Rate Smackdown 20/7/12 *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Rysenberg, Jul 20, 2012.

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    First segment was pretty average apart from Ziggler. Neither Rey nor Del Rio are very believable on the microphone, especially Del Rio who is horrible. Of course Sheamus then had to come out and be a patronising twat again. Oh yeah and I'm sure Rey called Del Rio 'Crayo'?!

    The 8 man tag was rather good actually. It tends to be an opinion splitter but I think AW is good to have at ringside talking and he is quite witty. Good match and glad to see Prime Time Playas get a victory.

    Sandow vs the 'brainless Broski' was decent enough, they should've let Ryder get some offence in but Sandow was impressive again and really aggressive. I heard FCW spectators slag the guy for his in-ring ability but he's done a very good job in the few times I've seen him.

    The peep show was a little random. No idea why Christian got involved in Bryan and AJ's thing but nevertheless, the video was hilarious I thought. AJ and Bryan are so cute together :yay:

    Bryan vs Kane was where I got infuriated. It seriously looks like they're starting that shit up again. As the person I thought Bryan would be feuding with would say - really?

    On a side note how good are Bryan's kicks? They look so real, they're just behind Del Rio's which get the most amazing noise.

    Road Warrior's return was epic, glad the Smackdown crowd got behind him.

    The main event was a really enjoyable one actually. There was lots of Del Rio, Ziggler and Mysterio and very little Sheymoose which instantly made the match much higher quality. Still nobody quite sells backbreakers and clotheslines like Mysterio does.

    I'm not sure if I like the Ziggler keeps missing cash-ins angle. I just have a bad feeling it will culminate in him eventually failing the cash-in. I sincerely hope that doesn't happen and that it is Cena who fails his first.

    Anyway, nothing spectacular but a good, solid show again from Smackdown with plenty of wrestling. 6/10
  2. Rate Smackdown 20/7/12

    spoiler this thread dude. Smackdown still hasn't aired so could be a good idea :otunga:
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    Oops forgot that, admins any chance you could do it for me as I can't seem to get out of mobile mode again?

    Sorry if I ruined it for you :emoji_slight_frown:
  4. Why did the OP get put in a spoiler tag if the title already warns peeps?:sad:
  5. 1/10. It was as bad as Raw is most weeks
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