Spoiler Rate Smackdown 10/18/2016

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jacob Fox, Oct 18, 2016.

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  1. Rate this week's episode of Smackdown Live and leave your comments down below!

    Smackdown Live Results (open)


    Dean Ambrose presented James Ellsworth with an official t-shirt and hyped him up for his title match.

    Randy Orton vs. Luke Harper

    Randy Orton won the match by DQ due to interference from Bray Wyatt.

    Alexa Bliss vs Naomi

    Alexa Bliss defeated Naomi by pinfall

    Apollo Crews vs Curt Hawkins

    This match never happened. Hawkins mocked Crews and Crews punched him. Hawkins got mad and told the crowd Crews deprived them of a chance to see him wrestle.

    Heath Slater, Rhyno and Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz and The Spirit Squad

    Miz and the Spirit Squad won by pinfall.

    Jack Swagger vs Baron Corbin

    Baron Corbin defeated Jack Swagger by Pinfall

    James Ellsworth vs AJ Styles for the WWE World Championship

    Dean Ambrose worked as the ring announcer and distracted AJ several times during the match, including announcing a commercial break and ringing the bell over and over again.

    James Ellsworth defeated AJ Styles by disqualification when AJ got angry and kept beating Ellsworth down. After the match, Ambrose hit Styles with dirty deeds and declared Ellsworth as the winner.

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  2. Just like RAW I was honestly only tuning in for the main event. The show wasn't bad by any means, actually had some segments I really enjoyed but overall I think Smackdown and RAW were about the same levels of barely average this week. 5/10.

    The Good:

    The Main event was a joy to watch. The Goldberg style Ellsworth chants were amazing overall James Ellsworth's treatment tonight was handled really well. He even got some offense in and fuck me was that a close call...James Ellsworth was almost the WWE world champion, 2016 WWE people...2016.

    Nikki Bella worked herself into a shoot, brother! But seriously who approved this angle? Because it's GOLD. Carmella is doing good work as a heel and I think this promo segment was the thing she needed to get over the hill. Even better than that, IT GIVES THEM A REASON TO FIGHT.

    On the topic of the Women, I like what WWE did with Naomi it was actually pretty smart booking on their part. They gave her two wins in a row, one of those a win over the #1 contender for the Women's Championship, thus building her up enough to feed her back to the #1 contender for the ( Smackdown) Women's championship. So ugh...hats off to you Smackdown creative have a cookie or something.

    The Meh:

    I can't believe I'm bored by a Wyatt storyline...

    Natayla...cool I guess. What is she even? Heel or Face? Her and Big Show have to be tied in most character turns ever.

    The Bad:

    So I guess with Eva Marie still gone they decided to strap the whole false debut gimmick on Curt Hawkins...kewl. At least Apollo was on TV and not smiling like an idiot or at the very least trying hard not to.

    Was it just me or was the commentary really awkward tonight? Like especially during the six man tag match after Otunga commented on MIZ using his wife to get ahead( Oh the irony). He and JBL were clashing a little tonight and it was just hard to listen to. Replace Otunga A$AP...JBL too.
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    ~ James Ellsworth is cool...but can we get the WWE to buy him a chin...

    ~ The Orton/Wyatt feud continues...but as long as Bray doesn't get pinned I'm happy.

    ~ Alexa Bliss had a win...which is good. Of course...she never should have
    lost in the first place! I understand the booking...I just don't like it. I'm also
    not the biggest fan of the Freddy Krueger threads. I mean its Alexa Bliss...
    she'd look good in almost anything...but I much prefer the Harley Quinn &
    Cheerleader outfits...hey...why not a SuperGirl cosplay? That would be cool...
    And sexy.

    ~ The Nikki Bella/Carmella feud is really working for me...I just hope
    they have Carmella get a clean victory over Nikki eventually. Does anyone
    else see this angle possibly being tied to the rumored Cena Heel turn?

    ~ Yes Nattie...you should lead the women's team at Survivor Series. You should also
    be getting more screen time and a run with the SmackDown Women's Title. But I have
    to admit I'm more of a Dog person myself.

    ~ Baron Corbin continues to move slowly...

    ~ Ladies And Gentlemen...James Ellsworth...The Human Sack of Potatoes.
  4. SmackDown put on a decent show this week. 6/10

    - The Ellsworth/Ambrose segment at the start of the show. I loved Ambrose presenting Ellsworth his new shirt which looks like THIS.

    - AJ Styles's backstage promo was good, I liked it.

    - Alexa Bliss vs Naomi was rock solid. It was miles better than their previous boring outing. I dug Alexa's Freddy Krueger attire, as well as her emerging victorious in the match. Her heel work was good and NaGLOWmi showed some good fire. Also, Alexa's post-match promo was good.

    - The Carmella/Nikki segment was pretty decent, with both ladies cutting some decent promos to advance their feud.

    - "Did you just quote Whitney Houston?" - Daniel Bryan

    - James Ellsworth's backstage promo was good.

    - Dolph Ziggler, Heath Slater & Rhyno vs The Miz, Kenny & Mikey was a good and fun tag match.

    - Corbin cut a solid backstage promo. His squash against Swagger was right on point. The dude dominated and now it is time to move on.

    - AJ Styles vs James Ellsworth was a fun ME. I liked last week's angle and they played well off of it here. Also, I loved how they referred to Ellsworth's run so far as "The Chinderella Story" and I LOL'd at Otunga calling that Superkick on Styles a "No Chin Music"

    - The Wyatts/Orton and Kane stuff.

    - Curt Hawkins. You know, I liked this whole "delayed debut" gimmick a helluva lot better with Eva Marie.
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  5. Prince Bálor Forgot To Mention It, Part 59: AJ Styles calling Ellsworth a fat, skinny turd was fucking hilarious. :lol1:
  6. :lol1: Geez what an amazing trainwreck of television this was! BEST 4/10 SHOW EVER. DEFINITELY IN MY TOP 100 SHITTY WRESTLING SHOWS! :yay:
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