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    Full results here:

    - Kane is backstage with the Big Show talking to The Ascension, Los Matadores, Slater Gator, Miz and Mizdow and the Usos. He announces they'll have a tag team turmoil match, with Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan starting things out.

    Bray Wyatt vs. R-Truth

    I can't imagine this is going to end well for Truth. Wyatt goes over the top rope to start things out, and the two battle on the apron. Wyatt sandwiches Truth's head between his fist and the ring post and blasts Truth.

    Back in the ring Wyatt goes to work on Truth's neck, before Truth lands a heel kick for a two count. Wyatt is caught with a jawbreaker, but fires back with a big clothesline and Sister Abigail for the win.

    Winner: Bray Wyatt via pinfall (Sister Abigail)

    - The Bella Twins come to ringside for commentary.

    Paige vs. Summer Rae

    The two trade a few chain wrestling holds until Paige hits a superkick and a headbutt. Summer Rae gains the advantage and throws on a leglock.

    Paige fights out and hits a dropkick and another superkick before locking on the PTO for the submission.

    Winner: Paige via submission (PTO)

    - A video highlighting the Rusev/John Cena feud airs.

    Adam Rose (w/ Rosebuds) vs. Fandango (w/ Rosa Mendes)

    Adam Rose refuses to do the trust fall after everyone dropped him last time. He starts out aggressively, smashing Fandango's head into the buckles and laying boots into him.

    Fandango fights back with a couple of slams and a powerslam before hitting the Last Dance for the win.

    Winner: Fandango via pinfall (Last Dance)

    - The main event is up next. This one's gonna be long, folks.

    - A highlight package is shown, featuring Sting's appearances on WWE TV.

    Tag Team Turmoil

    Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan start off things with Miz & Mizdow. Damien Mizdow gets some good offense, but Miz comes in and gets dropkicked by Bryan. Reigns tags in and hits the Superman punch but Bryan blind tags in and hits the running knee for the pin. Miz & Mizdow are eliminated.

    The Usos are out next, and Bryan starts things off with a suplex before going to work on the arm of Jey Uso. Jimmy is tagged in, and a double back elbow drops Bryan as Reigns looks unimpressed and asks for a tag. Reigns comes in and shoulder blocks Jimmy, then is challenged by Jey who gets the same treatment. A lot of stalling here.

    The Usos clothesline Reigns outside, where he goes back to stalling. Back inside he tags Bryan, who throws on a leg lock and punches Jimmy repeatedly. Bryan hits his kick combo in the corner, then dropkicks Jimmy's knee. Uso fires back with punches and chops, and forces Bryan into the corner where a tag is made to Jey.

    Jey lands a splash in the corner for two, then tags back to Jimmy which allows them to double team Bryan's arm. Daniel Bryan rolls out of the ring as we go to a commercial break.

    Back from the break Bryan is working over one of the Usos, landing a snap hatch suplex. The two trade strikes, but Uso is dragged to the corner and gets double teamed again. He's thrown in a top wristlock as the crowd has gone completely dead.

    The Usos keep making quick tags, applying holds and tagging back out to utilize the double team moves on Bryan. Daniel Bryan scores with his comeback clothesline and tags in Roman Reigns who comes in and powers Uso around.

    Reigns hits a boot and throws a chinlock on Uso, which the crowd doesn't like at all. Uso fights back but eats a big clothesline for his troubles. Bryan is tagged back in as the two seem to be working together much better now.

    Bryan misses a dropkick in the corner and sidesteps Jimmy Uso, who goes into the rail. He suicide dropkicks Jey Uso, then goes outside and attacks both Usos. Reigns comes over and stops him, and says they need to win inside. Bryan gets in Reigns' face as we go to a commercial.

    Back from the break, Bryan is beating down one of the Twins and Reigns won't tag in as the announcers explain Reigns is the cousin of the Uso Twins. Uso manages to backdrop Bryan and Jimmy lights Bryan up before hitting a Bubba Bomb. Jey tags and lands a cross body but Reigns breaks it up.

    Jimmy comes in and argues with Reigns, and the two go at it. Bryan comes out of nowhere and hits a dropkick, and Reigns follows with a basement drop kick. An Daniel Bryan dive follows, and inside both Bryan and Reigns gets superkicked. Bryan throws on a Yes Lock and gets the submission after 26 minutes. Bryan won't let go, and Reigns pulls him off before the commercial.

    Los Matadores are out next and Bryan gets a running head scissors from Diego. Bryan answers with a big knee to the bread basket and locks on a surfboard. He transitions it into a sick surfboard dragon sleeper before it's broken up.

    Bryan gets kicked, but the two go up top where Bryan hits a double underhook superplex and the Yes Lock for the win. Los Matadores are eliminated.

    Slater Gator are out next as Reigns tags himself in. A couple of clotheslines, a flapjack put Slater down. Titus eats a Superman punch, Slater gets a spear. See ya later........Gators........

    The Ascension is next on the docket. Viktor and Bryan start out with The Ascension attacking him in the corner and tossing Bryan outside. Konor gets attacked by Reigns after jumping Bryan, and the Ascension double team Reigns.

    The Ascension toss Reigns over the announce table and go back to double teaming Daniel Bryan. Both Reigns and Bryan get tossed into the ring post, and Bryan catches the Fall of Man, but the ref has DQ'd them even though they didn't do anything illegal. Officials pull the team out of the ring.

    Big Show and Kane come out next, and they have plenty of experience as a team, having won two tag team titles together. We go to the final commercial as they make their entrances.

    We come back with Kane and Reigns in the ring going back and forth until Reigns hits a big clothesline and tags Bryan. Kane gets a few kicks to the chest but big boots Bryan and tags in Big Show, who chops Bryan and tosses him into the ring post.

    Kane is tagged back in and flattens Bryan with a tilt-a-whirl powerslam that only gets two. Bryan fights back but walks right into a Kane uppercut. Show and Kane are arguing but still are cohesive enough to clobber Bryan with a double back elbow.

    Show grabs Bryan's throat, but Bryan kicks his way out of it and DDT's show to the floor. Bryan is stretching for the hot tag but Big Show pancakes him on the mat. Show and Kane are still arguing as Show chokes Bryan overhead.

    Show goes for a Vader Bomb, but Kane tags him and they're arguing again. Big Show yells "that's rude!" in a hilarious spot. Bryan applies the Yes Lock to Kane, but Big Show breaks it up and tags himself in.

    Big Show and Kane are into it yet again, and Big Show is thrown into the Yes Lock. He's ready to tap but Kane breaks it up and.....they argue some more. Big Show KO's Kane and gets speared and kneed for the pin.

    Winners: Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan via pinfall.

    Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2015/0212/589419/wwe-smackdown-live-results/index-2.shtml
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  2. 3/10, purely because of the ME, that tag team turmoil was the only thing that was good and watchable on the show.

    - Tag Team Turmoil: Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns vs The Miz & Mizdow/The Usos/Los Matadores/Slater-Gator/The Ascension and Kane & Big Show was good, I pretty much liked everything that went down in this one.

    Negatives + the 'I don't give a toss' about this segment:
    - Bray Wyatt vs R-Truth. Ain't nothin' like good, ol' random shit on SmackDown. lol
    - Gladly skipped Paige vs Summer Rae
    - Fandango vs Adam Rose. lmao
  3. As someone who had spent a lot of weeks watching ADR and DZ on smackdown and enjoying it while getting hated on, this is some next level dogshit. This is the underlayer of sewers type of shit. This entire product is insanely bad at the moment. I'm here watching only because I'm here as a member tbh (not smackdown, just finally watching this weeks RAW)

    I find it funny to see people hate on TNA when this product is so much worse at the moment. One could argue if a feud were stolen or a gimmick was taken, it might be TNA who is doing it right currently...and either way it isn't much to brag about. I can't wait for the RAW after WM, so I can get roped back in, or bail the fuck out.
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  4. RAW's been kind of a lackluster for a couple of months now and it's supposedly the flagship show.

    But, SmackDown's been dogshit for as long as I can remember. Sure, it did have a few good episodes, but they don't come around too often.
    It's just that WWE loves to do everything half-assed, especially when it comes to SD, it's like the Creative team goes 'LOL, let's just write random shit.'
    But, in reality it really should be some compelling TV, you're the #1 sports entertainment organization in the world, FFS!
    Make us have our pants wetting over what you're going to do in the following weeks. Make it have that urgency factor.
  5. I'm talking over a year ago, Smackdown was far from the rating it got IMO. The bullshit filler was all there, but it also had some shit worth watching that wasn't connected in any way to the raw previously and the raw the week after. Smackdown was 5-8 solid every week. Now, it is a 2 max and RAW and the entire product is garbage mostly also.

    I blame all the smarks here who laughed at the fact WWE was listening to them. You fucked up.
  6. You've previously mentioned you enjoyed watching ADR & DZ on SD, I did, too.
    When brands were split, SD wasn't THIS bad at all.

    Nowadays, just like you said, it's a total garbage. Most of the time, the ME episodes are better than SD episodes.
  7. I wasnt around for brand split. I'm talking about ADR vs DZ well before DZ cashed in and it was amazing.
  8. Oh, I see...

    Well yes, can't argue with that. I wish those amazing times (just like during ADR/DZ feud) would come back, doe.
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