Spoiler Rate Smackdown Live! 1/9/2018

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jacob Fox, Jan 9, 2018.

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    The show opened with AJ Styles coming to the ring. Renee asked him how he felt about having to defend his title in a handicap match. AJ said he should have kept his mouth shut, but he could still kick the crap out of both Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens by keeping the hitting hard. Renee accused him of not answering her question, which was whether the decision Daniel Bryan made was fair. He told her no, but neither is life. She asked if AJ thought Daniel Bryan was playing favorites to Zayn and KO. AJ told her he didn't know.

    After more talking, KO and Zayn came to the ring. They said it would take a miracle for AJ to beat them. They claimed they would be the first co WWE champion ever. They started a Yep chant.

    Then Shane McMahon's music interrupted. He said it was unfair that the match was made and didn't know why DB would give either Zayn or KO another chance to be champion. But he backed the decision to have the match at the Royal Rumble...for now. He then suggested a handicap match for tonight. He made a match between KO and Zayn vs AJ, Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton.

    Next, backstage it showed Shane talking to Daniel Bryan. He said the main event was a hell of a main event and they shook hands with each other.

    Ruby Riott w/ The Riott Squad vs Becky Lynch w/ Naomi and Charlotte Flair

    Becky Lynch defeated Ruby Riott by submission

    The Bludgeon Brothers vs the Ascension

    The Bludgeon Brothers won by pin fall

    US Championship Tournament: Mojo Rawley vs Zack Ryder

    Mojo advanced to round 2 by pin fall

    Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable

    The two complained about not getting the tag belts and they complained about the ref. Daniel Bryan came out and accused them of complaining about management. He let them know the ref's decision is final and Benjamin told them the ref's decision was that they won the match. He said the ref's decision to change his mind was his and then the two mocked DB. They asked if DB expected them to beat the Usos twice in one night. So DB made a match at the Rumble with the Usos defending the title against them in a two of three falls match.

    Breezango vs Rusev Day

    Breezango defeated Rusev Day by pin fall

    There was a backstage segment where Daniel Bryan and Shane accused each other of being unstable.

    Handicap Match: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn vs Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles

    KO and Zayn got counted out and Shane McMahon came out, restarted the match and made it no count out. Then, KO and Zayn got DQed and Shane came out made it no DQ.

    Orton's team won by pin fall
  2. I left after the first hour out of boredom, and I'm sorry, the comedy team of Breezango beat the most over guys on Smackdown? What the heck?
  3. Okay...so I have a few random thoughts...

    ~ I've heard its been good for ratings...but...the Bryan/Shane "feud"
    can't end soon enough for me. I honestly don't care.

    ~ Okay...so I love me some Becky Lynch...and I'm always happy to
    see her score a win...but...you have her defeat Ruby Riott...clean?

    I thought we were keeping Ruby undefeated to build her up for an
    eventual title shot against Charlotte?

    Now I'd like to think they might be building Becky up (I'm hoping
    she wins the women's rumble) for a shot at Charlotte...but knowing
    the 50/50 booking...Becky will be pinned next week so what does
    it matter?

    ~ Are we actually going to give this "Alliance" of Charlotte, Becky & Naomi
    a name WWE?

    Team CBN? Wait...forget that one...

    Team NBC? No...that doesn't work either...

    The Submission Sorority? No...we tried that already...

    ~ Can Carmella have a televised singles win WWE? No? Okay...

    The SmackDown women's division is still 7 heels to 3 faces...can we
    balance that out? Turn Liv Morgan & Carmella...both of them would work
    better as faces anyway.

    ~ So...how many more pointless squash matches do Harper & Rowan
    need to win before they can actually start wrestling "proper" matches?

    ~ Its great to see Mojo doing something...but that U.S title is belongs
    to Jinder.

    ~ So whoever wins out of the Usos vs. Gable/Benjamin feuds with
    Harper & Rowan next right?

    ~ The crowds could cheer for Rusev for 2 hours straight & Vince still
    wouldn't give a shit. Go wrestle in New Japan Rusev...its your only
    chance to escape this terrible booking.

    ~ So...this main event may have been a preview of the...
    Fastlane main event...
    which I'm sure will be a great match.

    And I'm done...

    SmackDown would be so much better if Bryan & Shane would fuck off
    & Rusev was given a decent push...at least it would be in my opinion.
  4. 6/10 same as RAW, it was a kinda boring show but it had some good moments mostly with Daniel Bryan, Chad Gable, Shelton and the Kevin Owens stuff is also good.