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  1. Thought this was a great week for Smackdown. The show itself wasn't anything spectacular, but it achieved so much compared to the usual *Sheamus buries talented in unnecessarily long main event*. Younger guys appear to be getting their opportunity and this feels like the start of a new era for Smackdown, where it will actually be used to put over the midcard/tag titles.

    As I said, nothing spectacular but really promising Smackdown. 8/10
  2. Haven't watched it yet, will Rate later on. Look's like a good show though thus far.
  3. It's not on for another 10 hours here...
  4. I believe its on YouTube already, if you want to watch it earlier.
  5. Nah.:angle:
  6. Can anyone post the link?
  7. I'm sure someone will have better ones for you both but I used this http://telly-tv.com/threads/watch-wwe-smackdown-9-21-12-21st-september-2012-hdtv-watch-online-download-divx.156308/
  8. Just watched it. 8/10, what a fucking show.

    Revolved around the tag-team champions, which have single handedly made the division interesting again. The OPENER and MAIN EVENT were both tag-team related. The ending was just spectacular too.
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  9. The segment with Bryan and the box was comedy gold.
  10. I'm gonna watch it soon. :boss1:
  11. Show Spoiler
    They almost swerved me with this one.

    It started out with the opening segment that went on and on, with the No/Yes chants, the "WE ARE THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS", the hugging, the Goat Face yells, the overly violent bullcrap from Kane, and I thought "Yeah, this whole thing is getting so one-dimensional that it's really wearing on me". Sandow had one of his best performances yet (lord I love that guy, plus he's modifying his vocabulary and not cutting the same promo anymore. Bonus!). Then the backstage segment happened, and I started to groan. This was going downhill fast, then Bryan did his typical shtick, and I was done with this angle.

    Then the rest of the night happened. The chemistry between them really started to show, as they eventually got mad enough to drop the catchphrases and throw more original material at each other, and by the time the ME happened, them being at each others throats... then they find solace with each other as they beat the fuck out of everyone. Perfect ending, phenomenal storytelling, and a great way to make an angle that looked dead in the water awesome again.

    Things I didn't like: STOP MAKING DOLPH ZIGGLER EAT THE FUCKING BROGUE KICK. You've gotta love how the main-event segment feels like the dullest segment of the show, but that's what you get when you stick a WWE Tag-Match out there... and surely all of us combined couldn't muster up a single damn to give about Sheamus, Orton, or ADR at this point. Awful characters, Ziggler can't cash in soon enough. Hated the burial of the tag team division, but loved how the champions looked so much more important than the horrible SD ME scene.

    Other things I loved: I love Youtube, thanks for letting me skip the Raw Rebound and anything involving Santino. ADR not getting another title shot made me mark. And... I know it's just a one time thing, and it'll be a huge pointless burial in the end... but the Superstars All-Stars ganging up on the dancing fatass was one of the biggest mark out moments of the year to me. Hashtag push Mcintyre. (Don't bury Mahal, gtfo Brodus) And despite the burials, the amount of a spotlight Rhodes and Sandow got tonight was awesome. They deserve it.

    Can't give this less than a 8/10. Maybe even higher.
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  12. this was the best smackdown! ill give it an 8/10. although i hope they dont just keep relying on bryan and kane forever to make the show good
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  13. I must say Bryan's face when Edge and Kane called him to the group hug was epic.
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  14. Edge segment was amazingly funny :haha:

    bryans face
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  15. :yes: :yes: :yes: Loved it....simply spectacular, making the Tag Team Divisions interesting again, plus hilarious segments by the Tag champs... and also a written improvement for newer talents, Best Match was ADR & Show-Off vs RKO & Sheamus... Special & Great appearance by Edge too...
    9/10 Stars from me...
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  16. best SD in a long time
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  17. Loved the Show. Kane and Bryan are amazing together.
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  18. Maybe a 7.5/10 or 8/10.
    Hopefully they don't overkill Daniel Bryan and Kane. 6 out of 11 segments. :damn:
  19. 9/10 Matches were good. Segments were good.
  20. I'm only just now watching it lol

    Pretty entertining so far


    20 minutes in and we have Bryan, Kane, Edge and Sandow in the same segment? Instant 10/10
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