Spoiler Rate Smackdown 09/20/2016

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jacob Fox, Sep 20, 2016.

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    Smackdown Results (open)


    Daniel Bryan called Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss to the ring for a "civil" contract signing. Alexa hit Becky with the contract book, knocked the table over on Becky and then signed the contract and left. Becky got up, ran after Alexa and hit her before going back and signing the contract.


    The Miz wanted Daniel Bryan to cancel his match for the night. But Daniel Bryan revealed that the new contract says he has to defend the belt whenever Bryan wants or forfeit it.

    American Alpha vs the Usos.

    The Usos defeated American Alpha by pinfall

    Baron Corbin vs Apollo Crews

    Baron Corbin defeated Apollo Crews by pinfall after hitting End of Days.

    The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler for the IC Title

    The Miz retained the IC title by pinfall.

    Randy Orton vs Erick Rowan

    Randy Orton pinned Rowan following an RKO

    Naomi and Nikki Bella vs Natalya and Carmella

    Nikki Bella and Naomi won by DQ

    John Cena vs Dean Ambrose

    Dean Ambrose pinned John Cena.
    Daniel Bryan granted Ambrose a title match against AJ Styles on next week's Smackdown Live.
  2. Decent show tonight, the only thing I though was wrong is that there was too much wrestling. An odd criticism for a wrestling show I know but shit like Corbin/Crews and Orton/Rowan didn't need to happen. Both storylines could've progressed with quick backstage segments or something of that nature. Otherwise it was pretty alright, 7/10.

    The Good:

    MIZ/Ziggler was basically their Backlash match but with a slightly different ending but who cares because the match was good. Hopefully the MIZ doesn't drop to Ziggler in their next match, that would be the biggest waste of all this heat the MIZ is accumulating. Rumors have been saying he's going to RAW...I hope that's not true.

    The best thing about the Uso's heel turn is how vicious they've become. The way they targeted Gable's leg tonight told a good story. They actually are a legitimate threat now and I fully expect them to go over Slater and Rhyno at No Mercy. That blow-off match between the Uso's and AA for the championships is going to be insane.

    Alexa Bliss' character is so good on the mic but where she really shines, IMO, is in her reactions. Her facial expressions are so animated and kind of hilarious. Her promo here tonight was good along with Becky's and served its purpose of building toward their match at No Mercy.

    The Meh:

    Cena/Ambrose was pretty bland tbh, they both work pretty save styles and it made the match forgettable as a result, could've used Styles on commentary or something. At least Dean went over clean.

    The Women's tag team match tonight was...meh. Kinda we got more singles matches from the four Women but at least they're getting time I guess. This Carmella/Nikki Bella thing needs to develope beyond Carmella just beating her ass. Like, can we get a good explanation so we know why she wants to #BeatupJohnCena'sgirlfriend.

    The Bad:

    What is going on with Apollo Crews? Why did they call him up so prematurely? Will he ever get anywhere on WWE TV? Also, Corbin/Swagger...why should I care? What are they even fighting for?

    I really couldn't give any less of a shit about Orton/Wyatt right now. All I'll say is that Wyatt needs the win at No Mercy.

    Curt Hawkins, where the fuck are you? I'm tired of being told to face the facts when they're no facts to face!! Return already!
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  3. Why he got called up: Big muscular black guy who can do flips. Hits all of Vince's kinks. So he got sped up the moment Vince saw him most likely. He's getting Lashlied, as in exposed far too early.

    He could have done with another year in Florida at least.
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  4. Bother Raw and Smackdown are getting to the point where the matches are getting too repetitive. I knew this was gonna be a problem in a couple months ago. At least 50% of both cards is the same matches we been seeing and it's getting boring.
  5. SmackDown >>> RAW this week, easily.

    SmackDown produced yet another good and easy show to watch. 2 hours rule and simply fly by. Keep it up! :emoji_slight_smile:

    Plus, the show was heavily focused this week, 'cause every segment meant something as we're building towards No Mercy. 8/10

    - The opening segment w/ Becky and Alexa was good. Both ladies played their roles well and cut good promos, especially Becky. Plus, the segment didn't last 20 minutes and actually meant something, so that helped.

    - Liked that backstage segment involving The Miz and Bryan. I've really been enjoying their storyline. Good stuff.

    - The Usos vs American Alpha was good, and a smartly worked match. I really liked it. The Usos played their role of being the opportunistic heels well, and they were targeting Gable's injured knee, while JJ had to make a tough decision and refuse to tag out 'cause Gable was too hurt. That was great. The Usos will win the titles at No Mercy and then AA will go on to chase 'em and eventually dethrone The Usos. Looking forward to it.

    - Corbin vs Crews was alright and served its purpose. Corbin looked good. But, I feel bad for Crews, man. He was brought up from NXT way too early. Oh, well.

    - The Miz vs Ziggler for the IC title was pretty good. I felt their Backlash match was a bit better and all, but this right here was pretty good, nevertheless. I love how The Miz keeps using DB's spots to piss him off and still manages to steal a win without Maryse. He's a great heel and has been on fire lately.

    - Orton vs Rowan followed by the post-match stuff was OK, even though I don't care for this Orton/Wyatt feud.

    - Nikki & Naomi vs Carmella & Nattie was a fine little set up for the two feuds underneath the main one (Becky/Alexa).

    - Ambrose vs Cena was a solid ME. It was average, but I don't care. All I care about is that Ambrose defeated Cena clean! Holy crap, how long has it been since Cena lost clean on TV? Unreal. I marked. Also, the post-match stuff hyped next week's WWE World Championship match between Styles and Ambrose in a good way.

    - None.
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    I love how SD's main event is 3 characters going in 3 different directions...

    Ambrose had his chance. He shocked the world when Rollins fought Reigns and cashed in MITB and left the night as champion, and fit right in for a couple of weeks... and for all the hype that got, he wound up taking the ball and falling on his ass with it.
    His title reign wasn't very good, while Styles is the barely-disputed King of the World right now. He might win Most Improved Wrestler after winning Wrestler of the Year last year. It took a nutshot but man does AJ Styles just feel like he's miles above Ambrose?...

    ...not right now. Ambrose. beat. Cena. Sure he wasn't put over like a TRILLION bucks like AJ Styles was at Summerslam just winning off a flukish backslide rollup, oh but it definitely counts. Ambrose, for the first time in a while, has a little something to have some swagger about. This was a signature win...

    ...and Cena has to be questioning himself. The fifteen-time champ doesn't lose like this... to guys like Ambrose... Does Cena still have it? Has he truly been passed by? Is he going to be the Tiger Woods of WWE, a lock to pass the (BS) record of 16 World Championships merely a year ago but never getting over that hump because all this infusion of new talent has left him in the dust? All this stuff you could see in his eyes as he looked so stunned on the ramp.

    It's actually compelling stuff, and SD has found a way to get me INTERESTED in John Cena. Incredible.
    It actually feels like AJ Styles is the odds he just can't overcome.

    Then something happens that MAKES SENSE. Shouldn't every rematch be one-on-one? Why must Sasha earn hers - to get it in a triple-threat?

    8/10 after actually watching it :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: For all the reasons Prince Balor stated above. This was such an easy show to watch and almost everything felt like it mattered. Yay! There were a few small quirks (plenty in Crews vs Corbin), but lets enjoy good shows when we get them. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  7. - AJ Styles is miles above everyone. :aj:

    - He sure did. :ambrose4:Clean as a whistle. Granted, it wasn't a decisive win, but IDGAF. Cena lost clean and that's all that matters. Plus, that had to be his first TV loss since like 2009 or something. lol So, no complaints.

    - CENA HEEL TURN CONFIRMED?! :please: Naaah, it's too good to be true. We're probably gonna get the good, ol' Cena's Road to Redemption story. Or not. Idk, we'll see. I guess what you already said is true, it's compelling stuff, for sure.
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  8. I think Cena putting over people more than usual lately is due to the hiatus he's rumored to be going on in October for three months. I say when he gets back from that we're back to business as usual.
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  9. Damn straight! :yeah:

    But yeah, the Cena loss definitely needs to mean something. It's what's got us talking now. They can't just turn Cena into a job guy ofc but the Ambrose win gave us juuuuust enough doubt that "Cena might not have it anymore!" - while still reminding us that it is Cena we're talking about - while telling us not to give up on Ambrose just yet though but he's still not up there with Styles. It was perfectly booked, IMO.

    Plus Cena actually sold a loss. Go buy a lottery ticket!

    This... sounds INSANE, but I'm down for a Cena's "Road to Redemption" for this. If he wins his 16th title from Styles further down the line, it's the rare case of 50/50 helping both guys. Styles has gotten so much out of this feud already that it's very hard to complain about him losing one match to John, hell, part of his WWE legacy being "actual odds Cena had to overcome" is an AMAZING accomplishment. Hell I remember watching all three Wyatts (remember early 2014, when they were still relevant? Lol) gang up on the dude and never thinking there was any doubt to CenaWinsLOL. I'm used to watching this asshole crush Rusev's dreams and demean Owens for winning and standing up and joke to Brock after taking the asskicking of a lifetime and listening to him crying and moaning about his shitty year in 2012 where he feuded with a bunch of dudes and would have won the WWE title had he not (kayfabe) botched a German Suplex but "waaaaah I couldn't beat the Rock" oh fuck right off.
    That Cena being a thing of the past is definitely something I'm down for.

    But what Botchie was saying is worrisome. BABADABAAAAA HE'S COMING! :facepalm1:
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  10. Cena will never turn heel gladly. His heel turn wouldn't work, I don't see him pulling it off plus he would be cheered more as a heel kind of negating the purpose of it.

    AJ Styles Vs John Cena is the best thing WWE has done in years, its better than Cena/Punk by a mile. They are cutting insane promos and having insane matches so the more I get to see of that the better, looking forward to their Mania blow off match. Styles gets his clean win over Cena, he will have another win over Cena at Backlash and then his heel win at MITB while Cena will get his Mania win and his rematch win so it will be 3 for 3, even if it wasn't an even Win Loss against each other Styles has came out looking the biggest star in the company, dude has been steamrolling since he debuted. Has he even had a match that wasn't at least good since he debuted at RR?
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