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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jacob Fox, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. Rate this episode of Smackdown Live! and make sure to leave some comments to let us know what you thought of the show!


    The New Day and The Usos opened the show recapping their thoughts about the Hell in a Cell PPV. The Usos told the New Day about the pain they went through in the match and that only the New Day can understand what they went through. Xavier Woods asked if they were asking for a truce and the Usos told them they had respect for each other.

    The two teams were about to shake hands until the Hype Brose came out. They criticized the two tag teams for taking up all of the time in the division. The were then interrupted by Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable. They told the Hype Bros to get to the back of the line. Then Breezango came to the ring and before they could speak, the Ascension came out.

    The Ascension then told all the teams they were locked up in the Uso Penitentiary, except for Breezango, who were cool. They dared the teams to get into the ring.

    Daniel Bryan came to the stage and told the teams that tonight was not a good night for this and told the Usos and the New Day to get out of the ring. The fans began giving Daniel Bryan a "No" chant. Daniel Bryan insisted the Usos and New Day leave the ring. He announced a fatal fourway between the other teams for the number one contendership for the tag team title

    Fatal Fourway: Hype Brose vs Ascension vs Breezango vs Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin

    Benjamin and Gable won to become the number one contenders to the championship.

    Carmella vs Becky Lynch

    Becky Lynch won by submission

    Kevin Owens Promo

    Kevin Owens came out and made a speech as if he died during the HIAC match and went to Heaven, but sent him back because he is needed on Earth. And he said they provided him with his very own guardian angel, Sami Zayn. He said his purpose was to turn Smackdown Live into his very own person paradise, Kevin's Heaven or the Kevin Owens show. He introduced Sami Zayn as his best friend and guardian angel.

    Sami Zayn came to the ring. KO thanked him but he said that he owed KO the thank you for powerbombing him on the apron. He then realized he spent too much time trying to please the crowd and that made him mediocre. He realized that KO was a heel and realized everything he got was due to that. He was tired of waiting. He claimed Shane never cared about him and that Shane McMahon had the match won against KO, so there was no need to go back up to the top of the cell. He called KO his brother and the two hugged.

    Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton vs Rusev and Aiden English

    Nakamua and Orton won by pin fall

    Bobby Roode

    Roode came out and praised his PPV match and then challenged Dolph Ziggler to a fight. Ziggler came out and mocked Roode. He called Roode a fraud and claimed he dominated the match. Ziggler chastised him for cheating. Roode told Ziggler he was smarter than him and Ziggler demanded a rematch. Roode granted the rematch. Ziggler said anytime and any place. After some more taunting of each other, Ziggler refused to get into the ring and left.

    US Championship Match: Champion Baron Corbin vs AJ Styles

    Baron Corbin retained the US Championship by pin fall

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  2. I gave it a 7. I wasn't overly thrilled by the episode, but I was also pretty tired. I am glad that Baron Corbin retained the US title though. Honestly, the IC belt and US belt should be given to guys on the upper mid card, not former world champions. Baron Corbin is in the right spot to be US Champion. So I am glad they kept the title on him.

    Even turning heel I still can't find myself caring about Sami Zayn. So I found his segment underwhelming. It was a decent show, not great but not bad, but I was never bored.
  3. Okay... lets see what happening on "The Becky & Charlotte" Show this week...

    ~ I just want to state that the New Day/Usos feud has been fantastic...but it is
    time to move on.

    ~ And Gable/Benjamin are getting the next shot at the tag titles...Called it!

    ~ Women's Division Brawl!!!

    That Tamina/Lana story is really interesting...Oh wait...NO IT FUCKING ISN'T!
    Just put Lana back with Rusev already!

    I'm also guessing Naomi didn't make that big of an impression as Champion...
    because she has already slotted back into the role of "Athletic Black Woman
    with the large backside"

    May-be if she was actually booked as a credible Champion she would have
    made of an impression.

    And for the record...I never cared about the "Glowing or Dancing" I prefer a
    a woman to carry themselves with strength, power, grace & class.

    *Looks over at his Charlotte Shrine*

    ~ Okay...so Carmella looks absolutely stunning in that outfit...but Becky is pure
    Irish perfection...


    ~ And Charlotte's wife gets the win.

    I swear Carmella is going to be the worst champion ever when she finally cashes
    in. Yeah she looks great and has good mic skills...she has literally done nothing
    but loose since she arrived on the main roster...and she only has the briefcase
    because of that unwelcome, old joke Ellsworth.

    WWE...we already have an attractive blonde heel with good mic skills and sub-par
    wrestling skills as the champion on RAW...we don't need the same on SmackDown.

    Don't get me wrong...I'm always happy to see Becky "With the Nice Thighs" win...
    but Carmella needs something more than looking hot and sounding good.

    Why not actually have her win a match or two...without the help of that slug

    I mean its just an idea.

    Also...and while I'm spit balling ideas...lets take all the Total Divas and put
    them on RAW and then put all the women who just want to wrestle on

    That way Kevin Dunn can jerk off to RAW and SmackDown can push the women's
    division forward with strong wrestling matches.

    ~ Okay...unlike the Owens/Jericho team up...I'm digging the Owens/Zayn team up.
    This means more TV TIE for Sami and they can use his chemistry with Owens to help
    push him.

    ~ Wow...Rusev continues to be shit on...and this time its by Jinder's fallen
    challengers. There is something truly wrong with SmackDown at the moment.

    Speaking of Jinder...where was he tonight? Its great when the World champion has
    the night off. Taking a page out of the Lesnar playbook I see.

    ~ I'm just going to refer to Harper & Rowan as the Wyatts...but I'm glad to see
    both of them back on TV. I mean the gimmick sucks...but better to be on TV than
    sitting in catering doing crosswords or discussing American gun laws.

    ~ Are we really dragging the Roode/Ziggler feud out? Really? Ugh...

    ~ Well...I guess Corbin has his "consolation prize" of the U.S title and a
    singles win over A.J Styles.

    I mean...I'm happy for the guy...but...I still remember his failed cash in and his
    loss to Cena at SummerSlam...so...he's still a moron...and will be in my mind
    until he wins the World or Universal title.

    And his entrance music still sucks! Bring back Superhuman!

    And I'm Done...
  4. I'm just started the episode. Just went to commercial after DB saying there will be a #1 contenders match for tag team belts. And I have to say....

    Daniel Bryan does not seem happy in his position anymore. Any time I see him come out any more, his eyes genuinely say that he isn't happy with his job. And I don't blame him. But overall nice beginning so far. We'll see where this goes from here lol
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  5. Well...if the rumors are true he's simply waiting for his contract to expire
    so he can wrestle again somewhere else...and if he's not under contract
    with the WWE they can't tell him what he can and can't do.

    I personally just want Bryan (& his family) to be happy...and if wrestling
    will make him happy (and not kill him) then I hope he does leave the WWE.

    On a related topic...SmackDown has really taken a huge dip in quality
    since Wrestlemania 33...and while there have been bright spots here
    and there...the blue brand isn't as exciting and awesome as it was 12
    months ago.
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  6. Yeah I had to venture away after wm33 and brand shake up. only seen a bit since then. Of either show. The product in general has highlights and lowlights constantly. It's hard sometimes. But the odd week break here n there does some good.
  7. Agreed, that does seem to be the case. I can understand though. He obviously wants to wrestle and he isn't getting any younger. Watching years of his life pass and years of his possible career pass while he can do nothing about it must be pretty unpleasant.

    I imagine that all of the other promotions will be making grabs at him as soon as they can. You know GFW would love to have him as his popularity alone could do well to put them back on the map.

    The whole thing that gets me about Daniel Bryan really is the conflicting information keeps fans from really knowing the truth about his health. I don't tend to completely believe the WWE that he isn't fit to wrestle. I also don't feel they're trying to screw him over either. I think due to the amount of injuries he accumulated in such a short time, they are just being overly cautious in order to prevent another injury on the off chance that following that injury he won't be fit to wrestle.
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  8. I have to admit...after loving most of 2016...2017 has been nothing but
    lowlight after lowlight for me personally...and this has nothing to do with
    Charlotte not being a champion and barely being on TV since her move
    to SmackDown.

    Even outside of the WWE...a lot of stuff has happened that has worn
    down my patience for wrestling as a form of entertainment.

    I personally like "the conspiracy theory" that the WWE don't want Bryan
    wrestling because it will draw attention away from "the guy" they really want
    the fans to cheer for.

    I'm guessing the 2015 Royal Rumble pissed off a certain person in
    power and they decided to remove Bryan from the equation completely.

    Like I said...I just want Bryan & his family to be happy & healthy...and
    if Bryan can achieve that while wrestling...then I hope he gets work in
    every possible federation around the world.

    I'm sure many out there would have some kind of fanboy "Joygasm" if
    NJPW announced Bryan vs. Omega...or Bryan vs. Okada...right?
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  9. Totally man. He is just going through the motions at this point. Bunch of guys/girls coe..out and make it overly obvious that they're going to have a multi person match. He comes out and confirms it. It's sad, But that's the reality of it. They keep the guy around because of who he became himself. He was a draw. Now, if he feels fit to wrestle again, and wwe doesn't want to oblige, then yes go do what you need. Create competition for WWE!
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    • the Usos are just amazing, they're just.. cool, you know?
    • Sami Zayn is such a natural on the mic, it surprises me everytime. Most of the time, you can hear the scripted lines coming through a promo but he actually sounds like a real person with a real issue. Really looking forward to this now, especially because he's probably the best performer on the Smackdown roster next to Styles.
    • speaking of Styles, they let Corbin go over clean on this guy which shocked me but then again, all of this won't matter in a couple months when AJ's world champ again. Baron did a good job tonight and I'm glad that he has a platform to improve now with this title around his waist. If I was them, I'd keep the US title on Corbin for a while now, they played hot potato enough, now let someone actually benefit from being champion

  10. Why wasn't this on Smackdown as a backstage segment?
  11. I see a heel turn coming on w/ Bryan there. I mean, damn... he faced the "no" chants flawlessly. If he continues that, I think Bryan can be a hybrid heel and face.

    I can't stress this enough: Usos are damn good on the Mic right about now...

    Styles losing was a bummer, but at least Corbin gets a new platform to showcase his talents.

    Roode is awesome as usual. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  12. I gave it a 7. It wask okay, but I think it should've been a damned good to show to follow up the damned good show that HIAC was. So in that sense it was actually a bit of a letdown.

    The Tag scene got some love, which is always a good thing. The Usos & New Day burying the hatchet was pretty cool, the Usos are on fire, and they've REALLY gotta try hard to fuck up a program with the Usos, Shelton & Gable. It should be good stuff.

    The US title match was good and it was interesting to see Corbin actually beat AJ clean. I mean, now that that's happened, what's next for Corbin that's gonna keep our interest? Is AJ moving on to the WWE title picture now that Nakamura has been so poorly portrayed? 'Cause the title meant something when he had it. With Jinder, it might as well not even exist. The US title is the top title on the brand.
  13. That is a current rumor doing the rounds...once the WWE shows in India are done
    Jinder may-be dropping the title to Styles afterwards.

    Remember when Shinsuke first debuted on the main roster after Wrestlemania
    and everyone was so excited? I do...

    But looking at his main roster booking...Wow...he's been a complete let down.

    Awful matches against Ziggler & Corbin, missing the bulk of the MitB ladder match,
    matches with Cena & Orton airing on TV and now Jinder has defeated him twice.

    Its pretty sad really.

    I just hope the WWE decides to build to a "Double Main Event" at Wrestlemania 34
    with Lesnar vs. Reigns for the Universal title (its happening whether we want it or not)
    and fingers crossed they build for Styles vs. Nakamura for the World title.

    May-be even give Nakamura the Rumble win and Styles the World title on the same

    I mean that's how I would book it...but what do I know?

    Well...they need to build Corbin up...so I'd give him the U.S belt for at least 200 days
    and give him some clean victories over some of the bigger names on the roster.

    Corbin is a pretty boring character really (He's basically the exact same as Reigns
    apart from Corbin is actually treated/called like a heel by the commentators) so
    all you can really do is have him be a violent asshole and win some big matches.

    I hate to go on about this...but this U.S title win feels like a "consolation prize"
    for Corbin...and it reeks of "We better not bury this guy completely or people
    will keep talking"

    It honestly wouldn't surprise me if Corbin dropped the belt to Bobby Roode
    in a couple of weeks simply acting as a "transitional" champion.

    They may as well...the U.S title would surely be Glorious around the waist
    of Roode.

    The entire Rise & Fall & Kind of Rise of Corbin really brings my piss to a
    boil because its clear something happened backstage that effected his
    push...and it was such a terrible waste of the MitB briefcase...and even
    if you didn't want him to win the World title...there were so many other
    ways his cash in could have been used.

    And his new theme sucks! Bring Back Superhuman!

    Ugh...Sorry...ranting again.
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  14. I haven't thought that far into things 'cause that normally just isn't my thing, but I sure hope he doesn't hold the title for that long and that someone else comes along to help keep the meaning that the US title still has. I don't trust Corbin or the powers that be to keep a longer run with him interesting.

    I'd honestly nit miss Jinder whatsoever if he disappeared from TV forever. That's how lackluster I've found his entire run.

    And Nakamura... sigh. Why. Just why. I'll never understand how the company's so capable of making people as talented as him come across as so stale and unimportant. I'd even call it impressive if it didn't make me feel so depressed.
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  15. I agree...and its the main reason I'm literally terrified about
    Asuka on RAW...and its not because they are both Japanese...
    its because both of them are amazing talents that deserve
    to be treated with the highest level of respect.

    They deserve to be hyped, protected and they should only
    wrestle in the highest profile of matches.

    I guess having Asuka work her way through the main roster
    makes sense considering the women's division is so small...
    but why waste Nakamura on Ziggler & Corbin?

    Having Nakamura wrestle Ziggler & Cobin was a waste of time
    and Nakamura isn't the youngest guy on the roster...so give us
    some "Dream Matches" while you still can WWE.

    Well...at least with Zayn turning heel...we can hopefully now have
    Nakamura/Zayn II.
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  16. Me too, man. I was just as terrified when I found out she was going to RAW too. I try to be optimistic, but geez. They make it pretty damned difficult to be.

    And I agree with all of that about Nakamura. I'd love Zayn VS Nakamura II.
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  17. Great minds think alike...

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  18. That Owens face turn at the end was pretty sweet actually
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  19. I fast-forwarded through most of the show, but I watched the opening segment with The New Day/The Usos and the Fatal 4-Way tag that followed, those were good.

    Oh, and the Sami/KO segment was great, great stuff. Loved it.
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