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Prince Bálor

I'm kind of a big deal
You know the drill. Vote above and give yer thoughts below!

- Full results are here below:

X-Division Championship Match

Lost of fast-paced high flying stuff early on. Manik and Ion play the unlikely allies for a few minutes until that inevitably breaks down. Tigre does a built up plancha spot to the floor to take both out, and DJZ takes a hard bump to the chest. They slow things down (as “slow” as the X-Division gets) with 1-on-1 exchanges with the third selling on the floor. Eventually they build into a sequence of big spots, lots of knees and a few great transitions; way too much to keep track of. Ion with 360 senton to the floor, and he spends some time with the fans at ringside. They all set up a Tower of Doom spot in the corner with Manik taking the least damage, so he bridges Tigre for a nearfall. Tons of nearfall spots heading in the end, with every guy hitting two or three signature moves. Manik looks to have it won with a gutbuster and the frog splash, but Tigre kicks out again. The champ ends up pinning Manik with a corkscrew legdrop.

Winner: Tigre Uno (still champion)


Robbie rushes the ring and attacks Jessie with his shirt, chocking him and throwing him around. They fight out to the floor and it’s Jessie in control for the early parts of the match, rolling back in to break the ref’s count. My feed cut out for a few minutes – when it’s back they’re trading big right hand shots and both guys are groggy. Robbie hits a big DDT for two, and controls the rest of the match. They start the slow build to Robbie coming back, but he can’t keep any momentum. He ends up hitting a big falling neckbreaker out of the corner and scoring the win.

Winner: Robbie E


It’s the ‘Blueprint’ in control 100% from the opening bell. He bullies Bram around the ring, then to the floor, then tosses him around some more. Bram tries to escape under the ring, then hits Morgan in the head with a pipe when he’s pulled out. They start throwing weapons from under the ring, including chairs, trash cans and random production equipment. Bram takes over the action with shots from the can, then starts wailing on him with the lid. He continues the attack and rolls the big man into the ring; Morgan sells the beating for a few minutes and motions to his neck/throat when the ref checks on him. Chair shot incoming, but Matt catches him with a chokeslam into a chair instead for two. He sets up for a powerbomb, but Bram gives him a low blow then hits a DDT into the chair for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Bram


Aries takes a good, long time getting down to the ring; almost like he’s taking it all in one last time. He’s got more dates on TV but they’ve all been recorded already, so this very well could be his last time in a TNA ring. Lots of counter-grappling to start off the match. Aries is having fun with it, taking way too much time posturing with his signature moves, and Richards takes advantage with his no-nonsense strong style offense. Eventually he comes off the top rope with an ax handle and has some momentum, chopping away at Davey in the corner while getting hyped with a 7 or 8-year-old kid in the front row. Time for an elbow and forearm war in the ring. They trade everything including the kitchen sink, including missed dropkicks. Aries takes control with mongolion chops, followed by a big suicida to the floor to take them both down. Missile dropkick connects off the top, but he runs a dropkick in the corner. Aries with a reverse suplex into the Last Chancery and almost gets Richards to submit, but he rolls through and hits a Falcon Arrow for a nearfall. Another stand-up battle between the two, and they are giving it everything they have. Aries runs into the elevated knee strike, a series of running knees, and the double foot stomp for a ridiculously close two-count! Out comes Bobby Roode to cheer on his partner. Richards goes after him, and Aries rolls him up for the surprise three.

Winner: Austin Aries

-Aries cuts what may be his last live promo in TNA, saying he loves it when a plan comes together. It will be The Wolves and the Dirty Heels facing off in the final match of their Best-of-5 series in a 30-man Ironman match on Impact Wrestling. Winner gets the vacant tag belts.


The babyfaces hit the ring and Kong basically destroys the two girls that aren’t Taryn Terrell. Hold on… Jade and Marti. Now we have names. Eventually the ref gets things under control and they ring the bell. The Dollhouse tries to control Kong with the numbers game, but she ends up stacking up both the goons and splashing them. Taryn tries to get involved and in comes Brooke to act like she’s helping. Once Brooke tags in the heels have someone they can actually triple team, and the second act begins. After a few minutes they build towards the obligatory hot tag to Awesome Kong, she cleans house and dominates the Dollhouse, then Brooke tags in and picks up the wins over one of the cronies. Taryn stays protected.

Winners: Awesome Kong & Brooke

Unsanctioned Fight

All-out brawl in the ring, out of the ring, everywhere in between. My stream is terrible as there’s a storm coming through right now. They did briefly fight backstage and ran into some equipment and the tron videos all went out. I think it was intentional? Storm is in control, and he sets up a table. He tries for Eye of the Storm looking to put him through the table, but Magnus floats over and powerbombs him through instead. It’s the Brit in control for a few minutes, until he goes high risk with an elbow drop to the outside, but Storm dodges and he goes crashing through the table. Cowboy rolls him back into the ring for two. The referee takes a bag full of powder to the face (WHY IS THERE A REFEREE IN AN UNSANCTIONED FIGHT!?) then hits a superkick. Ref is down. Magnus with a Rock Bottom. Ref is down. They bring a piece of the barricade in the ring (you know, the extra barricade you keep under the ring?) and set it up between two chairs. Storm ends up going through it off a superplex. Slowly they each recover, and both grab beer bottles. They end up clobbering each other, and Storm falls on top of Magnus to pick up the barely conscious three-count.

Winner: James Storm


Big Tyrus and EC3 double team Lashley to start off the match. Eventually Anderson tags in and goes to work on Carter, catching him with a spinning neckbreaker. After a few minutes he also falls to the numbers game of the heels. Pretty standard heel vs. babyface tag team action throughout. They build up to the hot tag from Lashley, who gets it, then it takes both of them to take Tyrus off his feet. Tyrus hulks up and suplexes them both at the same time. He tries for the Samoa Spike, but Lashley ducks under it and plants him with the spear. EC3 comes up from behind and puts him away with his finisher for the 1-2-3. Anderson is seen limping after the match.

Winners: EC3 & Tyrus

King of the Mountain Championship Match

Jeff Jarrett is the first to get pinned after a roll-up from Roode, and has to go to the penalty box. Boy, writing out the results of these things really puts into perspective how ridiculous the gimmick truly is. Roode grabs a ladder and climbs with the title, but Matt Hardy stops him, the two brawl, and the belt goes back to the ref. Roode starts taking everyone out with spinebusters. As soon as Double J leaves the box he’s taken out from behind by EY, who throws him right back in. Everyone is basically brawling around the ladder. Galloway with the Future Shock DDT on Hardy but it’s broken up by Bobby. EY and Roode both go to the box after Hardy hits them with the Twist of Fate. It’s Jarrett and Hardy battling it out. Eventually EY gets free and grabs the guitar and goes to use it, but Jarrett dodges, steals it, and busts it over Roode’s head. Young goes on the attack and the two fight to the apron, ending with EY hitting a piledriver off the apron, into a set up ladder! Once the box is empty we get a huge brawl on the floor (Jarrett is still down and being tended to), and it’s Hardy who shows he’s still got it, climbing the cage and launching himself into the mass of humanity. After several minutes it’s Hardy and Galloway fighting with the title on top of the ladder; Hardy hits him with the Twist of Fate from the top. He’s almost to the hanger but Roode makes the save, planting Matt with a powerbomb. We’ve got two ladders now side by side, and it’s Roode and EY fighting atop them. Roode goes down after a shot from the title, but Jarrett is back to make the save, hitting an armbreaker from the top of the ladder on Young. Jeff climbs the ladder, places the belt on the hook, and wins the match. Then immediately takes the belt back off the hook to celebrate. God, what a weird match.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett


Prince Bálor

I'm kind of a big deal
It wasn't a bad show, but it was average and didn't have that 'big show' feel to it.

- Tigre Uno vs Zema vs Manik was a good and fun show opener.

- Robbie E vs Jessie G was OK.

- Bram vs Matt Morgan was garbage.

- MOTN goes to Austin Aries vs Davey Richards! It was very good. Aries gets the win and goes out in style.
Also, that post-match promo by Aries was nice. LOL'd at AA saying The Wolves and Dirty Heels will be having a bra and panties match next Wednesday. Ooops, the real stip is going to be a 30 minute Iron man match.

- Awesome Kong & Brooke vs The Dollhouse was meh.

- Storm vs Magnus was solid. Both guys go out in style.

- LOLTNA moment of the night: Technical dificulties.

- EC3 & Tyrus vs Lashley & Mr. Anderson. This was a fine set up for the big Impact episode next week and EC3's first World title win.

- The King of the Mountain match was a fine spotfest.


You Can't Beat my Meowcenaries
Honestly I only watched the King of the Mountain match. Unfortunately someone on the Facebook GFW page spoiled the ending for me, but it didn't matter. I got to see Jeff Jarrett win his signature match and a completely pointless title, but I'm completely cool with the title because Jarrett won.

I can't really give a rating but I know I'll watch the match again.


The Dark Master
I'm actually watching it right now. I'm up to the entrances in the Storm/Magnus "unsanctioned" match....why don't they just call it an Orlando Street Fight?....or just a Street Fight?....don't get the "unsanctioned" stipulation...I get the whole "willing suspension of disbelief" that I need as a wrestling fan, but buying into the idea that TNA would allow two of its contracted employees to have a fight that the company isn't allowing them to have while still broadcasting it on TNA PPV in TNA's building with TNA's commentary team talking the finer points of the match while a TNA referee looks on and does nothing to stop it is just asking a wee bit too much. Meanwhile, they can call it a "No Disqualification Match" or a "Hardcore Match" or the aforementioned "Street Fight" makes a little more sense to me.


The above notwithstanding, I'm a fan of James Storm and of Magnus and I'm enjoying the early stages of their street fight. I hope they catch on somewhere that will exploit their talents well....Is that "King of Kings" I just heard?

So far, the action for the most part has been good. The wrestling's been pretty solid. My problem is that it seems like they're using PPV to set up next week's episode of Impact, which, since nobody apparently explained this to whoever's running this show, is backwards. You use your weekly, episodic television show to set up your PPV. At Slammiversary, two titles were defended/presented (X-Division and "King of the Mountain"/Legends/Television/Global). Meanwhile, we've discussed the fact that, next Wednesday...tonight, the TNA WHC, Tag Team, and Knockouts Championships will all be defended (yeah, I know, they were actually defended last Thursday night...I even know the results, but, "clueless TNA fan that believes everything the talking box against the wall tells me" that I am, I believe those matches are taking place on Wednesday...tonight.

As is usually the case with TNA, the problems with this show aren't the people in the ring. The problem is within the people behind the curtain who are supposed to be smart enough to give us compelling television.

I gave it a 5/10. I thought about giving it 4/10, but I'm no Bret Hart....just kidding. Actually, I went back and forth between 5 and 6. The wrestling action was very good, as good as you'll see anywhere in the world. The KOTM match was terrific. The tag with EC3 and Tyrus vs. Lashley and Anderson was good for what it was. Putting the world title match at Slammiversary would have made a lot more sense. This does leave the question about the new TNA KOTM title. Does it go with JJ to GFW or does JJ have to come back next year to defend the title in another KOTM match?

Or will the title just slide into obscurity and be quietly re-retired at some point in the next couple of months? The world may never know.

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It was mosstly a good show..with the exeption of Jeff Jarrett winning the KOTM match.....I had awful flashbacks to his days as "The Chosen One" in WCW....god bless Jeff for founding TNA - but TNA has moved on since his departure - hopefully he is only seen rarely on TV


Queen of Bitch Style
On paper I suppose it looks like a decent show. Though sadly I will not take the time to watch it. I hope those who have watched it, enjoyed it and brought a little bit of hope to TNA.


You Can't Beat my Meowcenaries
It was mosstly a good show..with the exeption of Jeff Jarrett winning the KOTM match.....I had awful flashbacks to his days as "The Chosen One" in WCW....god bless Jeff for founding TNA - but TNA has moved on since his departure - hopefully he is only seen rarely on TV
Couldn't disagree more. Although I think his World Champion days are and should be behind him, Jeff's been off TV so long and still is a capable wrestler, I'd like to see him on TV as much as possible.

Plus his winning the title was the best part of the entire ppv.


Mighty Morphin Power Ranger
- Tigre Uno vs Zema vs Manik decent spot fest, the botched senton for the finish looked weird.

- Robbie E vs Jessie G skipped.

- Bram vs Matt Morgan was an okish brawl.

- Aries vs Richards stole the show.

- Awesome Kong & Brooke vs The Dollhouse skipped.

- Storm vs Magnus hated the double beer shot ending, not my style of match but it had its moments especially the elbow through the table

- EC3 & Tyrus vs Lashley & Mr. Anderson. I reallllly like how they're booking Tyrus, a proper old school monster heel.

- The King of the Mountain match lacked any holy shit moments (you could give the Mcintyre cage dive this I suppose but it didn't feel like a big spot) Double J stole the show.
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The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
I watched until Storm vs Magnus, because I'm watching the rest of the event tonight. Basically so far, the X-Division opener was good but TNA need to start giving these guys stories. Robbie E vs Jessie was okay I guess, very slow and boring at parts but Jessie's power moves vs Robbie's speed worked at times. Bram vs Morgan was actually pretty good. Aries vs Richards was great and Aries' post-match promo was hilarious. Props for Roode's face when Aries went for the bra & panties match! Awesome Kong & Brooke vs The Dollhouse was decent, Kong looked really awesome and Brooke was good too. So far, it's been a good wrestling show for a show where there's not been too much story but the matches make sense to happen.

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