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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jacob Fox, Aug 2, 2016.

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  1. I got drafted to Smackdown to post the Smackdown Rate Thread! Please rate this week's Smackdown in the poll and leave your comments below!

    Smackdown Results! (open)


    The show began with Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan watching the scene from Raw in which Randy Orton RKO'd Brock Lesnar. They had security set up to try and keep Lesnar from retaliating.

    Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose Promo

    Ziggler and Ambrose had a face to face promo about their match coming up at Summerslam. After going back and forth, Ambrose left after telling Ziggler that he wasn't as good as he thought he was.

    Immediately after Ambrose left, the lights went out and Bray Wyatt appeared in the ring and he hit Ziggler with Sister Abigail. Wyatt then challenged Ziggler to a match during the show with the winner getting the title match at Summerslam.

    Kalisto vs Apollo Crews vs Baron Corbin: Winner faces Miz at Summerslam for the IC title

    Apollo Crews pinned Kalisto to win the match and go on to face Miz at Summerslam. After the match, Corbin attacked Kalisto until Apollo Crews came back in the ring to help him. Miz came into the ring, grabbed Crews and hit him with the skull crushing finale. Corbin, not thankful for Miz's help, then hit Miz with the End of Days.

    Eva Marie vs Becky Lynch

    Eva Marie pretended to hurt her leg and the match was thrown out. After the match, Carmella and Natayla had a confrontation at the interview table.

    The Vaudvillains vs American Alpha

    American Alpha defeated the Vaudvillains by pinfall when Chad Gable pinned Aidan English.

    AJ Styles Message for John Cena

    AJ came out but was immediately approached by John Cena who demanded to hear AJ's message. AJ claimed the message was for the Cenation and not for Cena. AJ went on a rant about how stupid Cena and the fans are and how AJ deserves a trophy because he is a winner. Cena complimented the audience for praising and criticizing him. Cena told AJ he was in the WWE out of love but didn't know why AJ was there. AJ sarcastically clapped for Cena and said it was exactly what he expected and he challenged Cena to a rematch at Summerslam with no Club. Cena accepted.

    Fandango vs Randy Orton

    Many security guards were surrounding the ring in case Lesnar tried to get in the ring. Lesnar easily got past security and hit Orton with the F-5. Shane McMahon came out and got Lesnar to leave.

    After the break Heyman turned out to walk out of the arena with Lesnar. While Daniel Bryan was on the phone about security, Heath Slater skipped security and made it into Daniel Bryan's office. Daniel Bryan gave Heath Slater the option that if he wins a match next week, he will be given a Smackdown contract. When Heath asked who his opponent was, he was attacked by Rhyno.

    After another commercial break, Carmella was attacked by Natayla at ringside.

    Then, both Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon tried to talk Ziggler out of his match with Bray Wyatt. Ziggler got upset that neither of them believed in him and said "Screw you," to Shane and walked out.

    Dolph Ziggler vs Bray Wyatt: The winner faces Dean Ambrose at Summerslam.

    Ziggler pinned Bray Wyatt after a super kick to retain his spot in the Summerslam title match.

    After the match Erick Rowan attacked Dolph Ziggler. Dean Ambrose came into the ring to defend Ziggler but was taken out by Rowan and Wyatt. Ziggler was given Sister Abigail and Rowan and Wyatt stood over Ziggler and Ambrose as the show went off the air.
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  2. I gave this show a seven. Although I didn't think any of the matches were really that great, I didn't feel they needed to be.

    When Raw was two hours, I didn't expect PPV caliber matches every week. But now that it is trying to fill three hours, it's held to a higher expectation. It needs to put out longer and better matches in order to make the three hours not seem like it was long.

    I really liked the matches with American Alpha, Ziggler and Wyatt and the opening triple threat. None of the matches were three or four star matches, but they were very good for a two hours show.

    So in short, this is a 7.
  3. I love that Smackdown is putting is a greater emphasis on storytelling. It's smart on their part given the roster and lack of titles at the moment. You need to build these guys/gals up by giving the fans a reason to care with abscence of championships and personally I think SmackDown is doing a solid job of that. I loved Dolph Ziggler tonight, whenever he cares about what he's doing he is great. I'm gonna give this how an 8/10 because it was a step above last week.

    The Good:

    Eva Marie's new gimmick has wonderous potential. From the disembodied voice putting her over, to her finding excuses to get out of a match...I could see her being a good heel if she keeps it up and finds new more ridiculous ways to not compete.

    Like I mentioned above Dolph Ziggler when given a shot is greatness. He's like a new man. That's the Ziggler I want to see every Tuesday...still don't know if I want him winning the WWE championship though. However after tonight I could see it happening.

    American Alpha had a decent debut tonight and I can't wait to see what they do next.

    Bray Wyatt looked strong tonight even after losing. Pretty interested in what Wyatt and Rowan will do as a tag team since that seems to be where they're going. Would've prefered Wyatt and Harper...but this'll do.

    Apollo Creed Crews competing for the IC championship is sure to be a good match. Hopefully we get some character development for Crews.

    The Meh:

    The Styles/Cena promo was just a generic Cena Vs. Guy with indy background promo segment. The only thing that needs to happen at Summerslam is AJ getting a CLEAN VICTORY over Cena.

    The Bad:

    Randy Orton being fed decent talent. First the IC champ now Fandango. Why can't SD get some local competitors? The Lesnar thing was hella predictable and honestly poorly executed.
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  4. 7/10

    Decent, they are turning Dolph heel so that's good!
  5. Definitely in the 6-8 range, I gave it a 7. It's hard to give these shows a low rating from my perspective, I just love the overall feel of the new era and the brand split, and i find myself in love with WWE again. Dolph really made me a fan again (that's what the brand split's all about, baybay), his promos were red hot, and his and Dean's rivalry feels dope. Fuckin Lesnar appearing on Smackdown dope, I cant believe they're doing this brand warfare stuff already but they couldn't have executed it better. Orton and Brock were the perfect choices for this type of storyline. Everything else was pretty much enjoyable, AA's debut was dope as expected. I really don't got much complaints, it dragged at a couple points but overall really entertaining stuff.
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  6. Yet to see this weeks episode. But it seems like a big step up from last week.
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  7. Certainly a great improvement and worth taking the time to watch. Gave it a 7/10 as well...
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  8. If promos were what really sold matches, then I'd say I'm more excited about Dean v Dolph than Rollins v Balor as of now. Really liked how they were both just shades of gray, there's no defined roles. Ziggler is willing to do anything at this point to win the big one, and Ambrose was oozing his Shield cockiness as the champ. Really good segment there. And it's extremely rare for me to say something with Ziggler in it was good.
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  9. loved the show, colour me blue! *goes off to buy username colour*
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  10. This week's show was good unlike last week's snoozefest and lackluster of an episode. 7/10

    - First off, I really liked that info on the side of the screen they were showing throughout the show. Very different than RAW. Thumbs up.

    - That Ambrose/DZ talking segment was a really good show opener. Both guys cut some good promos.

    - Crews vs Kalisto vs Corbin was rock solid. Crews won as expected, now all they need to do is find him what he's been lacking since his debut - personality. Oh, and The Miz was great on commentary as always. Also, the post-match stuff was a good first step in building the IC title division.

    - Eva's entrance gimmick works so well for her. She's still a shit wrestler, but damn, the heat she generates by doing nothing is astounding.

    - American Alpha's debut was fine. It didn't exactly set the world on fire, but fine for what it was. Perhaps it would've been better had they worked a simple squash match against local jobbers, but oh well. At least the crowd showed interest in them, that's a good sign.

    - That Styles/Cena segment was fire, loved it!

    - Lesnar invading SmackDown and delivering an F5 to Orton. It was pretty much a rehash of the RAW segment, I would've preferred if Lesnar got to drop some dudes in order to get to Orton, but oh well.

    - #SignHeathSlater. The dude continues to be entertaining with his shtick, I hope it eventually leads to him signing a SD contract.

    - DZ vs Wyatt was a good ME. Ziggler's new mentality and attitude change was refreshing, plus he came off as a legit contender. That's the side of him I want to see! The post-match stuff was OK, and one would assume it sets up a tag team ME next week.

    - That bit where Renee was interviewing Carmella and Nattie. Please, keep the mic away from those two. Especially Carmella. She's ripping-off Enzo's shtick, but it ain't working 'cause she's awful on the mic.
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  11. 8/10. best show of the week again. Smackdown continues to show why they'll be more superior to RAW in no time.
  12. I rated a 7. I'm really liking sma-down again since this split.
    Alot of greatness in this episode but I loved the 'what?' Chants. Took me back to 2002!
  13. "Apollo Creed" - Daniel Bryan 2016

    I give an 8. I didn't really hate anything to be honest. Kinda hope that Carmella can get a good run and get crafted to reunite with Enzo & Cass. John and AJ's promos were fucking A', great stuff. Interested to see how Rhyno goes next week.

    Did Heath Slater make an actual reference? Was Jericho's imaginary partner actually a thing?

    "No, you're opponent is actually" *Gore* "Ummm...Rhyno." *Raises Phone* "Actually, I'm gonna need a medic in my office...yeah, soon"

    "I don't give a damn, I'm a grown ass man. I'm here outta love" - Cena '16

    As somebody who never watched NXT, Jason Jordan is the modern embodiment of Shelton Benjamin...

    Carmella's Moonwalk <3

    Wyatt looking strong AF. The exposed steel finish was nice. Wanted Corbin to win the triple threat, but maybe he'll get pushed elsewhere.

    I LOL'd when Dean and Renee both stood up, and Renee was literally the same height.

    Is Dean v Dolph a Tweener v Tweener feud? Who's the face/heel? That promo was good though.

    "CENA SUCKS!" - AJ Styles

    Brock and Orton are just gonna tear the two shows apart for the next few weeks ...
  14. Seriously!? :lol1:
  15. FIIIIINALLY finished this. Gotta say, Raw "barely" beat it out this week, but this was a solid 7/10. Four shows since the brand split, all of which good to really good.

    Really liked the opening segment and entire Ziggler angle, as I love the approach they're taking with this. Ambrose is the champ. He's established, he's beaten Seth and Roman in the same night, who the heck is Ziggler to even lace his boots. Nobody's established as an MFL better than Ziggler. The underdog is SO easy to root for and they're playing off that well, plus Ziggler wanting to prove himself did fit with his character. It's dumb to put your title shot on the line for no reason but pfft nobody's established as a complete non-threat more than Wyatt so Ziggler should have no problem beating him because he is THAT DAMN GOOD. Ziggler and Wyatt had a fine match and Ziggler put the "doubters" to rest while Wyatt added to his. Welcome to the Smackdown main event scene!... But hey, I'm thrilled to see a super serious Dean Ambrose. I'm so happy for him.

    Crews/Corbin/Kalisto was fun. Yep. Wrestling!

    Eva Marie is hilarious. :lol1: And I hope this is a running gag, maybe next week she'll have a devastating nail injury? Seriously though that would get pretty stale after a couple of weeks. Unlike Heath Slater coming out to get rekt by any returning dude. Amazing stuff.

    YAY AMERICAN ALPHA. Not much to chew on this week! Feel like this was booked as well as you could the appeal in Alpha has a lot more to to do with counters in a competitive match, but poor Vaudevillians lol. Were the Ascension not... oh, right, competitive match and counters

    ...Wow. That Cena vs AJ Styles segment was really weird. This bordered on total trash since we've heard this same damn promo so many times from every new "face that runs the place". The whole WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE CENA crap made me facepalm myself into a concussion, and I don't see why every Cena feud always has to be the same lame shit. but... it worked, because Cena (the character) is SUCH a dick. He's the most unlikable person on this roster, I swear. "All you are is a really good wrestler!" being an insult made me HOWL with laughter given the context of this show, and after the Rock feud made Cena out to be such a hypocrite. Dude was the heel in like the last three feuds he was in already and... well I guess he was much worse in the KO Feud, but after the way he was acting here, I'd love to throw down the 10 bucks to see Styles hashtag beat up John Cena but... we know how this story ends. So this segment dragged the show down for me

    Still, AJ Styles deserves to win Wrestler of the Year AND Most Improved Wrestler, one year after winning Wrestler of the Year.

    speaking of dragging the show down, Randy Orton stomping on Fandango forever because he gives no fucks about pointless midcard garbage happened, and Brock came out to... Is it just me, or has Lesnar lost a lot of his aura since the Undertaker feud? BROCK FUCKING LESNAR doesn't just walk out because a bunch of goon security guards say "hey leave" and whatever. This was LAME. All caps

    Slater getting GORED backstage made me collapse in laughter. Sadly this will lead to Rhyno matches though. I'd love it if Rhyno was on Raw and could just randomly run out to GORE any boring promos.

    Production wise, I love the sports appeal to SD. The table with Renee, the stats on the side, but it almost feels like the rosters were flipped. Ambrose and Cena are the only two people on the roster - maybe Enzo and Cass and New Day - who can handle the Long Boring 20 Minute Opening Promo to start Raw. We saw how much Sasha bombed at it, and she's usually spitting fire on the mic. Maybe when Daniel Bryan comes to Raw there will be a trade of some sort? Sami Zayn vs Ambrose, please!
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