Spoiler Rate Smackdown Live! 8/1/2017

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jacob Fox, Aug 1, 2017.

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  1. Rate this week's episode of Smackdown Live and leave some comments letting us know what you thought of the show!

    United States Championship Match: Champion AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens

    AJ Styles retained by pin fall even though KOs shoulder was up. Earlier in the match, KO accidentally hit the referee in the eye. After the match, KO pushed the referee backstage when Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon were talking to him. Shane got in between them and gave KO a match for the US title vs AJ at Summerslam. KO demanded a different referee and they gave him Shane McMahon, who KO called the most incompetent of all.

    Usos Promo

    The Usos came out and did a promo as if they were the New Day

    Fashion Police

    Tyler Breeze had a dream similar to the dream held by Agent Dale Cooper in the original Twin Peaks which he then said let him know who kidnapped Fandango; a reference to who killed Laura Palmer.

    Aiden English vs Sami Zayn

    Aiden English pinned Sami Zayn. Afterward, Mike and Maria Kanellis came out and said they love that he lost.

    Natalya and Carmella vs Becky Lynch and Naomi

    Naomi forced Carmella to tap out to get the victory.

    Rusev vs Chad Gable

    Rusev defeated Gable by tap out. Afterwards Rusev said he had no opponent at Summerslam because everyone was scared of him. Randy Orton came to ringside. He challenged Rusev. Rusev tried to attack Orton and got hit with an RKO.

    Number One Contender Match: John Cena vs Shinsuke Nakamura

    Nakamura defeated Cena by pin fall to become the number one contender
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  2. Someone try to explain the Nakamura vs Mahal match to someone from 2014 plz.
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  3. I am giving this an 8. An excellent show. All the matches were enjoyable, although I personally think Rusev vs Gable was the best match. Obviously Nakamura vs Cena had the best result. I was entertained throughout.

    I like the Twin Peaks version of the Fashion Police but since they were parodying the original Twin Peaks, I wonder how many current fans knew the scenes they were mimicking.
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  4. "Vince contracted syphilis and went crazy"
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    This week on "The Becky & Charlotte" Show...

    ~ We open with Styles vs. Owens...and A.J gets the win...kind of?

    This could either go 2 ways...

    Styles vs. Owens Rd.5 at SummerSlam...but the strong rumor is it will be Owens
    vs. Shane McMahon at SummerSlam...

    But...it appears it will be Styles vs. Owens with Shane as the special guest

    I'm okay with that...and there is a history between Styles and Shane to keep it
    somewhat interesting.

    ~ You can tell the Usos are really enjoying this feud with the New Day...and it
    shows on the screen.

    ~ The Fashion Files stuff isn't really doing much for me...but I'm glad all those
    involved are getting some TV time.

    ~ And Aiden English defeats Sami Zayn...clean...Ugh...

    Look...no offense to Aiden English...but Sami really deserves better than this.

    Sami should be mixing it up with Styles, Owens or Nakamura...not being pinned by
    Aiden English and feuding with Mike & Maria Kanellis.

    I also have to be honest and say that Mike & Maria are doing nothing for me
    personally as a fan.

    "The Power of Love" gimmick just doesn't work for me...plus...their love is
    nowhere near as pure and powerful as the love between Becky & Charlotte.

    ~ And next up we have Becky &...Naomi? WTF is this? Where is my Goddess this
    week? Are the SmackDown writers going to anything with Charlotte or did she get
    moved to the blue brand for a "wrestling holiday"?

    Anyway...we have Becky & Naomi vs. Natalya & HOLY SHIT! Carmella is wrestling!
    Stop pulling your cocks and pay attention!.

    *Watches Match*

    And when the most logical result is Becky being pinned or submitted...Carmella
    gets made to tap out...Ugh...

    Okay...a few notes here...

    1). Where is Charlotte?

    2). Carmella isn't really looking like a credible threat or even a half decent
    wrestler at this point...just saying. She may have that briefcase...but the
    booking is fucking killing her.

    3). Naomi's submission move looks fucking painful...I actually cringe when she
    locks it on anyone. Is there even anyway to get out of it or even move to the
    ropes to break it? A Bad Place indeed...

    4). Where the fuck is Charlotte?!

    5). Technically Naomi is being booked in 3 way feud at the moment...and I will
    be shocked if she retains at SummerSlam.

    You would have to think that either Natalya or Carmella is leaving Brooklyn with
    the title.

    Additional Note:

    Ugh...Charlotte vs. Lana next week?

    No matter how that match ends...everyone will be a loser...


    ~ Its always great to see Rusev in action...and even better to see him getting a
    win. Its also great to see Chad Gable getting another singles match on TV.

    It isn't so great to see Rusex get RKO'd...Ugh...

    Orton/Rusev at SummerSlam? And the burial continues...

    Can we trade Orton to RAW for Finn Balor? Just asking...

    ~ Hey WWE...can you tell me how many Network sign ups you've had in India since
    Jinder became World Champion? I'm just curious because I've been told that most
    of the population of India can't actually afford to pay for the network...which
    is why the social media numbers are so high in that country.

    Man...I wish Australia had a huge wrestling fan base...that way the WWE might let

    Oh...sorry...I got sidetracked...

    Where was I?

    Looking at Aeromorphs? No...that was yesterday during RAW...Oh right...the main event
    dream match (that really should have been on the Battleground card) Cena vs. Nakamura...

    Talk about East meets West...this is like King Kong vs. Godzilla...but with less
    disappointed fanboys.

    ~ And Nakamura goes over Cena...clean...without any sign of Corbin...Nice.

    I still think this match should have been on the Battleground card...but still...
    I guess its Jinder vs. Nakamura at SummerSlam...with Corbin cashing in if Shinsuke

    Ugh...I'm sorry...but the Corbin/Nakamura feud has done nothing for me personally
    but still...its better than RAW.

    And I'm Done...
  6. Mahal and Nakamura are both dorks. Have one of the losers from the RAW fatal four-way come and win the Smackdown title instead.

    Whether Reigns, Joe or Strowman and it doesn't matter who. Lesnar can just go home and come back when he's ready to be worth a dime of my money.

    Even if the SD championship is scheduled first, the RAW title can just go ahead and be a triple threat. No true logic here, Nakamura and Mahal are just jabronis to me.

    Scratch that I lied. Lesnar can just go home and not come back at all.
  7. So Nakamura won? Interesting. I'm much more interested in seeing that then Cena. Could definitely see a cash in coming tho
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  8. And holy shit. That back suplex Nakamura hit on Cena looked super dangerous. Cena landed hard on his neck
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  9. After I get done explaining Nakamura facing Cena - and winning CLEAN - to win a chance to face Jinder Mahal at Summerslam.
    And the fans being so down on the product in the meantime.

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  10. Why have they not given Zayn a legit run other than the stale Zayn vs Owens #1625472378?
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  11. And therein lies the real question...

    I'd guess its because...
    ~ He doesn't have a body like Jinder Mahal...
    ~ He's not from India (although neither is Jinder)
    ~ He's not Roman Reigns...
    ~ He's not 6ft or taller...
    ~ He's not blonde...
    ~ He's not on Total Divas...
    ~ He doesn't have large breasts...

    Am I missing any?
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  12. Not all the women have large breasts these days but I get your point.
    Vince is a boob and muscular man loving crazy person who makes money off of marketing on current trends within culture.
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  13. I know...that was more a throw back comment to the Attitude Era...
  14. Back then, Vince could get away with it. I'd like to see him "suggest" breast implants to a female wrestler today and see how far that gets. LOL
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  15. Road Dogg must be real proud of himself, 2 good ones in a row! Holy shit!

    • thankful for not getting Owens vs Shane because damn, only Styles can pull that off. Let's not get ahead of ourselves and put Shane up against everyone. Besides the special ref rule is great for this because we had several Owens/Styles matches now so their big blow off match needed something different and I'm fine with that. Shane has a story with both of them.
    • I don't know how to feel about the Usos' new theme song with lyrics. WWE is the worst at just saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" because they always "fix" what's not broken lol
    • Happy for Rusev that he got that Orton match but now I'm starting to feel like this is going to be a loong PPV. The more matches they announce, the more I feel like it's gonna be overkill. We already have 7 matches announced and they didn't even include both of the tag titles, the IC title, Big Cass/Show, Balor/Wyatt and Hardy/Revival matches yet. It just shows how much talent WWE has on their hands right now.
    • the win by nakamura was kinda overshadowed by Cena landing directly on his neck for me. I cringed hard, especially when he tried moving his hands and fingers afterwards, but I think he's fine. Then again, John Cena always looks fine even when he's really hurt. I shouldn't even be thinking about that right now because damn, Nakamura just went over Cena clean, in what was Nakamuras most interesting match since coming to the main roster. So I guess they can't let him go over Cena and then not go over Jinder. Which probably means a cash in is happening. Either that or WWE wants us to think that and they'll hold it off for the Smackdown after Summerslam.
    • Read that Cena's gonna be on Raw's No Mercy PPV in September so I guess that was that for Cena's run on Smackdown
  16. Shinsuke Nakamura won. For a dream match nobody probably expected that outcome.
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    That's a damn main event right there.
  18. I'd love to make a joke about the "untapped Canadian market! They can build up a Canadian superstar like Zayn to win the title and..." But, you know. Jinder.
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  19. looks like he almost has that thing covered. Like seriously, what has this dude been eatin lately?

    it's not by much but I've been noticing it. Maybe he's lost a bit of motivation
  20. Smackdown 1/8/2017 review

    - Show opened up with a US title match between AJ Styles and KO. Nothing new here, which isn't really bad. It was a good match, and a good way to open the show. Although I am not really hyped for their Summerslam match, since we have seen these two face off in some capacity practically every week for the last 2 months. That being said, their Summerslam match should be their best one yet.

    - The Twin Peaks spoof was great.

    - Sami for some bizarre reason lost to Aiden English in 2 mins. Lel it's sad to say but it seems like Sami was better off on Raw. Plus he is continuing his feud with Mike and Maria Kanellis, which is just ... WHY?

    - Usos cut an ok promo. Not really sure how i feel about the new version of their song though.

    - The women's tag team match was same old, same old.

    - Rusev vs Chad Gable was a darn good match. Props to Gable, he looked great here. Really hope they use him in a useful capacity, because as he proved in this match, this guy is a great worker. After Rusev won, Orton came out and challenged him to a match at Summerslam. Hmm a bit random, but I'm ok with it.

    - The main event was good, but nothing epic though. Glad Nakamura went over, since I really didn't want to see another Cena wins one for the troops BS. Not really sure how well Nakamura and Jinder will work together, but I look forward to finding out.

    Overall : 7.5/10
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