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Jacob Peabody

Quiet You
Rate the amazing, wonderful and exciting episode of Smackdown Live and let us know what you thought.. because I won't be able to figure it out just from the number!

New Day and Breezango vs Usos and The Colons

The New Day made the pinfall to win for their team.

Tamina vs Naomi

Naomi pinned Tamina and then was attacked by Lana.

Charlotte Flair vs Natalya

Charlotte Flair pinned Natalya'

AJ Styles, Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura vs Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens

AJ Styles had the pin fall for his team. They were then attacked after the match, bringing a ladder into the ring. They used the ladder until Baron Corbin turned on his partners and used it on them as well. Corbin climbed the ladder, but Shinsuke knocked him off and climbed and got the briefcase.
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The Game
I missed some parts of it due to finals studying, but overall I feel like it was a solid show. Alright start with the four tag-teams, and of course Breezango shined once again.

I'm liking the stuff with Lana/Naomi and I can legitenately see WWE pulling the trigger here and having Lana win the title in her debut match. I really doubt it'd go any other way because they've been hyping up her debut, she's over af (as a face sadly, because they want her to be a heel), and simply I don't see anyone receiving the hype she got losing in their debut match. It's going to be interesting.

I didn't see much of Charlotte vs Natalya but it seemed like an alright match, so that's that. Makes Charlotte look strong so that's always good.

As to the M.E, it was a good tag-team match. This was bound to happen especially there are 3 heels/faces in the MITB match, and there's three past/present feuds there (Zayn/Corbin , Nakamura/Ziggler , Styles/Owens). I liked the ending and how Zayn got the win, always good to see him ontop. I was intrigued with them having Corbin almost go up to be attacked by Nakamura, and I think this could be foreshadowing the MITB match a little bit but with the roles reversed and Corbin attacking Nakamura as he climbs the ladder. As to Nakamura grabbing the briefcase, it's now obvious he's not winning it sadly. But I gotta admit, seeing him with the briefcase was pretty awesome.

Just one thing though, I talked about him a lot in the chat but I'm really down because they seem to have already forgotten about Tye Dillinger. He hasn't been on TV in weeks, despite how over he is with the fans. The dude deserves better and I really think he should be put in a feud with someone like Ziggler, who can work well with him and give the dude some legitimacy. It's rare nowadays to see a connection to the fans like Tye Dillinger has, and I am really missing those "Ten!" chants. Once again, the guy deserves better and he can really make SD a more enjoyable show.



Moist Nephew
For me it was a meh show. All the matches were solid, but nothing special honestly.

Jinder's promo was pretty disappointing, since last week it looked like they were moving away from foreign vs America, but this week they hopped back into it.

The moments with Shinsuke, AJ, and Sami & KO, Ziggles, and Corbin were great

I'm not a big fan of Lana, since I feel like this new gimmick is a HUGE step down from the Lana of old

Fashion Files are still cool, but this week's episode was just missing something... Maybe Officer Dango's badass beard

Finally, the best moment - surprisingly for the second week in a row - was Mojo. I'll bet you anything Ryder is going to turn heel and attack Rawley soon just based off the line "We have unfinished business"

6/10, solid but not special


Chillin' with the snowmies.
May give this a chance after MITB... these multi-man matches don't need build, so here's these six man and woman tags featuring all the participants, enjoy!

Guess it's nice for the creative team to recover for Summerslam... I hope... lol

Grievous 3D

Is Currently In Stasis
I like what SmackDown does...so I'm just going to focus on the women as I normally do.

~ This victory for Naomi is her first televised win of any kind (including tag matches) since
April 4th. Thank the Wrestling Gods she finally had a win!
~ I'm really, really curious to see Naomi vs. Lana...like really curious...I wonder if they will
"Pull a Jinder" and put the strap on Lana?

~ My Bae, My Amazon, My Goddess Charlotte once again defeated Natalya (Seriously
has Natalya ever defeated Charlotte clean in a one on one match?) and still has yet to
be pinned or submitted since arriving on the Blue Brand. Wooooo!
~ Seriously though...if Nattie gets the Briefcase she should totally cash in on Charlotte
to make up for all those times she put Charlotte over.
~ Also...you can't complain about Charlotte being booked too strongly because she
was pinned and made to tap out nearly every week/match between the Royal Rumble
and when she finally arrived on SmackDown.

I am honestly pumped for this Pay Per View...seriously...this is my Wrestlemania for this
year! I actually going to avoid spoilers and this place until I get a chance to watch the
entire event (which will hopefully be the day after thanks to my neighbor who is awesome!)

Climb the Ladder Ladies...make history...but most of all...stay safe!
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Prince Bálor

I'm kind of a big deal
I'm hoping so as he'd get the most out of it...but...the rumor is Nakamura is getting the briefcase...
He got the briefcase on SmackDown and that pretty much guarantees he won't be the one grabbing it this Sunday at MITB.

I still think it's going to come down between Zayn and Corbin, but I'm leaning towards Corbin now, but we'll see.
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