Spoiler Rate SmackDown Live 8/20/16

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Roadster, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Vote above and give your thoughts below.

    Results (open)

    The Hype Bros defeated The Vaudvillains via Pinfall to advance to the semi-finals

    AJ Styles defeated Apollo Crews via Pinfall

    Bray Wyatt holds a Sermon for the Serpent

    Alexa Bliss and Natalya defeated Becky Lynch and Naomi via Pinfall

    Dean Ambrose defeated Baron Corbin via DQ

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  2. 7/10
    -That Heath Slater segment was too funny
    -Slater/Rhyno won
    -Dolph/Miz in the beginning
    -Ambrose vs. AJ's balls XD

    other than that nothing else too interesting

    oh... who was that guy who stripped and got chokeslammed by Kane?
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  3. I'll post a more lengthy review tomorrow...but wasn't Daniel Bryan supposed to address Miz? Or apologize to him or some shit? Lol other than the beginning of the show, nothing really happened with that. i just realized this, what happened there? Unless I missed something, idk, shit was kind of just forgotten about. Like Dolph and Miz didn't even fight, im so confused right now actually.
  4. Here is my live thoughts post. I haven't done one for a couple of weeks.

    Starting just as aj styles vs apollo creed (lol).
    I was going to skip crews entrance and part of the match. But something intrigued me about this interaction. And man, that stage setup is nice. I dig it alot. That shot with crews on the ramp and the stage centered on the screen. Just awesome. The whole colour schemes fit together perfectly. For both shows actually. I hope they keep these stage setups for a while.
    I liked them from the period after battleground up until summerslam. But I'm legit in awe with the looks of both now.

    Umm commercials on still.
    I liked the beginning. That was nice. I haven't really watched talking smack yet but I saw that clip already. Pretty good work by miz. But the follow up tonight sucked.

    Heath slater and ryno tag team is interesting lol.
    What in the fuck did I just watch? Haha funny as hell but so weird.

    Nikki bellas tits are next level.

    Oh yeah last segment before that was ok it kept my attention for the whole thing, but when commercials ended there was a huge rack infront of my eyes and that took precedence.

    Alexa bliss is decent.
    Naomi's entrance is something else too.
    Becky lynch and Naomi seem like the obvious winners. An attempt to get Naomi a little more over with the crowd possibly? So I'd bet on her getting the pin.
    Unless tits interferes and causes Becky to be pinned, setting up a feud between the two.
    I'm looking way too into this. Fucking commercials.
    Well that didn't take too long. I didn't see that carmella twist coming, but that was very welcomed.
    The headbangers. Should be interesting. Wonder if they'll try and dress up like before, except considerably older now. Might look funny.

    Kurt Hawkins is the new chuck Norris I see. I'm interested though.
    OK they're not tooooo much older. Heath and ryno are interesting. Wonder if ryno says fuck it and gores him.
    Ryno looks like a greasy version of wario. What the fuck. How'd he start to bleed like that?
    Figured headbangers would do the job.

    Dean ambrose vs baron corbin up next. Left field match up predicting a corbin W.

    That's like the third time I've seen the commercial this show. AMH6. Anyone else watch that? They've been interesting, but this next one looks like it'll be crazy.

    What the hell lmao what's going on here?
    What.... Hell is going on here. Lol such a random time and place for Kane. One chokeslam. OK?
    I like corbin. Might still be new, but he has potential. Going over the champ here would be good for him.
    On second thought, aj is ringside. 9/10 times it means an interference.

    There it is. And another one. And...another that ends it.

    All in all it was an ok show I'd vote it a 6.
  5. The date in thread title should be 8/30/16, not 20, m8. @Roadster
  6. Now in the chat I had my ideas of what could of been approved.

    -it was said by the commentators Dean Ambrose is a fighting champion but it was a non title match vs. Corbin, if Dean put the title on the line by force it makes Dean look stronger going into Backlash and makes Corbin a bigger elevated Superstar for saying he had a world title match
    -Carmella should of also attacked the heels, go with the angle that she wants no friends and she wants to be SD champ on her own, women making alliances always happens
    -The Hype bros need more to their character, like crowd surfing, crowd diving, all those things that get hype, oh and constantly screaming into the mic to GET HYPE
    -There is no resolution for the Kane thing, he's had his time
    -Bray goes over then feuds with Styles who should go face after Backlash, Bray should win the title from him in a few months and take over the show
  7. So Miz and DB just... what?

    Didn't watch the show (not going to this week) but didn't see anything on that.
  8. This week's SmackDown was yet another good and easy show to watch. 7/10

    - The show opening segment w/ The Miz was great. He cut a great promo. Ziggler was on fire, too! This was the absolute highlight of the show.

    - The Hype Bros vs The Vaudevillains was decent.

    - AJ Styles still wearing Cena's Never Give Up armband as a headband is perfect. I love it!

    - AJ Styles vs Apollo Crews was solid. I'm a bit disappointed, because both of them are capable of putting on a much better match than this, but something felt off here.

    - The Slater segment was hilarious.

    - The Wyatt/Orton segment was good enough to set up their PPV match, although it lacked intensity of the opening segment, but oh well.

    - Alexa Bliss & Natalya vs Becky Lynch & Naomi was pretty rough throughout, but it was an OK, acceptable match. Also, Carmella/Nikki stuff was fine and exactly what it needed to be.

    - Rhyno & Heath Slater vs The Headbangers was decent given the time constraint. SLATER WINS, BAYBAY!

    - Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin was a solid ME. Not a fan of the DQ finish, it should've been a clean win for Ambrose. Also, the post-match stuff with Ambrose and Styles was hilarious:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    - That Kane segment. WTF? Also, they teased a feud (Kane/Corbin) nobody wants to see. Meh.

    - My biggest and only gripe with this tag team tournament is that all these matches have felt so short. Hopefully the semi-final matches are longer.

    - The ME having a DQ finish.
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  9. Gary "The Milk Man" Milliman, if I heard it well.
  10. Also, is Curt Hawkins returning as Chuck Norris or what? LMAO
  11. Beauty and The Man-Beast will probably be a tag team name for Rhyno and Slater. Awesome! :lol1:
  12. I said the same fuckin thing lol. All of these curt Hawkins is a God among men type of segments intrigues me and is kinda silly
  13. Shares similarities with Matt Hardy v1.

    I like them. They're funny and if it gives him a push, I'm all for it.
  14. Yeah, I find that mixture of Chuck Norris/Matt Facts hilarious.

    And if they're going to invest in him when he's finally on TV, then I'm all for it, too.
  15. 9/10.. Again the best show of the week.. It's easy to watch because it's not 3 hours of terrible segments.. AJ Styles continues to be the best thing going right now.. He's the next WWE Champion.
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