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    Ok, Orton face pop so still no heel turn fuck that, RVD meh. Headlock, Sloppy work from RVD I can do that international better, Bad bump on the takedown by RVD. And another shit bump and sell from the dropkick, Ok spinning heel kick, Orton botched pulling the rope down, props to RVD for the big jump. Yeah thats right I gave RVD props :tough: What was the point of blocking getting hit off the barricade just to get kicked? Steel steps spot... AGAIN. Another RVD spot monkey spot, Tbh I love this move anyway. Commercial! Oh wait Watchwrestling.net. Orton punches, 1 2 3 cba. Nice throw to the outside. Liked that suplex on the barricade, RVD looked like he sandbagged that :hmm: Rest hold. Long rest hold. Still a rest hold. Still in this rest hold and RVD fights back. Stiff looking kick, Nice moonsault. Nice flippy thing. Monkey flip inbound. Nope reversed. Replay, RVD botched the fuck out of that backbreaker. You're supposed to get up quick Rob, Not lie on the ground for a minute, Orton DDT. Dropkick, Nice not falling the floor like your supposed to do RVD. DDT. Crowd work. RKOh no kick. Rolling thunder. frog splash, RKO! YAY! Its over! First match done, Got some stuff to do, With react live to everything else later
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