Spoiler Rate Smackdown Live! 11/14/2017

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jacob Fox, Nov 14, 2017.

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    Please rate Smackdown Live! and leave comments to tell us what you thought of the show.


    Shane came down to promote team Smackdown for Survivor Series. He promotes his wrestlers and says he is not worried about Triple H since they have John Cena.

    Daniel Bryan comes to the ring. He says he is AJ Styles advocate and he promotes AJ. But AJ talks and says he is not a puppet like Lesnar. AJ agreed he was the underdog but would find a way to win.

    WWE United States Championship Match: Champion Baron Corbin vs Sin Cara

    Corbin retained his title by pin fall.

    Smackdown Women's Championship Match: Champion Natalya vs Charlotte Flair

    Charlotte forced Natalya to tap out to become the new Smackdown Women's Champion

    Chad Gable vs Jimmy Uso

    Jimmy Uso won by pin fall after Jay Uso caused a distraction

    Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn vs the New Day

    The match didn't end as the Shield came to the ringside. Zayn and KO pretended like they would stand with the New Day, but they fled. The Shield attacked the New Day as the entire Raw roster came and invaded Smackdown. The Raw women broke into the women locker room and trashed it. Kurt Angle introduced Braun Strowman, who plowed through the Smackdown roster. Shane tried to fight Strowman but got hurt. At the end, the Shield forced Shane to watch as the Smackdown roster was beat. Then the Shield triple power bombed triple power bombed Shane. Angle Angle slammed Shane and the Shield then triple power bombed him again.

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  2. 10 ALL DAY!!!! Good opening segments from Shane and Daniel, kept a nice little pace, made the right title change, decent to good matches and FINALLY the Raw Raid went down without a hitch. WWE you done great for now, DON'T. FUCK. IT. UP!!
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  3. This is a 10 no doubt.

    Things I liked:

    DB and AJ's advocate.

    Corbin vs Sin Cara **1/2 decent match

    Charlotte vs Natalya *** decent match elevated by the fact that THE QUEEN IS CHAMPION AGAIN! Charlotte against Alexa Bliss is going to be soooooo good :emoji_slight_smile:

    Gable vs Jimmy Uso **1/2 not great but not bad.

    New Day vs KO and Zayn **1/2

    The ending. I LOVED the ending. The invasion was done right and it was great to see Angle's evil side come out against Shane. Braun was great too. I can't believe Shane attacked him... that was the beginning of the end for Shane O' Mac
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  4. 9/10

    The only issue I have with this show is so many commercials breaking up the matches, other than that, built to the show great and not a match was a true stinker.
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  5. Sorry I must have missed displaying the votes publicly.. I swear I did it but it didn't come out :emoji_slight_frown: Sorry guys and gals
  6. It worked for me from start.
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  7. Weird because I was sure I marked it public but it's not working for me
  8. Oh no, well maybe something happened as you were posting from the forum's end.
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  9. Grievous is about to mark the hell out....
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  10. He hasn't posted yet about it. Probably too horny about what happened

    You know I love you, Griev :emoji_slight_smile:
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  11. I have no idea what you mean haha
  12. #12 Grievous II, Nov 15, 2017
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    No...I'm going to keep it subtle...

    Okay... lets see what happening on "The Becky & Charlotte" Show this week...

    ~ Blah, Blah, Blah...I don't care...Oh look...Becky is here! & I'm guessing
    she is going to get literally "squashed" by Nia Jax at Survivor Series...after
    what happened last year and all.

    ~ And Moron Corbin finally had a win...but I really have no idea who will win
    at Survivor Series. I would say the Miz needs the victory more than Corbin...
    but who knows really?

    ~ Okay...I'm not going to say anything...apart from posting this photo...


    Oh...and I hope Charlotte shoves her boot down Alexa's throat this Sunday!

    I'm sorry Nattie...you've been a great champion...seriously she hasn't been
    pinned or submitted since Summerslam and has been booked better than
    Bayley, Naomi & Sasha combined...

    But Charlotte is my Bae...and she's waited long enough...

    Man...SmackDown & the WWE looks so much better now with both A.J & Charlotte
    as Champions...

    Of course...I'm guessing Carmella will strike this Sunday and turn the Charlotte/Alexa
    match into a triple threat title match...which will see Alexa & Carmella team up on
    Charlotte with Carmella eventually scoring the victory....

    Seriously...I can see it in my Mind's Eye...

    ~ I still think Chad Gable has been better off than Jason Jordan since they
    split them up.

    ~ I'm glad Owens & Zayn are still employed...and I'd rather have them on the
    SmackDown team than McMahon & Orton...but that's just my opinion...

    ~ And a bunch of RAW guys show up and invade...and blah, blah, blah I don't
    really care...

    Do you know why I don't care? See the image I posted earlier...

    Charlotte "selling" for Alexa was pretty funny though...

    And I'm Done...

    I truly hope Survivor Series is even better than last years...and I really hope
    Asuka isn't pinned because that would be a complete waste.

    This year is finally looking up as far as wrestling goes...

    You see that's my secret Mr. Fox...

    I'm always horny...

    Did I get that line right? I was making a Bruce Banner/Avengers reference...
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  13. I forgot to mention one more thing I liked. I liked it when Ric Flair came out to celebrate with his daughter, the truly deserving Women's Champion. Always love seeing my idol, Ric Flair and love seeing him happy. And besides alcohol, I know nothing makes him happier than Charlotte :emoji_slight_smile:
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  14. I think you're wrong there. If Carmella cashes in, she'll pin Alexa and move to Raw. That's the more interesting story and WWE loves these surprises and brand switches, so I think that is more likely.

    And he's DAMN sexy :emoji_slight_smile: I love those tight tights...they're like a second skin (see, you're not the only horny devil)

    Yeah, you did do that right :emoji_slight_smile: And that's pretty funny too :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  15. Oh...I'm happy to see Ric "up & about" but...
    this is about Charlotte...not Ric...and frankly
    the fact Charlotte is Ric's daughter has never
    been a big deal for me.

    I'd adore Charlotte no matter who her daddy was.

    I hope your right...and I've been suggesting Carmella cash in
    on Alexa and move to RAW since SummerSlam...

    And if Carmella moves to RAW...they can put Paige on SmackDown...

    I honestly thought Chad would be a little too...short & clean cut...for you Jakey-Jake...

    Yay! I is da funny!!!
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  16. Oh well, never mind. My bad lol.
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  17. now that the Survivor Series build is officially over, I have to say, what a fucking show we have on our hands. Every match on the main card has a story to it and I'm looking forward to any one of them. They managed to make this brand supremacy story work again even though Smackdown already won last year and "proved" that they are the A-show in storyline, but apparently they have to do that every year now lol.
    • it's incredible, after 1 promo, both Styles and Bryan did more to sell Brock's match than Jinder did with 3.
    • Corbin retaining was the right call, nobody wants to see Sin Cara walking into a PPV as champion.
    • Charlotte winning the title was cool too, but knowing that they were in her hometown and that Charlotte vs Bliss would be more of a sell than Natalya vs Bliss, it's not shock to me that they went this route. Of course both Ric and her had to cry, otherwise they wouldn't be Flairs lol. I just recently watched Ric's 30 for 30 and it was really good. Everytime I see Ric come out now I appreciate it even more, what a guy.
    • Raw's invasion was amazing, I loved how they used Braun like a final boss with Angle confidently waving his hands, knowing that he has the biggest player on his team. Also liked the little things like the Usos standing in front of Roman, not attacking him, because we all know they're related and stuff. God when Charlotte slowly started to stand up during the women's attack I was just sitting there going "please don't cut away now, please" because it would have been so awkward, like, why would you just stand up and not fight anyone? You're the strong babyface, fucking fight lol. But thankfully Bliss knocked her down again to close the segment.
    Survivor Series is gonna be great. With matches like New Day vs Shield, Usos vs Bar, the 5v5 traditional tag which mostly never disappoints and Styles vs Lesnar which are all already slotted in as amazing matches, this PPV should be a good one
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  18. It was funny until you explained the joke. XD
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  19. Sorry Reag...I'll try better next time...
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  20. Aside from a few tiny details, this was an awesome go home show from SD's part so a well deserved 9/10 it is...Thoughts:

    - The opening bit with Shane giving somewhat of a pep talk is one of the minor things I didn't like. Idk, maybe it's just me, but it just didn't feel as genuine, I suppose, as it should. On the other hand, though, I must note that both Becky and especially Baron Corbin delivered their lines perfectly; this is a good step forward for Mr. Corbin...

    - The second thing that I kind of didn't like is during the final segment and the RAW invasion, how Roman Reigns and Strowman basically worked together cohesively. I understand this was strictly about RAW getting their revenge on Smackdown but doesn't Braun just hate Roman Reigns in storyline? Again, it's really a minor thing but kind of storyline stupidity, don't you think?

    - Congratulations to Charlotte and of course great to see Ric Flair....

    - Absolutely fantastic promo by DB and, you know, if he were cleared to wrestle, you would almost think they just planted the seeds for a future Brayn/Lesnar match....

    - Generally speaking, indeed this has shaped up to be a really stacked card and literally a "can't miss" PPV that has all the potential to be one of the all time greats and most certainly one of the top 3 for 2017.

    For the most part, I can honestly say I'm pretty much locked in as far as my predictions are concerned and will try to perhaps post my thoughts during the weekend, provided I have the time to do so. I will say this though:

    In regards to the 5 on 5 main event, it appears that the majority of people are predicting RAW going over for various, valid reasons. As we all remember, SD was the brand that got the win last year and then this time around Stephanie already added the caviot of basically Kurt Angle's job being on the line so these two points alone are pretty solid in theory to justify a win for the red brand, not to mention the bragging rights and/ or the constant mentioning of "A show", "B show", "The show" and whatnot.

    While I still want to give this a bit more thought, my initial take is that Smackdown is winning again. Let me put it this way: I feel it makes more sense for Smackdown to win...

    The easy point I could make is that, as we all know, whomever stands tall on the go home show usually loses at the following PPV and vice versa but that's not exactly a really valid point, is it now? And, of course, it's not always necessarily a given...

    However, think about the potential storylines that could come out of such an outcome this Sunday. This ain't going to be popular but the "Authority" can easily blame Kurt Angle for the loss but perhaps instead of firing him, they allow Kurt to keep his job under their "watch". So basically the Authority would step in as and when they please to do so by, say, overturn certain decisions Angle makes or change up matches, stipulations, whatever. Meanwhile, they could have Jason Jordan being somewhat "punished" because of his father in handicap match situations or ignore him by not giving him opprtunities to challenge for a title (IC in particular). Or, if they do, they make sure the odds are so stacked against him, there's no way JJ could win.

    What this could do is eventually lead up to what I mentioned yesterday in another thread, a HHH/JJ match in which Hunter basically destroys Jordan, sledge hammer and all putting him on the shelf for a dew months, while Kurt Angle has his hands tied and can do nothing about it. This would be the time that Kurt Angle eventually snaps, says enough is enough, talks about not giving two shits about his job as GM and challenges HHH for a match at Mania. By now, this build has made things 100% personal but if someone wanted to spice things up even more, maybe Kurt Angle puts his job on the line as well. Who goes over? Obviously Kurt Angle and when finally taking his revenge, then you could have Jason Jordan...turn on his "father". The story is already there: "you took me off the RAW team at Survivor Series, took away the great opportunity to wrestle along your side, afterwards cost me any other opportunities to compete for a title, did nothing when HHH destroyed me and "injured" me forcing me to be out for months"....

    Meanwhile, as SD celebrate their victory, DB drops the bomb by telling Shane that he is leaving the company. As much as it hurts me to say, it almost seems inevitable with Bryan's desire to wrestle again and so long as WWE ain't giving him the green light, I can't see him staying once his contract is up. So the easiest thing to do is have DB bring up the trust issue thing, based on SD's attack on RAW a few weeks back. "How can I ever trust you again?"

    I understand this is me pretty much going fantasy booking and do realise the other potential ways this can go. For instance, the most popular theory out there is KO and Zayn costing SD the win, which indeed could happen but knowing how WWE tends to operate when picking up on the fan and or various website talk, I wouldn't be surprised if they passed on the idea, as much sense as it would make. Don't go too far, just this past Monday everybody was anticipating Paige and...what happened exactly?

    Come to think of it, what other big match is their for SD to win? If we are to rightfully assume that the Shield are going over against New Day and if Brock is going over AJ, there's not much else left, is there? Sure, Corbin could beat Miz, Charlotte could beat Bliss and the Usos could beat the Bar but Smackdown does need to win at least one of the big ones' right? So, if we are to furthermore assume that the 5 on 5 women's elimination match goes to RAW (cause Asuka JUST HAS to be amongst the survivors on the RAW side, if not the sole surivivor), the main event is really the only one left for the blue brand...
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