Spoiler Rate SmackDown Live 7/25/2017

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Solid Snake, Jul 26, 2017.

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    Match Results
    Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin
    Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

    Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch vs. Tamina Snuka vs. Lana
    Winners: Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch

    Aiden English & Mike Kanellis vs. Sami Zayn & Tye Dillinger
    Winners: Sami Zayn & Tye Dillinger

    United States Championship Match
    Kevin Owens (c) vs. Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles
    Winner and NEW CHAMPION: AJ Styles
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  2. Well, glad to see someone has returned. #SaveUsY2J
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  3. I'm going as far as to gives this week's SmackDown Live a 9.

    I enjoyed it from beginning to end, no major fuck ups. The show actually made up for the sub-par Pay Per View they had on Sunday so, thanks.

    I loved the surprising return of Chris Jericho, I'm hoping he stays awhile. He even brought back The List of Jericho and his catch phrases (before he disappeared), this made the night special. But then an impromptu Triple Threat match for the main event between AJ Styles, Kevin Owens and himself, made tonight even better. One word for that main event match, incredible.

    The Nakamura vs Corbin match was decent and we got a clean win from Nakamura. Just hope, they develop this feud more if it's going to Summer Slam.

    Natty & Naomi backstage promo, pure gold with a little teasing from Carmella on her MITB contract.

    The tag team women's match wasn't bad at all, could have been better but look who Charlotte and Becky was facing: Lana and Tamina, one who can't wrestle for the life of her and the other who barely seems to do anything worthwhile in or out the ring.

    Ok, so of course, we had the typical John Cena moment where he come out just challenge whoever has a title he wants to a match (usually at PPV). It was all going as usual when Daniel Bryan comes out, correct Cena on how matches are made (good job for doing this) and how he was going to earn his shot at the World Heavyweight title.

    Then, there was a jobber match, you know there always have to be that one jobber match but I didn't care tonight.

    I watched the Usos promo on YouTube from losing their titles, they were fired up. Great promo from after the PPV and great ambush attack tonight on The New Day.

    SmackDown Live, let's continue to keep this momentum from now on if possible.
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    This week on "The Becky & Charlotte" Show...think positive...think positive...

    ~ Hey...Jericho is back...and I have to admit...I missed the guy...and yes...I
    missed his List as well.

    ~ I'm all for the US title being elevated...but I think SmackDown should put the
    main belt back on Styles.

    ~ So...if Nakamura was just going to defeat Corbin tonight...why not just have
    this finish at the pay per view?

    And I don't really think its a wise move by the booking team to have Corbin losing
    matches while he's carrying that briefcase.

    I wasn't around for it...but I heard Damien Sandow was completely buried before
    he tried to cash in...and look at how that turned out.


    Is that Stifler's Mom? Oh No wait...its Natalya...

    ~ Okay...I like Naomi and I know she's the face in this feud...but I want Natalya to
    win the title...and keep it for longer than 5 minutes.

    ~ Is Carmella actually going to wrestle or is she just going to wave that briefcase
    around and look pretty?



    ~ And its my favorite WWE couple vs. Tamina & Lana? Oh Dear...

    *Watches Match*

    And Lana eats Charlotte's boot and the pin (and I'm jealous).

    Did anyone else notice the "hug" Becky & Charlotte shared after this match?
    Am I just reading too much into nothing?

    Tamina is mad? Well...what do expect? You could have picked a better ally Tamina...
    I mean...no offense to Lana...but she isn't known for her stellar in ring work.

    You know who could be wrestling in these matches instead of Lana?


    Oh wait...she very busy carrying around a briefcase.

    Well...Becky & Charlotte had a win...and that's cool and all...but...are the
    SmackDown writers going to actually do anything with them? Because I don't see
    much point in a Becky/Charlotte vs. Tamina/Lana "feud" and I would hate to
    think that the "Dynamic Duo" will be left off the Summerslam card.

    May-be Becky & Charlotte should have signed up for Total Divas...I mean...

    Naomi is the current SmackDown champion...
    Alexa is the current RAW champion...
    Carmella (who is confirmed for the latest season) is Miss Money in the Bank...

    May-be Becky, Charlotte, Sasha & Bayley all said no to the wrong person.

    I want to say that was Kevin Dunn...but I'm not going to start pointing fingers...


    ~ Wow...Nakamura vs. Cena next week?! Now that is the type of match Nakamura
    should be booked in.

    Shouldn't this match have been set at Battleground? Just saying...

    Wait a minute...I think I see the future...

    Nakamura defeats Cena next week (Thanks to Rusev)
    Nakamura fights Jinder at Summeslam...
    Nakamura defeats Jinder...only for Corbin to Cash in on Nakamura...

    Or Cena could defeat Nakamura...either way...but Nakamura defeating Cena just
    shoulds more fun doesn't it?

    How does that sound?

    ~ Awesome! Sami Zayn & Tye Dillinger are teaming up! I had that idea like months
    ago. Seriously...Zayn & Dillinger should actually be a tag team for a while...
    mainly because the SmackDown tag divison has no depth what so ever.

    And Sami & Tye get the win! Nice!

    ~ And the Usos piss on the New Day's parade...Nice heel work guys...

    ~ And the main event...which again would have been a great match at Battleground...

    And A.J reclaims the belt? So...did they fuck up the finish at Battleground or
    just decide to hit the reset button?

    Didn't Charlotte & Sasha do this last year?

    Anyway...Nice work SmackDown...a solid recovery from Battleground and I'm sure
    Nakamura vs. Cena will be awesome next week...

    That is if Baron Corbin doesn't decide to ruin it...

    And I'm Done...
  5. Hello Day Dwellers... what is this strange firey ball in the sky?

    Still catching these non live due to the G1 Climax, but this was a pretty decent Smackdown. Without Jericho, it would be a 7, with him, I raise it to a 8. That was good to see. I was a little surprised they did the Nakamura/Corbin thing unless they're planning a match for the briefcase, which would annoy me because I HATE when they do it.
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  6. Best Smackdown I can remember since the shake-up. Think that they finally understood that fans thought Smackdown live was going into a slump and they pulled out all the stops for an awesome show.

    Hope they can keep it coming. 9/10
  7. I too went with a 9/10 and am obviously aboard with the general consensus of WWE putting a serious effort to redeem themselves for the abysmal Battleground PPV this past Sunday. To put it plain and simple, this show rocked from start to finish and it was about fucking time since things had dipped over the past month or so. Quite frankly, the only thing missing was a Fashion Files segment but, oh well…

    There’s so much that happened on this show that it would probably take me massive write up to cover it all so all I will stick to is the main event scene.

    We all pretty much knew that Cena would be challenging Jinder Mahal at Summerslam and while that was indeed the case, DB came out and put an interesting as well as questionable spin. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for “earning your opportunities” but to book a massive match between Cena and Nakamura as a number one contender’s match on FREE TV I feel is a mistake. This is too big of a match to just give it away and I actually agree with Grevious’s point above. If that were the plan, why not do the flag match with Rusev on the 4th of July edition of Smackdown (where it belonged to begin with) and do Nakamura vs. Cena at Battleground?

    Elsewhere, definitely happy to see Jericho back and I also liked how the Uso’s jumped on the New Day just when Big E was starting his shtick; very creative, different and certainly impactful.

    Oh, and Kanellis eats yet another pin. Doomed I tell ya…
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  8. That's a very possible scenario indeed...
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  9. 8/10, was definitely a stronger show than most as of late.

    Corbin vs Nakamura was a better match overall than their match at Battleground, the women's segment between Naomi and Natty actually was two of their better ones as of late, and the main event was entertaining as hell. Only thing I dock points on where two tag matches which advanced story lines but underwhalmed (spelled that way on purpose) and one of which pushes my boy Zayn..but hurts the former Miracle (conflicted >.<) as well the Cena vs Jinder thing being a possible match...I just don't like Jinder as champion tbh and seems like another "hur-dur 'murica" storyline for Summerslam. The shock value has worn off and Jinder, while he's done well given the circumstances...really should have been brought to US title level before testing the waters with him being WWE Champion. Just my opinion.
  10. Nak vs Cena?

    No matter who wins, they both lose.

    No one shall hinder Jinder. I'm stoked for Nak vs Cena though, don't get me wrong. DREAM match.

    You know one of them wins clean too. Either way, I look forward to Jinder going over @ the PPV and seeing crying ass young fans who don't understand how heel champs work. "boo hooo he doesn't deserve the title! Boohoo"

    GTFO lol.

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  11. Hey Fantastic Mr. Fox, what devices can you use your njpw world subscription on?
  12. This week's show was a good follow-up to Battleground. They definitely made up for that horrible PPV on Sunday. 7/10

    - The opening segment with KO and Styles was good. And of course, the return of Jericho was good, as well. Welcome back, maaaaan! :jeritroll:

    - Nakamura vs Corbin was rock solid. It was a little bit better than their Battleground match, but still nothing special. Nakamura winning here is what they should've done at Battleground, but oh well.

    - Jinder/Cena segment was okay. So, Nakamura vs Cena to determine the #1 contender, huh? That's great and all, but I feel they should've saved it for a bigger event. Also, Nakamura has a legit chance of winning next week, Cena usually puts over hot acts the first time they square off, so we'll see what happens next week. I'm looking forward to it.

    - Sami & Tye vs Mike & English was decent.

    - The Usos attacking The New Day was good, I liked it. It was short and effective.

    - Styles vs Y2J vs KO was a pretty good and fun ME. You know, I'm not a big fan of them playing hot potatoes with the title, but at least it's back where it belongs. So, judging by what happened, it looks like Styles will be moving away from KO very soon (we might be getting Styles vs Cena at SummerSlam if Cena loses to Nakamura next week), while KO will be rekindling his feud with Y2J and potentially setting up a match with Shane-O Mac down the line. Nice.

    - Charlotte & Becky vs Lana & Tamina was not good at all. It was meh and sloppy at times.