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Grievous 3D

Ok you don't even know what a boomer is. I am done responding to you m8. I will tag you when I talk shit about you out of courtesy but don't expect responses from me ever again. That includes via PM.

That's some serious butt hurt right there...

But that's cool...

You do you Broski.


Jeffry Fucking Mason

Your Local Sports Team Sucks
LDW Management
This may sound mean but I am going to say it anyway.

I prefer Jeffry's recaps over Jacob's.
Because Jacob's just gives a one word answer of what each segment is. Without context somebody like Grievous 3D Grievous 3D can go "boy I bet that was shit". (Yes I know Jacob gives his own thoughts most times after giving his results of what happened in the show. But I doubt some people read them, as they are not embedded into the recap like they are in Jeffry's)

Whereas with Jeffry providing context for each segment, that can't happen. If Grievs wants to respond to the recap then he has to actually read what happened or else look like a fool for being negative all the time.
I appreciate the praise, but please don't just use my review as a further wedge between you and Grievs. Y'all are doing plenty fine hating each other on your own without my help xD


The Guardian of Light
Rising Star

Well...the problem with that is I have no problem looking like
a fool..especially to those who can't handle a negative opinion
or two.

Also...why am I being mentioned in a thread that I have not
taken any part in?

I'm not living rent free in your head am I Base?

Wait...I can't use that...Bully?

Yeah...that will do I guess.
I mean.....to be fair, there have been times where plenty of us have said "Hey, that was actualy a decent show with good matches" and you crap on it anyway lol

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