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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Roadster, Aug 23, 2016.

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    New Tag Team titles, Women's Title, Tag Tournament and Women's 6-pack challenge announced

    Becky Lynch defeated Alexa Bliss via Submission

    The Usos defeated The Ascension via Pinfall

    Carmella turned heel

    Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt promo

    American Alpha defeated Breezango via Pinfall

    AJ Styles defeated Dolph Ziggler via Pinfall to face Dean Ambrose at Backlash

  2. Eh I'll give you feedback later, I'm a light weight and had 3 beers kinda like apples to apples atm
  3. ^^ Oooh edgy

    I think The Miz's promo afterwards on Talking Smack is the big take away from tonight. Overall good show.

    Heres the promo:
  4. Watched the first like 20 minutes and then fell asleep. The new stage is dope though hopefully its permanent
  5. Missed the chat last night. I am not sure why but I took a nap in the afternoon and didn't wake up until about an hour ago. Guess I'll check the show out now.
  6. Gave it an 8. Yet another good episode of Smackdown. The main event was great. I was happy to see Heath Slater find his tag partner. RHYNO!!! There really wasn't anything I didn't like about this episode, other than having Ambrose on commentary which should just never happen.
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  7. Didn't watch RAW this week and after Smackdown last night I don't care to. Smackdown continues to focus on storytelling and legitimizing it's superstars which I love, we got new championships that don't look horrible, decent-to-good matches and all the segments were good. 8/10

    The Good:

    Styles/Ziggler was a good main event. Glad to see Styles wrestling on Smackdown finally and even more happy that he got the clean victory. He NEEDS to become WWE WHC It only makes all the sense.

    The tag team matches tonight were what they needed to be but I would've liked for the Ascension to go over but the Uso's being the "Veterans" of the division make sense to go over I guess. Maybe the losing teams could have their own match to determine the #1 contenders for American Alpha because we all know damn well...

    I could watch Becky/Bliss wrestle forever, they're pretty good together.

    Carmella heel turn? You had my attention but now you have my curiosity. Wonder where this goes.

    New set+100

    Wyatt/Orton could be promising, problem is we all know Wyatt will probably be fed to Orton...but i'll keep an open mind.

    Heath Slater and Ryhno...best romance of summer 2016.

    Talking Smack /w Miz and Bryan...fuck me that was fucking great.

    The meh:

    Ambrose was just hanging out tonight like he wasn't the WWE champion and shit...kinda funny tho'...
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  8. SmackDown defeated RAW this week, again. The show was very good and extremely easy to watch. 8/10

    SmackDown keeps delivering. There wasn't a single bad segment, everything meant something as they build towards Backlash.

    - AJ Styles was so good in that locker room segment. It was also a nice set up for a ME later in the night.

    - The new set is sweet. I hope they keep it.

    - The show opening segment with new titles being introduced was good. Not a fan of how the new Women's and Tag Team titles look, but hey, at least the leather straps ain't red. Also, the segment didn't go too long, so that's always a plus.

    - Heath Slater continues to be awesome and entertaining. The dude's been on fire with his Free Agent shtick so far. I love it!

    - Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss was solid.

    - That Miz/Slater segment was hilarious!

    - The Usos vs The Ascension was decent given the time constraint. They made the most of it.

    - AJ Styles' in-ring promo was good. Loved the "You can be AJ Styles fans" line.

    - The double turn with Carmella and Nikki. I'm so glad they've dropped Carmella's talking intro, because she's awful at it and also, I think her being a heel is going to be much better than her babyface shtick.

    - Randy Orton/Bray Wyatt segment was fine. It didn't set the world on fire, but it set the direction for both guys and that is nice.

    - The Slater/Arn stuff was a'ight, and then Rhyno appeared and said he was going to be Slater's partner. Nice!

    - American Alpha vs Breezango was good.

    - AJ Styles vs Dolph Ziggler was a great ME.

    - None.
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    Really good week for WWE television. 7/10 for me as well for all the reasons already stated. :emoji_slight_smile:

    The sight of Erick Rowan making small talk with Baron Corbin was great haha
  10. Gave it an 8/10 as well. Solid show, on point and right into the matter of things. Quick notes:

    - Though a bit hesitant on the idea of adding all these belts, I guess there really wasn't any other way given how they did things during and after the draft so I guess eventually this will grow on me. There is no doubt that the tag team division and the women's division need a prize to eventually be fighting for so (what would the point be otherwise) so, yeah, let's see how this works out in the long run...

    - Speaking of the new belts, yep, both indeed look really nice...

    - Is it me or has the reaction towards Dean Ambrose kind of dropped over the past few weeks? I mean, it kind of feels like it isn't as hot as it used to be, doesn't it?

    - Not exactly sure if it was a double turn but at least in Carmella's case it's a given and the absolutely correct move to turn her heel. This should give her a lot more flexibility to develop as a character for sure...

    - Not that he needed it but, boy, are they making AJ look like a million bucks...

    - A lot of people have jumped on the idea of Shane vs. Brock somewhere down the road but I will personally insist it's highly unlikely to happen...

    - The Miz promo was certainly the highlight of the night and there's no denying that there was a lot of truth in what he said in regards to the IC belt, it's importance throughout the years and how neglected it's been lately. Recognizing it, I guess, is the first big step towards the right direction and hopefully WWE will come up with something good storylinewise in order to back it up...

    - If I were to make a couple of early predictions:

    a) Becky has to come out the winner of the 6 pack challenge. She just has to...

    b) American Alpha seems to be the (very) obvious choice as far as who get the tag team straps however I actually wouldn't mind if Slater and Rhyno pulled it off, only to wrap up the free agent story which can only go that much longer. If it were up to me, I'd have Slater and Rhyno win the belts at Backlash and drop them almost immediately to Tyler Breeze and Fandango and then have American Alpha chase...

    c) Given my note above about Dean Ambrose and the not so hot reception he's been receiving lately, I wouldn't be surprised if they give the WWE title to AJ Styles immediately. He's certainly got the momentum and the timing would not be bad at all however, again, I'd do things just a little bit differently. Case and point, I'd have Dolph Ziggler interfere, cost AJ the match (that way Dean Ambrose retains and AJ still looks strong, not hurting his momentum or anything) and then make it a triple threat at No Mercy, where AJ pins Doplh and wins the title.
  11. It's one of the reasons I like a heel world champion. A heel world champion tends to get to continue playing his pre champion character after he wins the belt. Generally, it seems often, that a face champion's character is softened after he wins the belt.

    Also, I think a big point for Ambrose is that it was a bit more fun watching him chase the belt. That seemed part of his appeal and now that he has done it, he doesn't seem as interesting.

    I say give it to AJ.
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