Spoiler Rate Smackdown 8/7/2018

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Seth, Aug 7, 2018.

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  1. Leave a comment about what you liked, hated, or both.

    Tea-Generation-X vs The Iconic Duo: T-G-X
    Zelina Vega vs Lana: Zelina Vega
    Shinsuke Nakamura vs R-Truth: Shinsuke Nakamura
    Bludgeon Brothers vs Jobbers: Bludgeon Brothers
    The Bar vs The New Day: The New Day
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  2. Why do I never get notifications for these?
  3. Overall, solid show, a 7/10. There are some things I could complain about, but the show left me happy. There were also some small details that were really nice, so even though it was a 7 show for me, I'm going to be nice and give it a low 8 instead. Not perfect by any means, but at least it isn't Raw

    Some things I liked were the amazing tag team main event, with the golden cherry on top of that badass Blugeon Brothers camera shot. Also, I liked how Rusev was portrayed more faceish here. While I know he's a face, the way they've written him as of late made it more of an akward tweener-ish role, but I'm glad that they've reworked that tonight. The fact that Becky failed to make Royce tap, but then Charlotte did manage to make her tap WHILE Becky looked on was great story telling. I also like how English didn't just come out and accidentally distract Lana, instead he ran down to help Rusev (who was getting attacked) and shoved Alma's into the wrong spot at the wrong time. Miz's promo of course was amazing as always. Also, tiny props to Truth and Graves, as typically I don't find them halarious at all, I find then cringy and annoying, but tonight, the lines "I'm going to get my title shot just like everyone else, by beating Carmella!" And "Rowan just took out Roman Reigns starter kit and Tazz Jr." had me laughing. Speaking of laughing, Kofi as an interviewer was gold

    The points I didn't like include the fact that Miz v Bryan isn't being treated as serious as I think it should be. It really picked up near the end, but the beginning really dragged. Speaking of dragging, the AJ promo was a complete dud. They dedicated what felt like a whole minute to the jobbers working out in a boring repetitive loop which I didn't like at all. I felt like the Orton promo was fine, just fine. It was the reverse of the Miz promo, it started hot and died down. While Kofi as an interviewer was funny, I really don't like it when WWE push away Renee Young. She's gold on the mic and gold as an actress. Also, I feel like Shinsuke sold too much for R-Truth. I get that R-Truyh needed to get some offense in to come off as semi-legit, but when Shinsuke got him he should of done a complete momentum shift as opposed to taking ten seconds to sell R-Truth's moves. Come on, you're Shinsuke Nakamura, he's R-Truth, just suck it up and keep hitting him!

    The biggest down to the show for me was a weird one. Maybe it was because I was hungry, but the show felt like it dragged a bit to me. Like normally when I'm watching SmackDown, it feels like it's over in no time at all, but tonight twice I checked the time and was shocked that a there was half an hour left to the show.

    Low 8, good job SmackDown. Also, high 8 for 205 Live, that show is gold
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  4. Yay!

    Although...honestly...I want Becky to win at Summerslam...
    the Irish Lass Kicker needs it....she needs it bad...kind of
    like how I need Bec...

    *Cautiously looks around for a few seconds*


    Come on Becky...its time for a heel turn!


    What a joke Nakamura has become...its just pathetic at this point.

    Go back to NJPW Shinsuke...there is nothing left for you in the WWE.

    Its a shame you were born in Japan right?



    What's the fucking point?

    And where in the name of Shinji is Asuka?

    Maybe she should just head back to Japan as well...
    I mean I don't think she will ever recover from the
    number Clownella & the Blobfish did to her.

    Actually...send her back to NXT to feud with Kairi
    Sane for the NXT women's title.

    At least that way we'd get to see a couple of amazing
    matches without Alexa Bitch or Clownella ruining them.
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  5. 4 + Becky Lynch is awesome
    3 + Joe/Styles rivalry
    2 + No Roman Reigns

    Smackdown wins again. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  6. Why would you get a notification for?

    Becky will lose and turn on Charlotte, but don't worry they still tag team with each other just like Sasha and Bayley.

    Yay, Shinsuke now is just there and basically means nothing now in a sense.

    There is a rumour that Asuka could be added in the Triple Threat to make it a Fatal Four Way. I do agree Asuka needs to either leave since how do you recover from what happened to her or go to NXT and have a feud with Shayna, Kairi, or even Io.
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  7. I don't see how Nakamura was a joke this week. He won the match comfortably.

    Orton had a great promo. The Becky and Charlotte dynamic is interesting. The Bar Vs New Day was great. AJ had a good promo. I don't care about Rusev Day. The Miz and Bryan stuff is whatever.

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  8. Have you tried watching the section by threads? It keeps track of when a new thread is created in the section and notifys ya.
  9. ^But that means I will get a notification every time a post is made in the Smackdown section. I don't want that
  10. You could always follow me...just saying, lol.
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  11. That's good advice...
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