Spoiler Rate Smackdown Live! 6/27/2017

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jacob Fox, Jun 27, 2017.

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    Daniel Bryan was interrupted by James Ellsworth and Carmella who argued that they broke no rules and that Carmella deserved her briefcase back. Bryan asked the audience, who disagreed. Ellsworth called Bryan several names and Bryan banned him from the arena. Ellsworth was dragged from the arena by four security guards.

    The Hype Bros vs The Usos

    The Uso beat the Hype Bros by pin fall.

    After the match, the New Day came to challenge the Usos and they accepted the match for Battleground.

    Smackdown Women's Championship: Champion Naomi vs Lana

    Naomi defeated Lana to retain her championship

    Randy Orton

    Randy Orton came out to complain about his title shots against Jinder Mahal. Shane McMahon came out to guarantee him another shot. Jinder Mahal accepted but named it a Punjabi Prison Match.

    Sami Zayn vs Baron Corbin

    Baron Corbin won by pin fall

    Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match

    Carmella won the briefcase.
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  2. 8, the main event delivered and was an improvement over MITB. I got to at least see Lana, Sami vs Baron was respectable/
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  3. AHHHH! A Beaver! Kill it! Kill it!!
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  4. *bites*
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  5. Oh it's you! Sorry, I get nervous..
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  6. Carmella and Tamina are really, really, really bad :emoji_disappointed_relieved:
  7. Rapid fire

    Hyped for the Punjabi Prison match, underrated match, was only bad in the past because the people involved (mainly Khali) couldn't move

    Had a chuckle at Jinder calling Khali his hero

    The squash was great because Lana ('s new gimmick) is bad

    The Kanelises... Kaneli getting interrupted was also great, because they too are bad

    Overall, the Fashion Files are starting to go down in quality, but it was still fine

    The MitB but technically sound, but disappointing. I think Carmella will be a great briefcase holder, but this really seems like WWE just wasn't happy with the reaction and just decided to redo it point for point, but with an actual ending. I'll bet you $20 the first MitB gets Benoited now

    BTW, I was rooting for Tamina

    6.25 stars
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  8. #8 Grievous II, Jun 28, 2017
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2017
    This week on "The Becky & Charlotte Show"

    ~ And it would turn out this entire opening segment was pointless...next!

    ~ The Hype Bros take a loss and its the Usos vs. The New Day at Battleground...
    Didn't we just see that match with a terribly booked ending at MitB?

    ~ I don't care about the Fashion Police...next!

    ~ Speaking of MitB...we get another rematch from that event...and Naomi wins...
    again...this time in a squash match. Okay...so can Naomi move into a feud with
    someone worthwhile? Like how about Charlotte gets a title rematch seeing as the
    last time she had a shot she was screwed over by that 3 woman team who I hate
    the name of.

    Or may-be Natalya could feud with Naomi?

    ~ The Orton/Mahal feud reminds me of the Goldberg/Lesnar feud...it feels so
    distant and separate from the rest of SmackDown and the WWE Universe as
    a whole.

    ~ A Punjabi Prison Match? Right...because that was a huge success the first
    time around. I honestly don't care as long as Jinder retains the title.

    ~ A Number #1 contender battle royal for the United States title? Okay...and
    what's the bet Cena shows up, wins the battle royal, defeats Owens at Battleground
    and we get Cena vs. Styles Rd.4 at SummerSlam for the U.S title...

    You read it here first...lol

    ~ Good to see Corbin getting a clean win...and I'm guessing Sami Zayn will be
    moving into a feud with Mike & Maria Kanellis? May-be?

    ~ It doesn't really matter what happens in a Corbin/Nakamura feud...because
    Baron has the briefcase...so win or lose...he's going to cash-in on the first face
    that defeats Mahal.

    ~ I don't want to see rap battles on a wrestling show...I want to see wrestling
    and character/relationship development.

    ~ Okay...so Carmella wins the briefcase again...which is fine...but I again have
    to scream at the SmackDown booking team for once again having Ellsworth be
    involved in the match.

    You really have no authority at all do you Daniel?


    Seriously...Ellsworth is ruining the SmackDown women's division for me...and no...
    I don't want to see him "fight" Becky Lynch or any of the other women.

    Ellsworth needs to fuck off as of right now!

    I just hope the division can move forward now and develop some proper feuds
    and ditch the 3 on 3 booking we have basically had since Wrestlemania/The Draft.

    God I'd love a Becky heel turn just because it would be something different. Have
    her break Ellsworth's arm to get the chinless prick off TV for a while.

    No more Welcoming Committee...
    No more Ellsworth...
    No more repetitive booking...

    Do something different and interesting and quit "spinning the wheels" with the

    The truth is while I'm trying to look to the future and be positive...the SmackDown creative
    team really fucked up at MitB...and as good as this match was...it should have taken place
    at that pay per view...not on SmackDown.

    All I can do is wait for next week to see exactly what direction they will be taking the
    division in...and I really hope its a positive one at the moment...the entire women's
    division seems stuck in a non-creative vacuum of repetitive booking and zero character

    ~ And I'm Done...

    P.S: And I have to admit that while Carmella winning the briefcase is great for her and her
    career considering the awful booking she has had up to this point...I really, really wanted
    Becky to win.
  9. SmackDown was a good show with nothing bad on it. The show just flew by. 7/10
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  10. - Got to give some props to all the women for their performances last night. They really gave it their all and as a matter of fact, this rematch turned out to be a lot better then the first one so, once more, hats off to the ladies. The outcome may have been very obvious (no way they would not gie the briefcase back to Carmella), however they still gave us a solid 20 minutes.

    - On a side note, it appears that WWE are trying to redo the Daniel Bryan/Miz thing they had going before the awesome one was drafted to RAW, only replacing Miz with Ellsworth. If done right, this could actually be fun...

    - So, Punjabi Prison Match it is. This may be bringing back a few not so pleasant memories but, hey, it does make sense so fine by me...

    - Absolutely loved how Sami cut off the Kanelis couple, hahaha....

    - New Day/Usos segment I found kind of weird. Uh, are we getting a rap battle?

    - I wish they'd use Aiden English a bit more. So much you could do with his character, it's really a shame he's beeing wasted like this.
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