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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Awesome imo. A solid 7/8 out of 10.
  2. A solid 7/10 would've been an 8/10 but found the AJ segment lacking until the end!
  3. 8 as everything was great until Ryder won, next week will be a snore feast
  4. 7/10 here as well. Really good episode. Miles ahead of RAW this week.
  5. so far ill give it a 6, as teddy long/eve/aj are in too much for me, but amazing matches....of course Santino's was a squash as he is as shitty as the 60+ year olds he was with.

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  6. The one show I miss it actually get's good ratings. Has Big Hoss posted it on YT yet?
  7. Uploaded it Live. It's in normal quality only.
  8. Thanks Hoss love the sig.
  9. 8/10 best Smackdown ina while
  10. Awesome show. That's what Smackdown should be about - awesome matches.

    Punk/AJ/Bryan segment was amazing again.

    Christian/Rhodes was a great match.

    Ziggler/Riley was a bit short, but it was cool seeing Riley appear again. Plus Ziggler.qualified!

    The Battle royal was great. Before it started I was 100% sure Big Show was winning it, delighted that Ryder won. I don't even like him that much but things are so much more entertaining when you dont expect them.

    Del Rio's promo was actually very good as well I thought. Love the direction his character is taking and he's finally beginning to get real heat because of it.

    7/10 More of the same please.
  11. 7/10 :boss1: kane should have won the battle royal though
  12. God no. How can Kane's character run a show logically without looking like a bitch?
  13. This. Kane as GM would be a bit like Kane's part in the new 3 hour RAW commercial. Most likely funny but so illogical. and illogical funny does not work well for an entier 2 hour show.
  15. 7/10 is my ratings as well. It was a good show and it was LIVE.

    Way better than this week's RAW.
  16. :win:
  17. DZ's rating is going to get interesting
  18. And let's be fair, how often in their attempts to be funny are WWE segments even remotely amusing ?
  19. I'll give this a solid 8/10, this is the first smackdown I didn't get bored of to be honest, really enjoyed the show for the most part. Highlight of the show, has to be Cole hitting on AJ :haha:
  20. I lol'd so hard. Cole's interviews are always fantastic.
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