Spoiler Rate Smackdown Live 8/29/2017

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jacob Fox, Aug 29, 2017.

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  1. Rate this week's episode of Smackdown Live and leave comments so we know what you thought of the show.


    Jinder and The Singh Brothers hit the ring and Jinder hypes the main event, against what he calls two of his biggest rivals. He goes on about how he's shown nothing but disrespect. The USA chants start up now. Jinder wonders who will pay for him being disrespected. The Singh Brothers speak up and take the blame for failing Jinder last week. They get emotional and apologize to the people of India, their family and then Jinder. They embarrassed Jinder last week but they vow that Nakamura will never touch Jinder again. They offer to publicly kiss Jinder's royal feet. They drop down to their knees but the music interrupts and out comes Nakamura to a pop.

    Nakamura hits the ring and gently pushes The Singh Brothers to the side. He's about to go at it with Jinder but the triple team begins. The Singh Brothers beat Nakamura up as Jinder looks on. Jinder grabs Nakamura but the music hits and out comes Randy Orton to a pop. Orton fights off the brothers and goes to work on Jinder but Rusev hits the ring. Rusev beats Orton down as fans boo. Jinder and The Singh Brothers go back to work on Nakamura. Jinder hits The Khallas on Nakamura. Jinder's music hits as the heels stand tall in the ring. Orton is down at ringside.

    The Ascension vs. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin

    Shelton and Chad won by pin fall

    WWE United States Title Match: Tye Dillinger vs. AJ Styles

    AJ Styles won by pin fall. Tye was attacked before the match and after the match, but AJ took Corbin out after the match.

    Mike Kanellis vs. Bobby Roode

    Bobby Roode won by pin fall.

    Aiden English vs Sami Zayn

    Kevin Owens stole the referee's shirt and quickly counted out Sami Zayn. However, Shane McMahon overturned the match.

    The Usos vs the New Day: Winner picks the match stipulation for the title rematch

    The Usos won by pin fall.

    Tamina vs Jobber

    Tamina won by pin fall.

    Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton vs Rusev and Jinder Mahal

    Nakamura and Orton won by pin fall. After the match, Orton hit Nakamura with the RKO
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  3. It was my cat Dru... but you can't strike back because @Solid Snake will help to protect her :

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  4. #5 Grievous II, Aug 29, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2017
    And after RAW this week I was hoping SmackDown would
    provide a pick me up...

    But...creative decided to give all the ladies the night off
    besides the two women I honestly couldn't give less of a
    sh*t about if I tried.

    No Charlotte...(Even though reports said she was back on the road)
    No Becky...(Seriously? The most likeable babyface on the ENTIRE roster can't get any TV time?)
    No Natalya (The current Champion)...
    No Naomi...
    No Carmella...(The MitB briefcase holder)

    And I'm not counting backstage segments that go for a minute.

    f*ck you WWE...

    f*ck You Right In The Ear!
  5. Also Jacob.....display votes publicly. XD
  6. I love how Natalya's new gimmick is that she loves cats
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  7. Ok this Smackdown Live was hard for me to rate but I gave it 8 after all the content and here's how my brain processed rating from 0 -10:

    - The long, boring opening segment that Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers put on, made me simply wish I wasn't even watching it which I started to pay more attention to the live chat on here. Even with Nakamura and Orton coming out to kickass, just to get their asses kicked in return, couldn't save this opening of Smackdown Live. (Ok right now this is a 3, tops)

    - Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable......it's kind of working out right now but something about it don't feel proper. I think they moved way too fast on this idea especially since Shelton Benjamin is a top superstar who should be working his OWN way into the big picture of things. As far as their appearance, entrance and performance, it's what to be expected at this moment. Chad did a decent job and then tagged in Shelton where he shot through the competition with ease, which it's only The Ascension who are permanent jobbers soooo......yeah. (Ok it was good to see some action from Shelton in the ring, let's give this a 3.6 for now)

    - Baron Corbin finally had his moment to address the mocking and insults from him wasting his MITB contract opportunity. I think he replied very well with real emotion and set a tone for what would come next out of tonight for him as he was ready to take on AJ Styles US Open Challenge. After commercial break, we were brought to AJ Styles coming out to the ring and starting the US Open Challenge. However it wasn't Baron Corbin coming to the ring, it was Tye Dillinger and before he could finish getting down the ramp, Baron charged after him and a shove match ensued. A little more back and forth struggle upon Tye getting into the ring with AJ but he eventually made his way in and started the match. Within 5 minutes or less, AJ had Tye tapping to the Calf Crusher and then after the match, Baron went on to attack AJ but he hit Baron with a forearm to send him away. (I liked this part, hmm.....now we're at a....4.3)

    - Bobby Roode had another spectacular match against Mike Manellis and I personally can't wait until he has to face some real competition. I hope WWE don't waste his or our time along the journey for Bobby Roode to become a real threat. Btw, how are you guys liking him as a face so far?? I believe WWE decided to go this route since Cena moved over to Raw. (This is going smoothly....SO FAR.....ok, it's a.....4.9 now)

    - Aiden English does his usual sing routine and gets interrupted by Kevin Owens then asked to move out the center of the ring, nicely. Kevin Owens then goes into reprimending Shane McMahon for coming out and replacing the ref last week in his US title match. Shane immediately comes out explain the reason why he even had to come out last week and then goes on to starting Aiden's match with Sami Zayn. Kevin stayed ring side for a brief moment before getting involved in the match by demanding to the ref that he was replacing him. Sami was confused by this, KO hit a Pop Up Powerbomb on him and gave Aiden the easy victory. A little while after, Shane was asked about his thoughts of the match and KO in which he responded that he didn't like it, found out that KO left and he was leaving as well. (This was an interesting part of their storyline, we're at a 5.7)

    - Then there was another Dolph Ziggler rant about changing up in his way/style and mocking WWE for the certain gimmicks they use most of the time. (Pretty much, was the most boring, irrelevant and weakest part of the show thus far........no change to the rating necessary IMO)

    - The Usos & New Day had a match to determine the stipulation in their next title match. These tag teams do very well work in and out the ring so nothing to really worry about or critique as far as I'm concerned, The Usos wind up getting the dirty pin using the tights as leverage. (This should be very interesting, seeing that The Usos already are the tag team champions.......great job to both teams, 6.7)

    - Not a bad segment for Carmella & Ellsworth (even though I can't stand either of them), Natalya steps in and advises Carmella not to try anymore cash-in attempts or she'll in up "the Baron Corbin of the women's division" (Ouch....what a jab, Natty. I never thought you had that in you.). And then Naomi walks up to Natalya smiling as she informs her that she better be ready for her title rematch on Smackdown Live in 2 weeks. (Ok, good things are intensifying in the Smackdown Live women's division.....this is really really good, 7.5)

    - Lana stands in the middle of the ring dressed like the old Lana that we remember, she does an introduction for Tamina as this match get ready to happen. Tamina pulverizes the female jobber once Lana uses her "CRUSH!!" command and then Lana brings in 2 photograhers to take pictures of the both of them. (this actually almost made me subtract points, it was uneventful and bland but what stopped me is the fact that I'm curious to where this is leading......no points gained or lost)

    - Smackdown Live squoze in the beginning of season 2 of The Fashion Files right near the end, it was........somewhat entertaining, I think it's getting too silly but that's just how I feel. (Ok I can give this a few minor points on creativity alone, Breezango is still trying to keep the fans laughing so here.....7.8)

    - Finally the main event of tonight (Shinsuke Nakamura & Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal & Rusev), I was not interested in seeing them waste the talents of Nakamura & Orton so I barely watched this match. When it came to the end, Orton kept Mahal out the ring and out of interfering as Nakamura prepared for the Kinshasa kick and hit it on Rusev. (Ok so this is it?? Is Smackdown Live going to make this an even 8 points out of 10 rating for me?? Wait, Orton & Nakamura have a number 1 contender's match next week....but they buddy, buddy??......uh oh, Orton is staring down Nakamura from the side...Is he gonna...oh no I guess not but he's talking to him.....wait a minute, do it!!! HIT THE RKO!!! Come on, no don't just raise his arm.....*BAM* RKO OUTTA NOWHERE.....Randy is the man of striking at right moments. This was satisfactory so here's your solid 8, Smackdown Live.) And that's the end.
  8. You could probably call me somewhat biased but after what transpired on RAW and more so the epic Reigns/Cena segment, in my view there's no way I could possibly give Smackdown a higher rate this week so went with a 5/10. Let's face it, there was nothing to come even close...Quick thoughts:

    - Just to get this out of the way, whatever "rumors" were out there talking about Rusev and Lana asking for their release have proven to be bullshit. While I too found myself considering there may have been some credibiity (especially the way Rusev was treated at Summerslam), I think the last couple of shows have proven just the opposite. Lana has apparently returned to her managerial role with Tamina (quite unique, I might add, this female-female dynamic) and then Rusev last night mentioned his desire for a shot at the title. With everything being said almost always 100% scripted, you know he's going to be added in the main picture sooner or later; perhaps as soon as Hell in a Cell, if they decide to go with a multi-man match, be it a Triple Threat or a Fatal 4-way.

    - So...Orton vs. Nakamura next week to determine the number one contender. Basically, another easily PPV worthy match given away on free TV and, come to think of it, with what purpose? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for matches having a meaning behind them but in this case...what's the point really? Is there any chance Orton is winning next week? We already had Orton vs. Mahal on three straight PPV's, did we not? And isn't Nakamura currently in a feud with Jinder to begin with? So, while the idea is to make this match of great importance, the way I see it it's a lost cause because the outcome is very predictable....

    ...unless Rusev decides to interfere (he should still have beef with Orton anyway), in which case we have a no decision, a brawl of some sorts, thus the multi-man match I was refering to above...

    - So the...first lady of SD (hahahahaha) and her husband not only have a gimmick that is DOOMED I tell ya, but they've already been reduced to jobber duties. Yep, first lady and man of the job squad, congrats. But...it's all good...it's the power of love....sigh....

    - Very happy to see Shelton Benjamin back but...what is me or was something, like, a bit off last night?

    - "I know what this is...it's a TITLE"...."no, it's just a belt"......I just love those guys....(if you didn't get the joke, sorry...)

    - I liked Corbin's attitude last night and him adressing his recent "failures". If this going to start a small feud between him and Ty, I'm all for it being it will give Dillinger some TV time (though probably on the losing side by the end of it) and keep Corbin a bit occupied so we see other stars answering AJ's open challenge...

    - KO was hillarious once again and though seemingly the angle is for a potential KO vs. Shane match (?), the way things ended last night, I'm a bit worried they may have lit the spark for another series between him and Zayn. Now, we all enjoyed that rivalry and it's inevitable that they will meet again somewhere down the road but I'd rather it didn't come this soon...

    - Is there really nothing else WWE can come up with for Sami Zay anyway?

    - Southpaw Regional Wrestling season 2 has been released folks. For those that are aware already just ignore this. For those that have no idea what I'm talking about, just go on youtube and look it up. Trust me, you won't regret it...
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  9. Pros :

    + Fashion files

    + Kevin Owens and everything he did.

    + It was great seeing Shelton back, definitely the highlight of the show for me.

    + Bobby Roode

    Cons :

    - Ok AJ Styles has the whole US open challenge deal. I'm thinking great we will get some great 10 + minutes matches every week now. Tye Dillinger comes out and loses in 1 minute. Land of opportunity my a$$.

    - Jinder Mahal as the WWE champion is a complete flop. For the past 3 months now the guy has had the same promo, same expressions and the same goddamn match every single week. Get that title off of him already.

    - Too much filler on the show, nothing really important happening.

    Overall : 4/10

    I don't know how much this show managed it, but congrats you suck harder then Raw.
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  10. Randy Orton still sucks. He should have retired the day Bob Orton decided to get his nob wet.

    Shane McMahon's skinny jeans really suck. Shane McMahon's jeans are so bad I don't bother watching Smackdown or RAW.
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  11. I enjoyed this. This brought a new angle to a potential "Montreal Screwjob." And, yes, the KO vs Shane match is coming. It's been teased in multiple shows, throughout multiple times. It's going to be big. They (WWE brass) want this to be big. It will even put KO into the title picture when he's done with Shane.
    I can't empathize this enough: Bobby Roode is on fire right now. And that's just from two matches so far.

    I can see that Roode wants that WWE title, like. Now. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, NOT NEXT YEAR. NOW.