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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solidus, Jan 24, 2016.

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  1. Results:

    Show Spoiler
    Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens for IC title

    The New Day defeated The Usos for Tag Titles

    Charlotte defeated Becky Lynch for Divas title

    Kalisto defeated Alberto Del Rio for US title

    HHH won the Royal Rumble match and is now WWE World Heavyweight Champion

    Oh, and AJ Styles debuted. HYPE!

  2. Solid PPV, IC match and the Rumble were the only real stand out things to me.

    Romans focus in the rumble killed most of the action for me, including debuts and returns.

    rest of the matches were pretty weak.
  3. 9/10 from the results, Charlotte kept it from being a 10. As well as Lesnar not eliminating like 10 people.
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  4. I gave it a 5, I liked the matches up until the ending of the rumble. I don't know if anyone is as I am so sick and tired of HHH just can't seem to let go. I would have been happy with any other wrestler winning that match then him. I knew it from the very start just knew it like "Yeah he'll be number 30, no way his ego will let him not be in it."
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  5. 8/10

    Not a single bad match. Del Rio vs Kalisto was very botchy in places, but still liked it.
    This is the one time of the year I want old faces back, so the lack of veteran surprise appearances was a shame, but it was great seeing so many of the younger guys get a spot.

    Relatively happy with the winner of the rumble, for now at least.
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  6. It started out pretty great and then I started dozing off here and here. I didn't like Del Rio/Kalisto and Charlotte/Becky (though Sasha coming out made it a bit better). I also dozed off again during the Rumble, but it was still pretty entertaining overall. AJ Styles, Brock and Dean <3

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  7. 8/10

    Best Royal Rumble in the past few years..I really liked this.

    I liked:

    IC Title match ***1/2
    Show Spoiler
    A great match between two great wrestlers... these guys' previous matches were rather disappointing but it was worth it for this. This was great.... there were good spots and this was just great. Loved it."]

    New Day vs Usos ** This was a decent showing for a tag match... I don't like tag wrestling for the most part, but this was a solid encounter and I enjoyed it fully.

    Kallisto vs Dell Rio **1/2 Nothing great hear, but nothing terrible either.
    Show Spoiler
    Kallisto winning was good but it wasn't amazing. But it was not bad either."]

    Charlotte vs Becky Lynch **1/2 Another match that wasn't great but wasn't terrible. It was watchable and I am happy with the outcome... although
    Show Spoiler
    I was much happier with Sasha Banks coming out and that was a complete mark out moment for me. "]

    Royal Rumble **** The match was excellent. After a couple of years of really shitty rumbles this was a step up. As much as I did not want Roman to retain, the thought became less annoying as the match went on.
    Show Spoiler
    I marked out several times: when AJ Styles came in, when Lesnar eliminated the Wyatt family, when HHH came in, when Reigns got eliminated and when HHH won. Best rumble match in years."]

    I disliked:

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  8. Daniel bryan wasn't even cleared to watch the r.r./10
  9. 8/10 definitely a solid night. My Internet was flopping during the tag title and divas title match so I missed out on a good chunk of those. The US title match was weak IMO, I'm happy Kalisto won the belt (again) but I feel like it won't last long. The last man standing match was killer.

    The Royal Rumble match was exciting. It had me off my seat which doesn't happen often, made me feel like a kid again lol. A bit salty because I had #1 and Roman for the prediction contests but oh well. Would of really loved to on seen Ambrose pull out that win at the end. Him going over and winning the WWE Title along with already holding the IC would of cemeted his legacy as a future hall of famer and would of gave everyone a huge postive swerve but oh well. I don't really agree with Triple H being champion but then again he is The Game, one of the greatest of all time. Undertaker was Champ this late in his career so I suppose Triple H can too. Plus hE crotche chopped aftER eliminating Roman like a boss.
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  11. Triple H hasn't held the title since 2009. Wow
  12. 9/10 great ppv, I even liked the rumble as it ended, keeping everything moving really fast. The IC title stole the show.
  13. Only watched the rumble itself before work. But it was the best rumble in a long time.
    Good mix of talent, proper rollercoaster ride. And the end was set up as right, since if HHH had eliminated Roman to win had just gotten him cheered (as was obvious when he did eliminate Roman).
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  14. Agreed, was great with the talent involved, Ending was right as It probably gave a Ambrose a push for being last guy eliminated and sets up some tasty feuds from the elimination.

    Also, perfectly find with Brock's elimination, took like four guys to get him out, Hoss Fight Between Wyatt's (especially Braun) and Lesnar should be fun.
  15. First thing I've watched really since Mania last year other than a couple of random Raw segments, and it wasn't nearly good enough to pull me back in.

    /out of 10
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  16. Given the fact that for the last couple of years we got served with two mediocre (to say the least) Royal Rumbles and also given the garbage we've been constantly fed on RAW, I guess this time you've got to give WWE some props for delivering a pretty solid show. It certainly wasn't the best RR of all time bu it was about fuckin time we got something interesting and enjoyable to watch so a 7/10 sounds just about fair.

    Now, we all know the results and what took place so just a few notes:

    Pre show: During my predictions, my quote here was "who cares" and as we all saw, it really didn't matter after all. So Swagger and Mark Henry won. And? They earn their spots in the RR to only get eliminated in less than a minute...combined. So, what purpose did the pre show really serve? I understand the idea of having Mark Henry make an appearance being it was probably his last one but if you're going to do so, give the man at least 5-10 minutes to pull a couple of moves for all times sake...Just terrible...

    IC title: Glorious way to kick off the show and an awesome match overall which, though way too early, may very well be a contender for match of the year come December. Now, while I really like Dean Ambrose and how WWE are giving him a proper push, I personally feel that KO should have come out as the winner; idk, in my view it felt like a step backwards as far as KO is concerned but nevertheless, an excellent match...

    Tag Team Championship: As expected, New Day retained and is was really a no brainer. The timing was just off for the Usos and as we all witness, the entire crowd thought the same by heavily booing them throughout the match. Nice to see the trombone back and good job to New Day overall. Interesting to see what's next given how weak the division is but come Mania, New Day I think will have to drop the belts so I guess it remains to be seen as far as who's going to step up...

    US title: I was a bit surprised they gave the belt back to Kallisto and I feel, as many of you I'm sure, WWE just messed up the whole thing going back and forth with the belt. At the end of the day, I feel it was a rather indifferent match they we really didn't care about and probably the worst of the night given the multiple botches. Anyway, congrats to Kallisto and at least we can hope for some more entertaining matches with him champion, perhaps elevating the belt just a bit...

    Divas: Typical stuff with Ric being the key in Charlotte winning. It kind of sucks for Becky but it was rather obvious that WWE are looking to stick with Charlotte till Mania and having Sasha Banks come out was actually very cool. Amazining pop and though premature, I think it's safe to say that we are looking at a Triple Threat for Wrestlemania, which I am totally fine with.

    RR match: Even my two year old nephew knew what the outcome was going to be so Michael Cole...freakin save it with the "surprise act". Speaking of Cole, didn't everyone just wish he got knocked out in the opening match when Ambrose ran KO through the announce table and on to Michael Cole; I know I was...

    Back to the main event, I think overall they did a good job. My main complaints:

    a) I feel they overdid it with Roman Reigns. I mean, why have the League of Nations come out in the midst of the match and attack Roman? I felt it was unnecessary and well, if you're going to screw him, at least do it right: beat him up IN the ring and toss his ass out, just like the Wyatts did with Brock.

    b) Speaking of the Wyatts, I was surprised that Bray wasn't the one to personally eliminate Lesnar and was kind of "uh, ok" when teh rest of the family did the deed instead.

    c) The constant screwing of Tyler Breeze. Just give the guy a damn chance will you WWE?

    Other than that, we all knew Triple H was going to win, we all know what the main event at Mania is going to be but it still felt nice to listen to the Game's music hit and it was funny that he went a little DX on Roman after tossing him out.

    Last but not least, good to see AJ Styles. Amazing pop, good showing overall and though I wasn't really sure about the whole thing, I feel that WWE at least played it right by having KO being the one to eliminate him.

    Wrapping this up, I think the road to Mania will be quite interesting and I will certainly update my thoughts in the thread I've already opened, with a few of my ideas mentioned already looking to actually flourish. For now, let's just see how they follow things up on RAW tonight...
  17. Prince Bálor's WWE Journey
    Destination: Royal Rumble - Orlando, FL
    Date: 1/24/16

    - Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens was a very good show opener. ***½
    This Last Man Standing match was about as good as you could ask for, given unprotected chair shots to the face and blood are prohibited. It was fun and violent, although not as much as it could've been, but what can you do? The guys did some big bumps and the crowd was into it and that's what matters. The Cannonball into the barricade spot, as well as the Swinging Fisherman Suplex through a table and the finish itself were cool. Loved 'em. The right man won and this was a hot way to kick things off.

    - The New Day vs The Usos was rock solid. **¾
    The New Day's pre-match promo was awesome, loved it. And I'm really glad Francesca II has risen. NEW DAY ROCKS!
    Now, I hate The Usos, but they're carriable. They were sloppy here, but Big E and Kofi made this mostly work and thankfully, The New Day retain the titles. The finish was great. Big E caught a flying Uso in mid-air and hit him with Big Ending. Great, great finish.

    - Alberto Del Rio vs Kalisto was solid, despite being sloppy/botchy in places. **½
    They've had good matches before, but this one just wasn't up to scratch. It wasn't horrible, but these two didn't click. In a perfect world, this would've been Kalisto's first US title win. I hate it when a company keeps playing hot potatoes with their titles. See: NJPW's Jr. division.
    Hoping something good comes out of this and Kalisto gets an actual run from here on out. The dude can be a star.

    - Charlotte vs Becky Lynch was decent, but nothing to write home about. **
    I liked the post-match segment the most. It was really well done. Sasha Banks came out to a huge pop, kicked Becky out of the ring, faked friendship with Charlotte and then applied the Bank Statement to another huge pop.

    - The Royal Rumble match was the best Rumble match in years. ****
    Unlike previous RR matches, this one wasn't a total snoozefest.
    - I marked for AJ Styles and he was handled well. He could've easily lasted till the end, but oh well. His theme song sounded dope, though.
    - Y2J got the iron man run, for whatever reason.
    - LOL, R-Truth.
    - The Zayn/KO stuff was nice. I marked. Hoping it continues.
    - Strowman eliminating the old monsters known as Kane and Show was a'ight.
    - Kofi Kingston got the spot in the Rumble only to do something underhwelming. smh
    - Lesnar killing people is always fun! Also, him eliminating Harper/Strowman/Rowan was good, as well as how the whole family eliminated Lesnar afterwards. Although I was surprised Lesnar didn't go berserk after he was eliminated and then went back to the ring to go BORK SMASH KILL mode on everyone. Anyways, Lesnar vs Wyatt at WM will be fun.
    - LOL, silly WWE. Reigns was handled poorly and I feel bad for the guy. Man, they really thought Reigns was gonna get cheered after being helped to the back and then coming back fresh as a daisy. Reigns would've garnered some sympathy had he returned to the ring broken and beat, followed by HHH screwing him out of the title by pulling a Vince from the '99 Royal Rumble. But hey, at least Reigns didn't retain, 'cause that would've caused a massive backlash. Something was done right after all.
    - Now, onto the ending itself. I was expecting it and I have nothing against HHH being the WWE-WHC, but if they really wanted sympathy for Reigns, instead of massive cheering for HHH, then they should've booked HHH to win as a chickenshit heel, as I wrote above. Hope Reigns can maintain the status of the top face going forward, though.

    OVERALL THOUGHTS: Royal Rumble was a good show. The undercard was decent to good and the RR match was surprisingly good. 7/10
    Looking forward to RAW tonight, which I haven't in a long time.
  18. I thought it was an excellent PPV through and through. I'm not about to break down every little thing I liked or disliked because that's boring, but I didn't think there a bad match on the show at all last night. Ambrose vs Owens was a spectacular opener, Sasha Banks is finally on her own and with apparent disregard for faces and heels alike (which fits her character perfectly), and the Rumble match itself was the best we've had in years. Styles' debut, Sami Zayn throwing out Kevin Owens, Brock rag-dolling a bunch of people at will (though I wish he had eliminated more folks than he did), Jericho lasting almost through the entire match (sad how a 40-something year-old Jericho has the stamina to last almost an hour, but a barely 30-something year-old Reigns has to be put on the shelf for nearly half the match because he'd pass out from extreme exhaustion if he wasn't), The Wyatt Family getting rid of Brock Lesnar, HHH having an eye to eye with the likes of Ambrose and Wyatt, the final two coming down to HHH vs Ambrose, etc. Great night.
  19. AJ Styles/10, I marked hard.
    I share pretty much the same opinions. Wish Brock eliminated more etc..
    The potential feud between Styles/Zayn/Owens is so good. Should Owens have won the US title though? Gives all 4 men something to feud over.
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