Spoiler Rate Smackdown Live! 12/5/2017

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jacob Fox, Dec 5, 2017.

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    Shane McMahon made a match between Sami Zayn and Randy Orton and that KO would be handcuffed at ringside. KO got an RKO.

    After the break, KO told Zayn that he would talk to Daniel Bryan and have him "fix this."

    Rusev and Aiden English vs the New Day

    Rusev and English won by pin fall

    Bludgeon Brothers vs Jobbers

    Bludgeon Brothers won by pin fall.

    Bobby Roode vs Baron Corbin

    Dolph Ziggler interfered and Roode won by DQ

    Tamina vs Charlotte Flair

    Flair won by submission

    Sami Zayn vs Randy Orton

    Orton won by pin fall. After the match, KO attacked Orton. Shinsuke Nakamura came and tried to help Orton and it worked... Orton and Nakamura then celebrated.
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  2. Okay... lets see what happening on "The Becky & Charlotte" Show
    (featuring no Becky for a little while) this week...

    ~ You know...as much as I like Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn...this entire Shane
    McMahon feud has been boring me since it started...but this tag match at
    Clash of Champions sounds interesting.

    Perhaps Orton will finally turn heel?

    ~ Wow...Rusev actually had a win...and over the New Day...I'm in shock!

    ~ I still think Ryder should have turned heel...but what do I know...

    ~ Is it wrong that I want to lick Ruby Riott's tattoos?

    So the Clash of Champions match will be a lumberjack (lumberjill?) match? Ugh...Why?

    Why not just book Ruby & Sarah (Liv at ringside) vs. Tamina & Carmella (Lana
    at ringside)

    Also...this means Charlotte will be fighting Natalya while being surrounded by
    6 other heels. So its basically 7 vs. 1.

    Now Charlotte is my bae & I love her...but I'm guessing she will be dropping
    the title back to Nattie...because no one can handle 7 on 1 odds.

    Well...maybe "That Guy I Don't Mention by Name"...but that's to be expected.

    Also...I could see Carmella cashing in during what I'm sure will be an outbreak
    of complete chaos at ringside during the Clash of Champions match.

    I'm so happy Ellsworth isn't around anymore...

    Also...shouldn't the Riott Squad be punished for injuring Becky & Naomi?

    Shane? Daniel? Are you going to do anything about that? No? Okay...just checking.

    ~ I think they added Ziggler to the match because they know Roode can't carry
    Corbin on his own. Also it kind of makes sense for Ziggler to be involved as he
    does have history with both these guys.

    ~ Okay WWE...we know Harper & Rowan are awesome...just throw them at the New Day
    or the Usos already.

    ~ And Ziggler shows up and attacks Corbin & Roode...What a shocking booking move!


    ~ Hey...I have an idea...lets have 7 heel performers stand around yapping while
    the audience has no one to cheer for. That is some compelling television right there.

    ~ My Queen gets a win...and I feel sorry for Tamina. Rumor was she was next in
    line to feud with Charlotte...but the Riott Squad showed up and those plans were

    Also...just on a side note...Alexa Bliss...this is what a real Champion wrestler does...


    ~ Jesus...Nattie I love you...but...SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! And again we have a bunch
    of heels standing around yapping & jawing...


    I miss Becky! Hurry back Lass Kicker!

    ~ So...Owens can pin Orton...but Zayn can't...even though Zayn could really use
    that kind of rub...okay.

    So...I'm guessing it will be Owens/Zayn vs. Orton/Nakamura...Okay...that has the
    potential to be a great match.

    I still hope Orton turns heel during it.

    ~ Shane...if you don't want Owens & Zayn around...just trade them to RAW...
    I'm sure Finn Balor & the Drifter would be a good fit for SmackDown.

    And I'm done...
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  3. I think the end is nigh. They really just need to get behind him already. He is too good to waste.


    Ziggler is good filler for any match. He is a tool. People like to call him a jobber, I do for fun, but he is very useful. He knows how to put guys over in the ring, he wrestles good, he is safe with his moves... But he just sucks charisma wise. It is a shame really but at least they still find use for his skills.
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  4. #4 Grievous II, Dec 6, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
    Well said Snake...the WWE should push Rusev...but will they?

    Probably not...


    Rusev & English are now in the tag title match at Clash of Champions!

    Its not much...but its a start!

    WWE Adds Stipulations To Two Title Matches At Clash Of Champions PPV

    So...is that a No?

    I just want to clarify what that gif means...

    I'm not good at reading the "meanings" of gifs...

    I don't know...I personally think Dolph has all the "tools" he
    was just never taken seriously as a possible top level guy.

    I actually think he would have made a great top card babyface...
    but I will admit Heel Ziggler makes me want to turn off my TV.

    Of course the WWE is only interested in pushing one babyface
    these days...but...its best not to talk about that.
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  5. She's not mad....she's just disappointed.
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  6. Oh...well...that's okay...

    I get that from basically everyone I know...
  7. ....well this got depressing.

    Captain America ftw!
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  8. [​IMG]

    America! Fuck Yeah!
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  9. Oh stawp it you! Look! A kitty who likes hooman butts!
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  10. Best.Cat.Ever!
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