are now in the eyes of the hardcore fan, a placeholder for Daniel Bryan. Something expendable, a non essential, a block. The part of a movie that sucks until the good part comes along. It shouldn't of been this way, we would have loved to support you and monitor your growth as you raised to the top of the midcard, but no. Vince has opened my mouth, and shoved your giant penis down into my throat, just like Cena. And I hate you for it.
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    This is precisely what I have been saying will happen. Well, everything except for the penis part. It's not anything Reigns has done or not done that is going to hurt him. It's Vince McMahon pushing him when the fans want to see Bryan pushed.

    This is VERY similar to 1993. WWF was convinced that Lex Luger was the next big star, but the fans were behind Bret Hart. Fortunately, they came to their senses on that one. It doesn't seem like that is going to happen this time around though.
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  12. I gave it a 6/10, the triple threat pretty much elevated it.
  13. The Rumble match was really weird. It almost felt like the Authority storyline put into actual booking. Oh you love DB? He is gone. You love DZ? Outa here. We pick Reigns, you get Reigns.

    The crowd were a bunch of faggots, but what can you do. It felt awkward and just like batista last year it had a real "wow, they really went with that" feel to it. They had to know Reigns wasn't going to be over with that crowd and have something in place other than him staring blankly at the Mania sign as he was boo'd. Oh god though, the lamest, most super man-iest way they could have put him over. Dreadful. The Rock coming out after wasn't nearly enough to salvage it, as the Reigns haters obviously saw through what WWE was trying to accomplish.

    The final 4 should have been DB, DZ, Rusev and Reigns. They butchered the booking of the match

    Lesnar was good, that match was fine. Lesnar should have come out to fuck up Reigns to wake the fickle crowd back up at the end
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  14. Agree with the bold
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  15. What was your favorite part of the Rumble match itself? other than Ziggler taking down both Show & Kane at the same time during one point.
  16. The Rock obviously. It was fascinating to me that Vince found a way to get Rock boo'd
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  17. By god he did it!
  18. Rollins Rollins Rollins

    Dude is a fucking monster, hopefully he leaves WM champ and not bootyfuck Reigns. They tried to seperate Bryan and Reigns, but the thinking behind it backfired.


    Really enjoyed it besides limp dick
  19. 6/10
    The tag matches were okay. Even the Bellas managed to be slightly above average.

    The WHC match was pretty awesome. Rollins came out of that looking fantastic.

    The rumble itself was weird. I wasn't overly impressed with the entrants- lots of fodder. DB looked weak. Would have been okay with the result had it have been done better.
  20. I gave it a 7/10 because the only matches anyone cared about was the RR & Triple threat.
    The triple threat match was flawless, thoroughly enjoyed it and to be honest I didn't really care about seth but after seeing him tonight I have to give him respect.
    The royal rumble match was to be honest pretty shit in my opinion, few good moments I popped at but overall boring. The ending was catastrophic as I couldn't be assed with Roman Reigns (neither could the audience). If they really wanted to put reigns over then they should had reigns kicking kane and shows ass then triple h comes in and stops reigns, Sting comes out as fucks everything up for the authority. (Bit confusing, but you get the gist)
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