Rate Smackdown August 31, 2012

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  1. Rate what you think about it after you watch it, or by spoilers I suppose.
  2. 2/10, because we chatted with me, you, and DZ while stuck watching it. This was fucking horrible. Seriously avoid smackdown people.
  3. I haven't watched it yet, therefore I cannot vote, but anyone who hasn't seen we're having a discussion thread at 10pm.
  4. 1.5/10 fuck you Randy Orton
  5. 1/10, the mark being for Ziggler. If he wasn't there I could've 'stolen' that show. Terrible stuff and the ending was a fucking joke.
  6. 0.1 / 10 for ending of orton ziggler match
  7. 5.0/10

    Wish Ryback was there.
  8. Okay, time to go heel again...

    -Why does every show have to open with the same segment?
    -Why is Cody Rhodes being booked to look like an idiot?
    -Why is a potential main-eventer losing a feud to a guy with no potential?
    -Why did Rey win this match? Is he having a rematch with Miz? If so, why are you having Night of Rematches Champions at all?
    -Why should we care about Eve, this feud, or the Divas' in general?
    -Why is Natalya job fodder?
    -Why does Sheamus have to have a match on every Raw and every Smackdown? #Overkill
    -Why did they have the Sheamus/Del Rio match end like this? If you have to protect both people (you don't) don't book the match.
    -Why does WWE think the Divas' and Tag divisions will be relevant for a month after they've beat it into our skulls for years that they don't give half a fuck about them?
    -Why are Kidd and Gabriel job fodder? 2 random cruiserweights in a tag team works, but guess they've replaced Reks and Hawkins as the divisions' jobbers.
    -Why are there no less than five Raw recaps in one show? Nobody, not a single person, watches Smackdown and doesn't know what's going on on Raw. All it does is bury your show.
    -Why are they pushing Del Rio?
    -Why did they put the Money in the Bank briefcase on Ziggler since they clearly have no intention of making him a credible champion?
    -With the current roster, why is Ziggler not a main-eventer yet?
    -What good did it do to have Orton win this match? He'll be a special referee at Night of Champions at best. If you want to give him a title shot, push him then and don't cut Ziggler's balls off.
    -Why would you push Orton as a main eventer? I know it's against Vince's rules for main-eventers to be entertaining, but babyface Orton? Come on!
    -Why is the person who's booked this entire year still employed?

    This show pissed me off/10
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  9. All valid questions/10.
  10. Thank God i haven't watched it yet!
  11. I didn't think it was that bad to be honest.