Spoiler Rate Smackdown Live! 8/22/2017

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jacob Fox, Aug 22, 2017.

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  1. Rate Smackdown Live and let us know what you think of the show.


    The show began with AJ Styles bringing back the open challenge for the US championship. KO came out and Shane McMahon gave him a title shot and let him pick the special referee. He requested Sami Zayn but Zayn turned him down. The Fashion Police offered him to be referee but he turned it down. Baron Corbin told KO he would be the Ref if he got the first title shot if KO won.

    GM Moment

    Daniel Bryan made a match between Shinsuke Nakamura and the Singh Brothers.

    Aiden English vs Bobby Roode

    Roode interrupted English's singing and then beat him by pin fall

    Usos vs Hype Bros

    Usos won by pin fall.

    Shinsuke Nakamura vs Sighn Brothers

    Nakamuara won by pin fall

    Natalya Promo

    Nattie came out and acted like Bret Hart and declared this was her time. She was interrupted by Carmella who let her know she was on borrowed tim.

    Becky Lynch and Naomi vs Carmella and Natalya

    Naomi and Becky won by pin fall

    US Championship: Champion AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens w/ Baron Corbin as Referee

    Baron Corbin did a fast count on AJ Styles and Shane McMahon came in after AJ and Corbin got into an argument. AJ Styles won by pin fall.
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  2. I give it a 7/10

    Maybe it is because I had a drink or two or just me being positive, but the episode was not too bad.

    The KO finding a ref segments were great, the main event, while the finish was eh, overall was a respectable TV match, Women's Tag match was fine, and Nakamura killing the Singhs was satisfying. Would be 6/10, but +1 for Smackdown Live being...

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    I'm torn. On one hand, Bobby Roode finally arrives and on the other hand, Natalya gets TV time. That's like somebody planting a loud fart while making out in the middle of a really awesome movie.

    Since it appears Bobby Roode might be a face that would tip the scales as an awful show.

    Bobby Roode has to be a d*ck, plain and simple. I'll feel a lot better when he rolls out with a beer bottle, sips it and blows a fireball in Jeff Hardy's eye. Classic.


    I realize that was Storm, but still that's what we use Beer Money for.
  4. This week on the Becky & Charlotte show...(Get well soon Ric)

    ~ Look...I'm a big fan of both Styles & Owens...but can we
    move on from this feud for now?

    ~ Daniel...how about having Jinder defend his title while
    the Singh Brothers are locked in a shark cage above the
    ring? Or why not just suspend the Singh Brothers for 30
    days? Just saying...


    RAW can have Cena...because the blue brand now has Bobby Roode!

    ~ And Shelton Benjamin is here to...Sweet!

    Nice to see the Owens/Zayn relationship playing out just
    like it should. Smart writing...

    ~ And the Usos defeat the Hype Bros...wasn't Zack Ryder
    going to turn on Mojo at some point?

    ~ So I guess the Jinder/Nakamura feud is going to
    continue...which is okay I guess.

    I just hope Nakamura gets the title eventually.

    ~ So now Corbin is the referee for the US title match?
    Okay...well...at least he's still on TV I guess.

    ~ Congratulations to Nattie for winning the title...but
    like always Ellsworth is here to ruin everything and
    make me want to turn the show off.

    Wait...so we get Naomi & Becky Lunch vs. Nattie & Carmella?
    Didn't we see this match 2 weeks ago?

    And Carmella eats another pin...

    Wow...way to book Carmella like a jobber WWE...I'm sure
    looking forward to when she is champion.

    I think Naomi needs to retire that split legged moonsault...
    I fear for her knees...

    ~ Hey...Dolph Ziggler still works here...

    ~ I honestly don't care about the Lana/Tamina stuff...just
    put Lana back with Rusev, send Tamina to RAW to team up
    with Nia and draft Peyton Royce & Billie Kay already!

    ~ I don't see this ending well for Corbin...mainly because
    Corbin has had the worst 2 weeks ever.

    ~ And Styles retains without Corbin looking like an even
    bigger moron. I guess that works for me.

    I miss Charlotte...and I was really hopeful the Iconic
    Duo would show up tonight...but it was still a glorious show.

    And I'm Done.

    Dude...don't give the WWE creative team ideas...before
    we know it Natalya will be farting every 5 minutes again.

    What's wrong with Nattie? I mean she can be very
    cringe worthy at times...but she's a great worker.
  5. Decent show. I think Nakamura vs the Singh Bros was a rip off... no one wanted to see it and it was a cheap attempt at satisfying the fans who wanted to see Nakamura beat Mahal. In fact, it was an insult to think this match would accomplish anything.

    Smackdown had previously done a good job at putting forth a good show. The show is still good but they need to take the belt off that no talent Mahal.
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  6. I agree-gree...

    I honestly thought Jinder's run would end at
    SummerSlam...but I guess the WWE want to
    stretch it out a little longer.

    Who would you put the World title Jakey-Jake?
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  7. Nakamura or AJ. Nakamura is the obvious one but they should go the obvious route. Nakamura is their hottest guy right now. They may want Roman, but Nakamura is their "Hogan" or "Stone Cold." He is not a young guy either. They should put him on top and really ride it for a few years.
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  8. It was good I really like their roster right now it's an indy dream show at this point but man.. Mahal really kills it all.. hopefully, Nakamura will de throne him.
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  9. I think if Nakamura was a few years younger...sure...but now...
    he seems a little "worse for wear" if you ask me.

    I'd rather Nakamura than Jinder...but honestly...I'd rather see
    Styles holding the top title at the moment...as much as the US
    title seems so much more important with him and Owens feuding
    over it.

    I think Jinder has done "Okay" with what he's be given...but I
    think they made the mistake of him headlining three pay per
    views with Randy Orton...who isn't the most exciting performer
    bar his amazing finisher.

    Honestly...a Styles/Roode feud for the world title and a
    Nakamura/Owens feud for the US title is how I'd be
    booking it...with Corbin, Zayn, Rusev & Orton possibly
    playing supporting roles and "swapping in" if needed.

    Also...and this is completely off topic...but does anyone
    else think Bobby Roode & Charlotte would make a
    visually striking "pair" on SmackDown...or would that be
    too cliche?
  10. 66fb899bc53cde99bd66eee3f840e987.jpg
  11. I...I don't understand...

    On another related topic...Carmella looked fantastic...
    apart from the rat-like imp that keeps following her
  12. Styles is a bit older than Nakamura. Nakamura is 37 and AJ is 40. Plus AJ has pledged to retire at age 42.
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  13. Oh...well...Nakamura appears to have been through a lot more
    than Styles...plus I can't see Styles retiring at 42...I mean not as
    long as he's still wrestling the caliber of matches he is now.

    Its amazing to think how old some of these guys are...but as long
    as they can still go...who cares how old they are.

    Of course I'll be the first one to shout "GET OFF ME TV OLD MAN!"
    if they start looking...well...old.
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  14. AJ has a rep for being a loyal family man and he wants to spend time with his kids before they're all grown up. He'd been offered a contract by WWE before and turned it down... likely because how hard WWE wrestlers work and how often. I am sure he was offered a lot of money and will probably be sitting pretty by 42. But we'll see.

    Although he has often mentioned that God is even more important to him than his family so if God wants him to wrestle...
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  15. what if his kids want him to wrestle aswell?
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  16. I would assume he would not say it was their choice.
  17. Hmm.. fair..
  18. I can respect A.J for that...family and faith is important...
    I just think it would be a shame for him to walk away
    from wrestling when he is possibly the best in-ring worker
    in the world at the moment.

    Although...I have heard Kenny Omega is the best...but...
    I've only ever seen him wrestle one match...but granted
    that was a fantastic match.

    I just enjoy watching Styles perform...he has this amazing
    ability to "elevate" everyone he wrestles with.
  19. I think it's hilarious how they basically have to book the US title like their main title because AJ's just too good to be a midcarder. In my opinion, having Jinder hold the US title and AJ the WWE title would make way more sense anyways but they obviously stuck to something else.

    Happy with the reactions both Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Roode got BUT, even though Roode got a good babyface reaction, I do hope they go back to his heelish ways sooner or later. After all that's what put him over and I also read that they wanna have Roode get the main event heel run Corbin was about to get.. so I'm actually expecting him to move forward as a heel in the near future
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  20. Hey, the US championship hasn't been this relevant in years, it has that feeling like when the IC title was that huge... I'll let this by
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