Spoiler Rate SmackDown Live 7/26/16

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Roadster, Jul 26, 2016.

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    Apollo Crews won a Battle Royal to be added to a 6 pack challenge, later that night.

    Becky Lynch defeated Natalya via Submission

    Carmella and Alexa Bliss debut, and Eva Marie and Naomi returned

    Randy Orton defeated The Miz via Pinfall

    Rhyno returns by goring Heath Slater

    Dolph Ziggler defeats AJ Styles, Baron Corbin, Apollo Crews, Bray Wyatt and John Cena via Pinfall to become #1 Contender for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam

  2. 5/10. Not too bad, but not the best. Felt a bit underwhelming.

    It's clear this show won't be the top one. We saw that a bit with the draft picks, but it's just clear now. However, it's looking like SmackDown can be an actual option for people, which I think is what WWE wants it to be.
  3. FYI @Roadster you have john cena listed twice.
  4. Good show but Raw was better
  5. Horrible. Fucking Dolph Ziggler. You had it and you ruined it, RUINED IT.:why:
  6. 8/10 simply for the unexpected finish

    That is all.
  7. Gave it a 10/10 cause I was there live :adr:

    Obviously not as good as RAW but I hope no one's overreacting cause it was still a good show. I might be a bit biased cause I was there but I woulda enjoyed watching it on TV as well. Seeing Rhyno debut was sick as fuck. Ziggler winning the main event was unpredictable as fuck and cool. Only thing that actually sucked was not seeing American Alpha.... I was lookin forward to that big time and they ain't debuting till next week. Oh well. Rest of the show was good imo and I'm still lovin the whole brand split fever.

    And I'll be at RAW November 14th (?) :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Smackdown felt very lack-luster in comparison to RAW which considering they're now in competition is obviously not good on their end. Don't get me wrong though, I thought tonights episode was pretty ok, just not different enough. Hopefully this isn't a sign of what's to come and merely just a slow start to what'll end up being a better wrestling show.

    The Good:

    The six man--six pack challange was pretty fun to watch. If this is any indication to what Smackdown's Main Event scene is looking like I'm equal parts interested and worried. Interested to see where they take Corbin and Crews aswell as Wyatt and Styles. Worried because It's pretty weak in comparision to RAW and it showed here tonight.

    Eva Marie's new voice over theme is fucking life.

    SHELTON BENJAMIN IS RETURNING...oh the possibilites.

    Heath Slater should go on both shows a cut promos like the one tonight until they draft him somewhere.

    2-hours just fly by...I love it maggle!!!

    No ramp? I like it.

    The Bad:

    MIZ TV was longer than it needed to be. The match that came of it was really boring TBH.

    The Women's segment was trash...but Alexa Bliss!!!

    Ziggler as the #1 contender...are they even trying to compete with RAW? Like I'm happy for Ziggler getting another chance and all but why? Over Styles, Wyatt and hell even John Cena? I honestly can't comprehend this decision...guess we'll just have to see where it goes.

  9. What the fuck was that Womens Segment? They had a great Becky/Nattie match and then Bliss comes out and you're thinking "Oh they are gonna feud Bliss and Becky" and then they all start coming out one by one and then after Eva it just cuts off and that's it, like what the fuck.
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  10. > Pushing failing Ziggler again instead of Bray Wyatt and putting him over Styles in the process.

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  11. Can somebody inform me why nobody is liking the fact that Ziggler is getting pushed?
  12. I haven't watched the show yet, but he's clearly going to lose to Ambrose, which is fine in my book.

    And now I guess Rollins vs Bálor will main event SummerSlam. Neato.
  13. 8/10 and I'll tell you why 8/10

    Smackdown has a thinner and younger roster not to mention they have only 2 hour to their show, they can't really beat Raw for a bit until they start building their stars which is exactly what is starting right now.

    Baron Corbin is starting to move up with him being picked for the Six Pack.

    Apollo Crews is getting somewhere with his battle royal win

    Dolph Ziggler pinned AJ and won, and maybe this will make him heel, or somehow push his character to relevancy again

    Shelton Benjamin will return

    Rhyno is back and it's for better, however Heath must be taken more seriously, they can push him too on Smackdown

    The Women's division will need a better boost, Lynch vs. Natalya was a good match but they will need their own championship, that thing with Eva Marie actually looks like a good character for her since she is really the only model/reality show star turned athlete on the show (lol that voice over)

    One American Alpha hits the stage we'll see fire in Smackdown's new tag division

    Just give it time... Smackdown is just laying their ground work at the moment
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  14. I originally gave it a 9, but after deliberation I knocked it down to an 8. The set, while still refreshing, wasn't as big of a wow factor as raw. There's just something about those red ropes... (Probably because it's my favourite colour lol)

    I am liking the blue ropes for SD though. There's something about the blue ropes that gives it that old smackdown feel aswell. It's crazy what ring rope colours can do for a vibe of a show. Smackdown is the more 'sporty' of the shows where raw is the more gritty type.

    This episode was good, there's no denying that. Loved most things in the show.... didn't really skip anything in this one either.

    Loved the six pack announcement and I figured battle royal for the 6th spot... and I had either Kane or Apollo winning it before it started. Was decent.
    I was shocked at the ziggy win in the 6 pack challenge but tbh I can't see him beating ambrose for the title. I'm sure they want to make their first champion mean something for the time being atleast. Although a ziggler win would be shocking again. Went from jobber to #1 contender, decent.

    Now I'm stuck because I was only going to watch one show... but they're both great. I guess I'll have to ride out both for now and see where they go. Can't wait to see AA on smackdown next week.
  15. Fun show overall. I like the #1 contender determination with various matches on Raw and SD, feels like something is happening on the show. Becky beating Nattie already is classic WWE win-trading booking, which is lame. Could've built to her eventual win over Nattie, I mean, it is the best feud they can do on SD at this point for the girls... Anyway, I liked the girls coming out, although it was a bit hokey. It kinda reminds everybody that they're there. I also loved the dude doing commentary on Eva during her entrance and it only highlights the fact she's totally useless except for being hot, which makes everything even funnier.

    Shelton is coming back, huh? 2009 back in full force! Had a bunch of buddies marking out for this. I figured I'd hear something about leaving NOAH before he was mentioned in WWE, but I'm not sure where I got that from because NOAH is NOAH. I'm all in for happy-go-lucky Randy Orton. Accusing Maryse's husband of wacking off too much was also very funny, calling him her sub seemed more accurate. So Orton pins the IC champ in three minutes or whatever, this was lame. I know Miz is supposed to be a geek, but the fact Orton is probably not going to challenge for the belt makes it look very second rate. Nothing new.

    Slater angle going fine, so far. I told a friend I didn't think Rhyno was coming to the main roster because he looked kinda fat in NXT, but what do I know? Cool return for him. The 6 pack-challenge was a cool idea, if nothing else, just for the fact that it's been a long time since we've seen one. The match seemed fine. As far as the booking... great! I really liked Dolph getting the shot. Call me a mark, but I thought his promo was good and I'm rooting for the guy. They cut his legs off so many times, I think he deserves another chance, especially with the brand split. I mean, they gotta get some of the midcard closer to the level of Cena and Orton... this is fresh and a very good way to push a guy who deserves it.
  16. Oh by the way? Did anyone notice that fist in the graphic? Thumbs up to that
  17. I enjoyed the show tbh, the matches were alright, I actually thought Heath would maybe turning a bit of a pipebomb heel which to me would be a good way to get him relevant again but then Rhyno. I'm meh about Rhyno tbh, but its good if he'll eventually put new talent over.

    I gave it an 8, would have been 9 if Orton's match wasn't on the card.

    Shelton Benjamin coming back? I don't know how i feel about that, been a long while since I saw him, he used to be fun to watch. Borton match was boring and skippable. women's match was a decent filler.

    What i loved was the ending, they did a smart thing by going with Dolph winning, they want to remove the whole glass ceiling image WWE has and its a step in the right direction, as frequently reminded by JBL.

    I'm looking forward to AA next week. Pretty sure they'll get a squash match but atleast they'll be there! Ready, willing and all that jazz.

    Totally marked out for that sequence of Attitude Adjustment, Phenomenal Forearm and Superkick though, that kick looked brutal with the way styles sold it.

    I think it's gonna be a show that gets better every week, I'm keen on what stories they're gonna build. And what the IC scene shakes up to be (anyone but Kane, please.)
  18. Given that we had just come off 48 hours of amazing TV programming, between a very solid (to say the least) PPV on Sunday and a fantastic RAW the following night, Smackdown already had a big task in hand in regards to following up with just as good of a show so I’m personally going to cut them some slack. I’ve heard a lot of people bashing the show and, yes, it was rather mediocre overall but to C.M. Shaddix’s point above, let’s give it some time and not judge from one episode. That being said, I gave it a 6/10 and here are my thoughts:

    - Unlike RAW, on Smackdown they decided to keep the announce team by ringside which I guess serves the purpose of things being different on each show, however I don’t think anyone would have minded if they did the same thing here. Blue ropes are back, as expected and I liked how Shane and Bryan started the show walking from backstage and into the arena as sort of a presentation; felt it was a nice touch…

    - The Battle Royal card I think they’ve played too much lately. The idea of giving everyone the opportunity to earn a spot in the main event that would determine the new number one contender for the WWE championship was a good one, no doubt, however I felt the Battle Royal feel too flat and perhaps a tournament would have been a better idea.

    - Speaking of, giving Apollo Crews the rub was nice and all but what he desperately needs a gimmick, a character, something….

    - Becky vs. Natalya was your typical 50-50 booking. Natalya made Becky tap out at Battleground, so Becky had to get one back and so she did in the same fashion. Did it mean anything? Probably not…

    - The whole segment with every women on the roster given an entrance and coming out I think looked kind of bizarre, not to mention that none of these ladies got any real reaction, except of course Eva Marie, the female version of Roman Reigns. Oh, and did not anyone tell Eva Marie that she made her entrance to an arena that featured a wrestling entertainment show and not a strip club? Also funny that while every other woman came out with a microphone in hand and cut a promo, Eva Marie got a video package instead and some narrator doing the talking; just comes to show you how much faith they have in her, unless we are supposed to believe that she is someone more special and getting a more VIP type treatment. Right….

    - Burying your IC champion on the very first night to me was completely wrong. Isn’t this title the second most important behind the WWE title? If you needed someone else for Orton to squash, there were certainly other options better suited for the situation.

    - Rhyno is back. Yay…I guess?

    - Shelton Benjamin baby!!! I only wonder how soon enough he comes back cause, as of now, we really don't have a contender for the IC title...

    - Look forward to MVP being announced soon enough as well...

    - The main event was okay for what it was, the basic multi-man match where for the most part two of the guys fight in the ring while the rest three, four or five are taking a nap outside waiting for their spots. I think they could have made this match look a lot better with some chaos in and outside the ring (at least for a few minutes anyway) with everyone going after everyone but regardless, we got what we got and the end of it saw Dolph Ziggler picking up the win.

    Now, as far as this being a surprise outcome, indeed it was and that alone is enough to give WWE some credit but in the grand scheme of things, does this really make any sense? I mean, here’s a guy that has basically been unimportant, insignificant and irrelevant to the fans for the better part of the last two or three years, whom for the most part has been jobbing to other talent and, please, before I receive any heat from any Ziggler fans, notice how careful I am in choosing my words and underlining the key word. There is no doubt that Ziggler has been very valuable to the company and him jobbing for younger talent is obviously a good thing and part of the process for putting the upcoming stars over, however that is a totally different matter and not something that us fans, in storyline at least, give a shit about.

    Therefore, while I may understand the aspect of this perhaps being somewhat of a reward towards Ziggler for what he’s been doing these past couple of years, in storyline I don’t see it really making much sense when he has practically done nothing for us to invest in him or care about it. Does Ziggler vs. Ambrose really create intrigue and excitement for a main event at Summerslam? Furthermore, would it make any sense for Ambrose to drop the title to Ziggler after the push he's received these past couple of months? Probably not, thus making this match quite predictable...

    Given that Styles and Cena will most likely have a rubber match at Summserlam, Corbin and Apollo Crews will probably have some feud going between them and that Orton is already booked with Brock, I personally felt (and I’m sure many will agree) that Bray Wyatt was the way to go. They gave him somewhat of a different look, Strowman is on RAW, Rowan was barely anywhere to be seen and Harper is out anyway so why not FINALLY give this guy the spot and have him live up to his gimmick of having the whole world in his hands, aka, the WWE WORLD title. After all, they are referring to it as the world title again, aren’t they? Daniel Bryan said it, the announce team called it a few times, right?

    Anyway, it is what is so we'll just have to see how this story plays out. Maybe they are taking this direction in order to set up a Ziggler heel turn? Idk...

    - Stat note: when was the last time someone actually won with the Superkick cause I honestly do not remember. It almost seems like routine for everyone to be kicking out of it...

    All in all, it wasn't the best start for Smackdown but, again, let's give it some time. Oh, and by the way, shut the fuck up already JBL.....

    P.S.: With several guys on these rosters getting minimum to almost no reaction at all from the fans, kind of makes you still wonder why Damien Sandow, of all people, was released...
  19. Because he went over Styles clean, that's my reason at least.
  20. Battleground delivered, RAW delivered in a big way, but SmackDown? Nope. The show was a snoozefest. 4/10 Oh, well.
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