Spoiler Rate Smackdown Live! 8/8/2017

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jacob Fox, Aug 8, 2017.

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  1. #1 Jacob Fox, Aug 8, 2017
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    Rate tonight's episode of Smackdown Live and make sure to leave a comment or two to let everyone know what you thought of it.


    John Cena went through one of his general spiels about being fired up. He then talked about the Nakamura match from the previous week. When he began talking about Nakamura and shaking hands, Baron Corbin came out and commented that he was the future and Cena was the past. Cena pointed to a sign in the audience that mocked Corbin. Cena challenged Corbin to a match but Corbin told Cena he wasn't worth Corbin's time.

    Then as Corbin was leaving, he was interrupted by Daniel Bryan. Bryan made a match at Summerslam between Corbin and Cena.

    The Usos vs Sami Zayn and Tye Dillinger

    The Usos won by submission

    Fashion Peaks

    Fandango claims he was abducted by aliens and that anal probes and wardrobes were the reasons he didn't leave, even though he could whenever he wanted. They were then approached by Arn Anderson and made a comment about him hurting Tully the Horse, but Arn obviously thought they meant Tully Blanchard. He took two donuts and left.

    Charlotte Flair vs Lana

    Charlotte won by submission

    US Title Match Interview

    Shane McMahon came to the ring to interview both AJ Styles and Kevin Owens. Shane reminded KO that he mentioned Shane couldn't be unbiased. KO said he was wrong and that he shouldn't assume that Shane would try to screw him as a McMahon already tried to screw a famous Canadian, referencing the Montreal Screwjob. As the crowd chanted "You screwed Bret," KO then told them that Bret deserved it but that he wouldn't. Then he said he wasn't worried about Shane being biased because AJ and Shane had a match at Mania.

    AJ then accused KO of trying to stir the pot. AJ said if Shane tried to screw him that Shane would pay the consequences... and that he didn't trust a McMahon. Shane told AJ he wasn't like that, but then KO showed a match between Steve Austin and Mankind in which Shane screwed Austin.

    Shane insisted he would call the match right down the middle and would not get involved unless he has to. He then warned both guys to not give him a reason to get involved. AJ then challenged KO to an immediate title match. But KO declined because he wanted to win the US title in the US in a city that mattered. AJ told KO that this was the closest he would get to the US title. KO hit AJ and Shane then tried to hold KO back. AJ went to hit KO with a pele kick but hit Shane instead. KO left the ring.

    Naomi vs Carmella

    Carmella won by pin fall due to interference by Ellsworth. Backstage, Natalya approached them after the match and told them to stay out her title match at Summerslam.

    Grudge Match: Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal

    Randy Orton pinned Mahal. Right as the show ended, Rusev attacked Orton with a kick.
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  2. I liked the part between Styles and Owens. It was great!
  3. Enjoyable opening, enjoyable interview with KO and AJ. None of the matches were anything to jump up and down about but for the most part they were okay. Nothing was so dreadfully boring that it dragged on forever. A solid 7. Some good storytelling if not anything else.

    I could have done without the Orton and Mahal main event. Those two aren't interesting when it is for the belt, much less not for them.
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  4. #4 Grievous II, Aug 8, 2017
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    This week on the Becky & Charlotte Show...

    ~ Cena vs. Corbin at SummerSlam? Well hopefully Cena puts
    Corbin over before he (possibly) jumps ship to RAW to replace Brock.

    Although...I'm guessing its just false hope...

    ~ Its a real shame to see Sami & Tye suffer a loss...


    The Usos & New Day are keeping their feud hot...which
    is important. Hopefully both teams get enough time to put
    on another great match at SummmerSlam.

    ~ I'm glad Tyler Breeze is getting some TV time...but the
    Fashion Files has never really done anything for me.

    I just don't get it.

    ~ And Charlotte defeats Lana in a pointless match that is

    Throw as much dirt on Lana as possible WWE...bury the poor
    woman as much as you have buried her husband.

    I will admit it is always nice to see my Bae Charlotte...



    Shame her booking on SmackDown so far has been awful...but
    I guess anything after last year would be a disappointment.

    And yes...I did notice that Lana nearly revealed the Queen's backside
    to the world...but...I have no comment on the matter.

    My Lord they make a beautiful couple...Tea Time!

    ~ I hope Shane doesn't ruin the Owens/Styles match...but...
    again this may-be false hope.

    ~ The Tamina/Lana dynamic just doesn't work...at least in
    my opinion. I think they should be replaced by Peyton &
    Billie from NXT. Now that would be fun, fresh and interesting.

    ~ Oh Joy...Ellsworth is back...and Naomi gets pinned...this
    is just awful...

    It makes Naomi look weak as a champion and Carmella looks
    like she can't achieve anything without Ellsworth...

    And meanwhile Charlotte is wrestling Lana and Becky is
    nowhere to be seen.


    ~ Natalya is going to win the title and then get cashed in
    on at SummerSlam isn't she?

    Because McMahon just has to fuck with the Hart family...

    ~ Does anyone else think Corbin is cashing in on Nakamura
    at Summerslam?

    ~ Jinder vs. Orton again?!...No Thank You!

    And I'm done...

    No sign of Becky...so I'm going to give this show a puns down
    this week.
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  5. #5 Nikki Nitro, Aug 8, 2017
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    Does Ellsworth HAVE to even be there?
    How did he even become part of WWE Anyways? Seriously! :emoji_unamused:
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  6. Brauns first local jobber squash match. The fact he had no chin, and got completely obliterated, was enough for us to want to see the little fella for a bit. Since he's teamed with Carmella he's gone downhill. Although him grabbing the first ever women's mitb was priceless.
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  7. I agree to that!
  8. No...it was horrible and was basically done
    so they could drag the situation out and
    have the match again to try and create
    rating for SmackDown instead of giving
    the women 25 minutes on pay per view
    to show just how good they are.

    Then with the rematch Ellsworth still had
    to be involved and once again tainted a
    history making moment for the ladies.

    Ellsworth is a cancer on the women's division
    and I wish someone would cut him out with a

    Send him to RAW and have him wrestle some
    of the cruiserweights...or just get rid of him!

    I hate him so, so much...
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  9. why are there people flipping out over Lana pulling Charlotte's pants down? I think Charlotte has worse images floating around on the internet
    • Cena vs Corbin, Orton vs Rusev. 2 matches with absolutely nothing at stake, 2 matches I'm not interested in. If you make Rusev vs Orton a #1 contenders match, maybe you'd get more people to care but whatever, Dogg.
    • I think the whole Ellsworth thing is cool, I like the story of Carmella using him just to get ahead. Good heat magnet. The only dumb thing about the segment is that Carmella didn't even attempt a cash in after literally pinning the champ. And it's not like Naomi rolled out of the ring or anything to prevent it from happening. Nope, she just laid there and Carmella looked at her with her briefcase in hand.. and walked off. Also, not impressed by Naomi.. you can tell me that she's a great athlete a thousand times but she doesn't deliver as a pro wrestler, at all.
    • Nakamura in a sit down interview because that makes sense. Apparently they think Nakamura is good on the stick which I don't really get. Just let the dude wrestle
    • everything else is just meh to me, the whole Styles/Owens feud has been average since the start and I hope they'll have their first GREAT match at Summerslam because everything we've gotten so far has been dreadful between 2 guys who should do better
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  10. This week's episode of SmackDown was decent. 6/10

    - The opening segment with Cena/Corbin/DB was good.

    - The Usos vs Tye & Sami was solid. The post-match stuff was alright.

    - The Fashion Peaks was okay.

    - Styles/Shane/KO segment was good.

    - Nakamura's interview was fine. It was short and to the point.

    - Everything else.
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  11. Well...if I had to guess...it would be...

    a). Because a lot of male wrestling fans are perverts...(looks at himself in the mirror)

    b). The leaked photos of Charlotte were "old"


    c). Most wrestling fans are curious or find it funny when certain parts of a
    wrestler are exposed.

    You see that would make too much sense and then the cash in wouldn't happen
    on a pay per view.

    So you think it makes Carmella look like a credible threat and strong future
    champion if the only way she can achieve anything is with Ellsworth's help?
  12. I saw that Mistake with lana pulling down char's Shorts.
  13. I think you're overthinking it a bit. Not every heel needs to look dominant. Maybe this is opinionated but, if done right, I enjoy seeing a chicken shit heel from time to time. Especially when it's someone like Carmella. Like, when I look at Carmella I would never see a serious threat in her. Even if they tried to book her that way. She's not big, she's not tall and she generally just looks like I can push her over with 1 hand. You know what I mean? The reason why someone like Strowman works as a dominant heel is because I buy it the second I look at him. I'd never have that for Carmella.
    Once she cashes in, things might change and we can talk about it again once that happens, but as of right now all she needs to do is get that heat imo
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  14. I'm "overthinking" it? So...I shouldn't have an opinion or care that I want the
    entire women's division to look "strong" by means of having a strong champion?

    Dude...telling me I'm "overthinking" is a cop out and you may as well tell me not to
    care...and there is only one person in the entire WWE that I make an active effort
    not to care about.

    Don't we already have a women's champion doing that exact same thing on RAW?
    And doesn't the Miz already play that role perfectly as the IC Champion?

    Instead of "building heat" why not just have wrestlers win matches and look strong?

    Why not have a strong champion winning matches and a strong challenger winning
    matches and then have them eventually face off in at pay per view where you
    actually don't have any idea who is going to win.

    Is that wrong? Is that so hard to book? I am fucking crazy wanting to see that?

    Carmella has literally done nothing of note by herself...she won the MitB briefcase
    twice thanks to that chinless annoyance Ellsworth and apart from her very first
    main roster victory (against Natalya) she has done jack all.

    At least Alexa Bliss defeated Becky Lynch & Bayley clean to win her titles...
    Carmella has had the worst booking on the main roster for literally more
    than a year...and her simply carrying around the briefcase doesn't mean
    jack shit to me.

    All the work Becky, Alexa & Naomi have done "trying" to make the SmackDown
    women's title mean something will be flushed down the toilet if Carmella does
    cash in at Summer Slam and wins it.

    I only hope the WWE hold off on it and let Corbin alone cash in at SummerSlam...
    because Carmella is nowhere near ready...and her current pairing with Ellsworth
    is making look more pathetic week after week.

    But again...sorry for "Overthinking" it...
  15. It sucked. Or, it probably did. I don't know. I'm not wasting my time with that garbage company. I really have nothing to say about it, and I don't wanna sound like a broken record with my constant negativity about the WWE. I just didn't want to disappoint the giant bold letters that looked important :emoji_wink:
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  16. Am I the only one who thinks Carmella not cashing in made a million times more sense than her cashing in? The whole point of money in the bank is "You're tired, I'm not, let's fight!" Don't forget, Carmella just finished her match, she was tired too, and it's not cash in then pin, the ref would let Naomi get up, she'd catch her breath, then they'd fight, meaning Naomi could easily still beat the also fatigued Carmella

    Anyways, I thought it was a good show sans a few parts. The Cena/Corbin promo made no sense, it reminded me of South Park's bully episode where Stan tries to intimidate Kyle, but then plays the victim card. Also the dumpster fire bit was a little corny for my taste

    With Fashion Files, Ascension and "Anal probes" made me chuckle, but let's be real, this whole angle has been stretched out to the point of stupidity, especially since two or the three crimes were written off as nothing. "Who killed Tully?" Oh, Arn, because he wanted the horse named after him. "Who kidnapped Officer Dango?" Oh, aliens, gotcha. "Who trashed the Fashion Headquarters?" Honestly I don't even care anymore

    My final gripe comes with Jinder losing. To be straight, it's the dumbest decision I've seen in a very long time, and it took my vote from 9 down to 7

    Wait, 9? Yep, because despite those things, I thought it was a great show

    Team Canada 6.0 vs Usos was great, and Usos even used my new favorite move (sorry senton), that calf stomp thing. I also thought the New Day bit was really good

    Both women's matches were entertaining to me, especially Charlotte vs Lana, and I really don't like Lana. Because I don't like her, seeing her getting squashed was so fun for me, especially because it makes Charlotte look like a million dollars

    I actually like Ellsworth, sorry, he's got some bad moments, but I likes the fact that he's trying and failing to be a bad boy because he has a crush on Carmella, and litterly nobody takes him seriously

    The US title thing... Man... Golden all the way through. KO and Styles for some reason don't have much chemistry, but there was something about this segment that just clicked

    Finally, the Shinsuke interview was okay, above average but nothing killer

    Anyways, like I said, 7/10, #DontHinderTheJinder
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  17. A valid point...but I don't think Carmella should be wrestling
    Naomi in the first place.

    There are 6 other women on SmackDown she could be wrestling
    and all this match did was make Naomi look bad and Carmella look
    pathetic because she can't get anything done without Ellsworth.

    I'm sick of the creative teams focusing on generating heat...
    why not just have wrestlers win and look strong and competent?

    That she does...Woooooo!!!

    No...he's a pathetic toilet bug who is crippling the entire women's division
    by his mere presence.


    Of course these are just my opinions and I harbor no ill will towards those
    who like Ellsworth.
  18. Carmella isn't the challenger at the moment. Natalya is. Just so you know. Carmellas shot at the title is guaranteed therefor you don't need to build her up as some ultra strong woman because if that'd be the case, she wouldn't need the briefcase. Why do you think Charlotte doesn't have a briefcase? Because she doesn't need it. Carmella needs it. The point of the briefcase is to give lesser characters a chance to win the big one.
    And this is typical "easier said than done" right here because how would you make Carmella look strong? Because I'm not buying it. They could have her win matches clean or dominate her competition and I'd just go "this is typical WWE fake". You brought up the Miz, remember when they turned him face and it just didn't work? Exact same reason. There are certain people that aren't supposed to be strong based on their persona. Eventually you can have them show resilience like Miz kicking out of the AA at mania 27 when nobody thought he would but other than that, I don't really see a problem here. I don't even know what I'm justifying here. I enjoy watching Ellsworth. If you're not cool with him then just add him to the list of people you #ignore
  19. You know you have a real condescending way of getting your opinions across...
    Just saying...

    No shit...tell me something I don't know...

    So because she has the briefcase she can be booked like
    an idiot who can't achieve anything on her own?

    Yeah...because booking a MitB winner weakly never
    happened before.

    What was that guys name again...Damien Sandow wasn't it?

    Again...No shit...tell me something I don't know...

    Glad you asked...

    1st...she ditches Ellsworth...
    2nd...she begins to attack Naomi backstage and after matches...
    even a car park attack would help establish her as a threat...Christ...
    she's played this role before in her feud with Nikki Bella.
    3rd...I'd have Carmella score "clean heel" wins over Becky, Charlotte,
    Natalya, Tamina & Lana...all using her Code of Silence finisher.

    Focus on that move and make it seem that once its locked in
    no one can get out of it.

    Make it that Carmella can be thrown around and dominated for
    an entire match but if she gets that hold on anyone...they have
    no choice but to tap.

    Also...play up her super kick...if that would help...but it wouldn't
    because "everyone" uses a super kick nowadays...even Ellsworth.

    Have Carmella cheat to win...but have her cheat and win on her own.

    And that's your choice...

    Do you feel the same way when that Reigns guy kicks out of brass
    knuckle shots or hits one spear and pins someone "bigger" than him.

    Just curious...

    Your opinion? Or would that be "overthinking" it?

    You see I can't do that...because unlike your Samoan,
    wellness policy violating, Jack & the Beanstalk quoting
    friend...Ellsworth is directly involved in the division I care
    the most about.

    Unlike your buddy...who I can easily ignore because by
    simply not watching the RAW main event scene and most
    of the RAW brand pay per view main events.

    But hey...if you like Ellsworth & Reigns...more power to you...
    Its your choice...and we are all free to make choice.

    Oh...and feel free to ignore me if you want...I won't loose
    any sleep over it.

    I'd hate to make you "overthink" or "justify" anything...
  20. So is every rate thread now gonna turn into Grievous vs SWL? Because if so then great because these posts are more entertaining than Raw/Smackdown. XD
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