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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jacob Fox, Oct 11, 2016.

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    Smackdown Live Results (open)


    Dolph Ziggler talked about his win and was interrupted by Miz and Marysse who were mourning Miz's IC title loss. They were soon joined by the Spirit Squad.

    2-on-1 Handicap Match: The Spirit Squad vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Dolph Ziggler defeated the Spirit Squad by pin fall. Miz and the Spirit Squad attacked Ziggler after the match but he was saved by Rhyno and Heath Slater.


    Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon challenged Raw to a five on five Raw vs Smackdown traditional Survivor series match.

    Carmella vs. Naomi

    Naomi defeated Carmella by pinfall.

    Chad Gable vs. Jimmy Uso

    Jimmy Uso defeated Chad Gable by pinfall

    AJ Styles vs. James Ellsworth

    AJ Styles was in the ring doing a promo and offered a title match. Daniel Bryan made it James Ellsworth. He made Dean Ambrose the guest referee. Dean Ambrose intefered and hit dirty deeds on AJ and Ellsworth won by pinfall.

    Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt vs. Kane and Randy Orton

    Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt defeated Kane and Randy Orton by pinfall.
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  2. :epicpalm:
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  3. Uhhhh ok

    So we got like one of those bragging rights things at Survivor Series? May brands at least stay on their own shows and only come face to face at the event.

    Ellsworth beat freaking Styles, well actually why am I cool with this?! Is Ellsworth just over as fuck or something? This is probably his reward because Vince praises him as a jobber and wanted to give him a crazy as fuck victory. Wtf... but nice job... fuck you Vince and creative... but good job...

    Did the Wyatts just technically kidnap Kane again? And why isn't Erick Rowan with them again? You gotta put the 3 originals together again to wreak havoc (I hope).

    The Spirit Squad may be a permanent fixture even though it is only 2 of the 5. I guess that is cool?

    Gah we gotta rate this by the thing that tips the scale.

    fuck knows/10
  4. From the looks of it Paige got into the writers room this week
  5. SmackDown was good and easy to watch. 7/10

    The wrestling itself was average, but every segment was focused and meant something.

    There was zero filler and the show being 2 hours helps a lot. Gotta love SmackDown.

    SmackDown >>> RAW this week.

    - The opening segment was very good. To the surprise of no one, Ziggler and The Miz killed it again. Their intensity both in and out of the ring is off the charts. Just great stuff. Also, I'm loving the fact the IC title is finally getting the attention it deserves. The Miz is truly awesome, he's made it relevant again.

    - Dolph Ziggler vs Mikey & Kenny was solid. It played well into the Miz/Ziggler angle and Beauty & The Man-Beast making the save was nice and will probably set up a match for next week. It also makes me wonder if the Spirit Squad will be sticking around longer than expected. I wouldn't be surprised. Also, marked for Mauro Ranallo saying: "OH MY GOD, HE KILLED KENNY!"

    - The picture-in-picture thing during commercial breaks is a genius idea. It should become a regular thing.

    - That Shane O-Mac/DB segment regarding the Survivor Series announcement was good. I am totally down with the idea of having a 5-on-5 RAW vs SD traditional Survivor Series match. As well as having another 5-on-5 tag team match featuring the best 5 tag teams of each brand and the women's 5-on-5 match.

    - Naomi vs Carmella was OK. The finish worked, too, considering everything that's been going on so far between the ladies involved.

    - Jimmy Uso vs Chad Gable was short, but a good way to further prolong the feud between the two teams. The Usos continue to cheat (the way they cheated to win this week was pretty unique, btw) and the AA continue to chase 'em. I am all in on this feud.

    - AJ Styles was really good on the mic. Gotta love him acting like a douchebag and rubbing it in the face of everyone how he retained the title and that he's still the face that runs the place. Ambrose was good, too.

    - AJ Styles vs James Ellsworth was hilarious. It was more of an angle than an actual match and some people may hate it, but I liked it. Plus, AJ didn't look bad 'cause it took 2 Dirty Deeds from Ambrose and a fast count in order for him to lose. So, he didn't look weak, IMO. Also, that Styles Clash was terrifying. :damn:

    - "Randy, you got issues." - Kane in 2016. That cracked me up.

    - Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper vs Randy Orton & Kane was a solid ME.

    - The Hype Bros segment. I get what they are going for, but Mojo is the worst. I can't stand him.

    - No Curt Hawkins after it was announced he'd (re)debut on this week's episode. I mean, what's the deal here? Has he taken over Eva Marie's "delayed debut" gimmick or has Chuck Norris sued WWE for gimmick infringement? lol

    - The ending to the ME. It was rather flat and I just can't care about this feud.
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  6. In the history books, October 11th 2016 will be known as the day James Ellsworth pinned the phenomenal AJ Styles...but it was funny as fuck and the show overall was average so 7/10.

    The Good:

    Really like how Shane and Daniel stayed in their office or just backstage majority of the show. Really nice contrast to RAW where either Mick and Stephanie are in the ring every two segments. I don't know who couldn't predict this years Survivor's series being Brand Vs. Brand. It makes sense too I mean what else would they do? They're no factions fighting each other so this is the next best thing and I'm kinda looking forward to it.

    Kinda wonder what the Miz will be doing after the program with Ziggler is over. Will they put him in WWE championship picture? He deserves it. They'll probably have him feud with some other guy in the mid card, maybe Apollo? Also are the spirit squad like a permanent tag team on SDlive now?...OK.

    AJ/Ellsworth was actually pretty funny didn't mind it at all. But don't tell me we are getting AJ/Ambrose 3...I'm good.

    The Meh:

    Pretty much everything else.
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  7. So...I haven't watched this SmackDown...in fact I only get to watch matches
    that are uploaded to youtube...but still...I have 2 points to make:

    1). Two from Two...Keep it going Bray...Great to see Luke Harper back...
    Shame Erik Rowan is now injured...
    2). WWE...please stop booking the recently drafted Alexa Bliss & Carmella
    to lose to more established names. These ladies are just starting their careers
    on the main roster and need early momentum to look viable as competitors.
    Nikki Bella and Naomi are already established. If your going to any established
    names...why not Natalya?...as (apparently) she has never been given the proper
    push she has deserved...and lets be honest...she is the best technical female
    wrestler in the company...and yes...I'm saying "technically" she is better than
  8. Giving it a 7/10 myself, being a very laid back and entertaining show. Totally cracked with Kane's "you got issues" line towards Randy Orton (still laughing as I'm typing) and the whole AJ/Ambrose/Ellsworth thing was also very well executed.

    Biggest point of the night obviously the announcement regarding Survivor Series and I'm glad they are making an effort in making this PPV feel important once again after quite some time; it is considered one of the big 4 after all...

    Other then that, Miz and Dolph killed it once again, happy for Bray getting back to back wins and I guess we should issue an amber alert cause where the fuck was Curt Hawkins?
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  9. This is why he wasn't on the show:

    Pretty lame.
  10. Here. WWE uploaded the full show on their YouTube channel:

    Enjoy, buddy.
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