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Killer Orange Cat

Quiet You
Rate the July 4, 2017 version of Smackdown Live and tell us what you thought of John Cena and other stuff.

The Return of John Cena

Cena came back and let the entire locker room know they were on notice that WWE would set them up and Cena would knock them down. He was then interrupted by Rusev who took offense to Cena supposedly implying he didn't work hard. He was upset that he came back and didn't get an advertisement for his return. He then called the American dream a lie and America is a joke.

Cena invited Rusev into the ring and Rusev took it as Americans thinking they can boss everyone around. Cena challenged Rusev to a flag match and Rusev accepted but not today. Cena called him a coward and got a USA chant going.

AJ Styles vs Chad Gable: A Win and You're In Match

Winner is put into an Independence Day battle royal to determine the number one contender to the US Title.

AJ Styles pinned Gable to win entry into the battle royal.


Carmella made some comments about her win and then was interrupted by Naomi. Naomi told Carmella that she had eyes in the back of her head and then introduced Daniel Bryan to talk to Ellsworth. Bryan barred Ellsworth from the arena, fined him $10,000 and suspended him for a month. He also told Ellsworth that if at any time, he broke these rules, Carmella would be stripped of the MITB briefcase.

Smackdown Women's Championship: Champion Naomi vs Lana

Naomi retained her title by submission immediately after the bell rang. After the bell rang, Tamina came to the ring, got Lana to her feet and led her out.

A WWE Pointless Moment

Rap Battle between the Usos and New Day.

Aiden English vs Randy Orton

Aiden English won by DQ when Orton hit him with the steel steps. Afterwards, Jinder Mahal came to the ramp and he and Orton bickered.

Independence Day Battle Royal

The winner faces Kevin Owens at Battleground for the US Title.

AJ Styles won the battle royal and will face KO at Battleground. KO attacked AJ after the match. AJ kicked him out of the ring


Killer Orange Cat

Quiet You
A solid 7. It was nice to see Cena back, which is scary to admit. The match between AJ and Gable was an excellent, albeit short, match. It was definitely the highlight. The battle royal was decent for a non PPV battle royal. Nothing was really bad other than the rap battle, which was beyond awful. It was so annoyingly stupid that I don't even have words for it.

Definitely the better show.

Grievous 3D

Iron Forged Orgasmatron
This week on "The Becky & Charlotte Show"

~ Happy 4th of July to America & all my American friends!

~ I honestly don't mind John Cena...and at least he's more interesting than
Randy Orton. I also don't have a problem with Cena being a "Free Agent"

~ And Rusev is back! Hell Yeah!

~ And Rusev is being put in a "Flag Match" with Cena...Oh No...hasn't Cena
already buried Rusev enough?

~ The more A.J on television the better for SmackDown.

~ Is Ryder going to turn on Mojo? I only ask because it would be interesting
and the feud would (hopefully) elevate Mojo.

Although looking back at it...Jinder really should have won the Andre the Giant
Memorial Battle Royal.

~ I honestly like Carmella...especially in little denim shorts...

but Ellsworth needs to fuck off!

~ Naomi's custom L.E.D belt is awesome! And I hope whoever eventually defeats her
for it keeps the L.E.Ds on it...just to rub it in.

~ And Ellsworth is suspended for 30 days! YES!!! No chinless freak for a whole
month! I haven't been this excited about a suspension since [HASHTAG]#IgnoreReigns[/HASHTAG] did
some drugs and got caught.


~ So Naomi defeats Lana in another submission squash...by tapping out on Naomi's
lovely, large butt...and Tamina appears...and...wait...are they doing the Tamina bodyguard/
enforcer thing again?

Jesus...talk about type casting in wrestling.

Well...hopefully this means the "Welcoming Committee" (Ugh...that name is shit!)
is no more.

~ Look I'm a big fan of Baron Corbin...but Corbin vs. Nakamura doesn't really interest me.

I honestly think Nakamura has "limited time" on the main roster and he should be feuding
with Styles, Owens, Zayn, Cena...someone he can have a 5 star match with.

~ I don't care about rap battles...SKIP!!!

~ Randy Orton bores me...NEXT!!!

~ Again...the Mahal/Orton feud feels so separate from the rest of SmackDown...
it just feels off to me. I'm still liking Jinder as Champion.

~ Its great to see Tye Dillinger, Tyler Breeze & Fandango getting some TV time.

~ Can we see Mike Kanellis wrestle please?

~ And Mojo eliminates Ryder...I'm guessing they are going to turn Ryder...Good.

~ And Styles wins the Battle Royal and the #1 contender spot. Seriously the US
title will be the most important title in the WWE the moment A.J wins it.

~ All in all another solid SmackDown that I really enj...hey...wait a second...

*Looks back over his show notes*

How can you have the Becky & Charlotte Show with no Becky & Charlotte?

Fucking 0 Stars!!! SmackDown fucking Sucks!!!
Last edited:


The Artiste
I may have missed some good shit, idk. I preface this by saying I'm a huge fan of Cena typically; but I turn the channel the second he starts being "Nationalist Propaganda Cena".

Yes John. America. We fucking get it.

Bringing back Rusev just to be the foreign heel for a flag match on 4th of July is DOG SHIT. I stopped watching the second they announced that match.

I am typically pretty accepting of old wrestling tropes, but I have no patience for this shit. I rated the episode 1 out of 10.
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The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
Overall, I found the show quite enjoyable and gave it a 6/10:

- Aside from the typical preaching, Cena's return was a pretty big moment. Wish I could say the same for Rusev, who's return I found very underwhelming. Here we were thinking of how his return should be in the most impactful of ways and...last night happened. Very...meh moment and....fuck me, will Cena go over on Rusev? Again? Really?

- The rap off I thought was a lot of fun overal and must admit, I was extremely surprised they even went to Xavier Woods's...Brazzers experience...

- "Annoying" Sami was actually very hillarious this week, as were Breezango...Good stuff...

- Main event was fine and AJ winning was pretty obvious. Despite being a rather obvious outcome, I still had a litle hope they may have given Ty Dillinger that spot but, hey, at least he got some decent TV time this week, in the main event no less. I also am aware that the numbers would not add up had Ty won (what would you do with AJ then?) so, yeah, I guess tough luck for Dillinger...

- I have to agree with the comments about people being rather indifferent in the Corbin/Nakamura...thing. Won't judge just yet but, yeah, can't say I'm all hyped about it...

- ....speaking of, Mojo ain't hyped no more it seems...

- Back to back squashes for Lana but I guess it's being done for a reason, given what we got after it was all said and done with Tamina. Well, at least it's intriguing and they got my interest, I'll give them that...


The Artiste
Reading back; I see they've done some Mojo/Zack stuff.

I've been feeling a Zack Ryder heel turn since the moment he came back last month or whenever. Mojo dresses fly and casual, and Zack came back in a SUIT AND TIE. Zack never wears a suit and tie. The suit and tie is heel foreshadowing as it pertains to him.

Also, while he was out of action Mojo surpassed him. By winning the prestigious Andre Battle Royale, Mojo is primed for the upper echelon of Smackdown. That win also gives him something to use storyline-wise for a title shot against Jinder down the line. He defeated Jinder to win the battle royal. What's good for the goose...

Zack needs to do something fresh if he wants to keep moving forward. Turning on Mojo is the logical way to go. They can make more money feuding than they can make as a tag team.

I've said since day one that my fellow Terp, Mojo Rawley, is meant for super-stardom. The energy is infectious. He works like a big cartoon character. It's perfect.

Stone Cold X

The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
~ And Rusev is being put in a "Flag Match" with Cena...Oh No...hasn't Cena already buried Rusev enough?
I think that WWE is trying to enter the Russia market in some shape or form with Rusev, so this whole "flag match" is an interesting way to move from 4th of July festivities to a country match... And Cena selling it as much is a good way to sell tickets. :emoji_grin:
Well, hello, babe! Can I have sex with those legs?
- The rap off I thought was a lot of fun overal and must admit, I was extremely surprised they even went to Xavier Woods's...Brazzers experience...
I agree. And them selling the whole thing as a gang match was a nice touch, too. :emoji_slight_smile:


The Artiste
omg of course.... Cena has buried Rusev so much!! That's true. That's why Rusev is on Smackdown getting paid, because he's buried. I wish I could be "buried". Those 6 figure "buried" checks aren't too bad.

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