Spoiler Rate Smackdown 9/11/2018

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Seth, Sep 11, 2018.

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  1. Leave detailed sentences about Smackdown about what you like, hated, or both.

    Jeff Hardy vs Shinsuke Nakamura: Jeff Hardy

    Charlotte Flair vs Sonya Deville: Charlotte Flair

    Rusev Day vs The Bar: Rusev Day

    Andrade Almas vs R-Truth: Andrade Almas

    Maryse vs Brie Bella: Brie Bella
  2. I honestly hate what they have done to Asuka. She was the hottest female wrestler in the world. Hell, fans liked her so much they stole Samoa Joe's "Joe's gonna kill ya" chant. It hurts watching the main roster piss that away.
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  3. That is what I have been ranting about for the past month or more.
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  4. I know. I try holding out sometimes, give the company the benefit of the doubt... but this is what I see regarding whatthey did with Asuka:

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  5. Take from me and never hold out because WWE always disappoints.
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  6. Eh, there have been better episodes of Smackdown. This has felt like the most "go home show" show in a long time. Lots of recaps of RAW feuds (which is one reason why I liked the brand split, they didn't waste Smackdown's time with RAW shit beforehand). Some solid matches, but overall nothing that memorable (I really enjoyed the Samoa Joe storytime segment tho). 5/10
  7. Smackdown was meh at best. The Miz vs Daniel feud is becoming stale to me and I can't take Joe vs AJ serious with all the talks of being a Daddy and such without laughing. As for everything else it was meh as well nothing exciting or new happening and really feels like a repeat of every Smackdown before and the whole Asuka thing now makes me want to bang my head against a wall. Also, Brie and Maryse were your main event, just think about that.
  8. It is sad that WWE is so out of touch that they can't just let AJ and Joe happen without a storyline. Their ability to put on a good match is the story.
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  9. That and with the whole "Daddy" thing going around and whatever, that is all I can think when they speak. I mean, Joe use to fight people just because they were the champion and damn it he wanted that championship, you know, but nah we can't do that in WWE. We gotta have Daddies and dumb storylines and ponies and whatever else.
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  10. Can't wait to see her in a comedy act!!! /s

    Honestly though she should leave and go to somewhere else.
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  11. Carmella is now R-Truths manager as a babyface?.. What the fuck did I miss, last I saw she was women's champion going in SummerSlam.

    Samoa Joe and AJ's program is the best thing going right now, loved both promos on Smackdown.

    The tag division is so boring and stale on both brands, The New Day and The Bar? Seriously, can we move on from these teams already.

    Not much else happened, but it's only 2 hours.. I need to start watching this weekly and cut RAW out of my weekly schedule. It's so much easier to watch.. 7/10
  12. Wait...so I'm not watching SDL or RAW...

    What have they done to/with Asuka now?

    Also...did Hardy win the U.S title from Nakamura?

    Did they announce another HIAC stipulation? Styles/Joe or Flair/Lynch?

    Did Becky attack Charlotte after her match?

    Answers please...
  13. So is Asuka and Shinsuke basically irrelevant now? Great job WWE....

    I too would like to know what the heck happened there. I don't like the broad but that is pretty sad.
  14. Its because being R-Truth's manager is the only thing she could
    do without fucking it up...because its already rock bottom as far
    as a role on WWE TV goes.

    Mella is Monopoly Money indeed.

    Just release her WWE...let her join Enzo & Big Cass on welfare.
  15. I don't know man, she seemed to fuck it up pretty good on Smackdown.. Her saying "what's up"after R-Truth was very awkward.

    I know Truth was chasing her around for a while, but this still seemed so random.. Maybe it's just for the Mixed Match Challenge thing.. I believe they're paired up for that.
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  16. So she couldn't even get that right?

    Fucking Hopeless!!! Seriously...at least Bliss can
    actually cut a promo.

    Also...is there like a "racial" issue with this?

    I wouldn't know because I'm Australian...
    but...this feel "off" to me.

    I was hoping they'd turn Carmella into a creepy
    Cena fangirl & do a stalking angle...I mean at
    least that would be somewhat interesting.
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  17. I heard Carmella was sleeping with Cena so that could work... I don't see any racial issue with anything in WWE.
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  18. Really? Not even the terrible booking of Nakamura
    & Asuka on the main roster? That doesn't seem a
    little suspect to you?

    Okay so I checked a wrestling news site (for the
    first time in months) & that was a nice sneak attack
    by the Irish Lass Kicker.

    Its a real shame they aren't letting them have the
    match in the cell.

    I'm really gunning for Becky this Sunday...even if
    I can already smell the fucked finish from a mile

    Serious, nasty, heel Becky is totally Bexcellent!

    She needs to be relentLASS this Sunday!

    And a third time because I want to!

    Also...Becky & Joe should be a team in the Mixed
    Match Challenge just to fuck with Charlotte & A.J.
  19. Don't know for sure it's a race thing.. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to race.. I just think it's their lack a promo ability.. I know you brought up Kane before, but if they were a 7 foot tall monster setting shit on fire it might be easier to book them.. if someone can't work the mic it's rare they become a huge success.
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  20. #20 Grievous II, Sep 12, 2018
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    That's a fair call...

    Maybe I'm just more paranoid about it.

    Its just frustrating to see how amazing both
    Asuka & Nakamura looked in NXT & now...
    well...they are just like everyone else.

    But they push the Plank of Wood...& he can't cut an
    interesting promo to save himself.

    Actually forget I even mentioned that boring piece of
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