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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Rysenberg, May 25, 2012.

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6daP00kijk

    4/10 for me.

    The first segment was a bit of a snoozefest. I don't really care for any of the guys in it. I found the end pretty funny though when they were all trying to have a serious stare down with Eve's music playing in the background :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Christian vs Hunico was a decent enough match I guess. Could potentially be a very good match if given time but it was obviously not going to be given any. Looking forward to Christian vs Rhodes with Christian more over as a face than he was at OTL.

    Tag team match was enjoyable. Really like Derren at Titus at the moment, and the tag division is more refreshing overall. Don't really like The Usos but they could have some exciting tag matches so I've no problem with them being on the main show more.

    Ryback squash - DAT DOUBLE FINISHER!

    Santino vs Ricardo was actually quite funny. Normally when WWE tries to produce something amusing it ends up being totally cringeworthy, but credit where credit is due, they managed to make me laugh a bit.

    Sheamus using the word arse for cheap pop shocker. Then Vickie comes out, gets my hopes up for a Ziggler appearance, sadly it was Swagger. Dull match.

    Sandow :boss:

    Big Show promo - I was err...busy.. and err...missed it..

    Bryan/Kane interaction - going to give my thoughts on that on another thread. At least he appeared and made Smackdown so much more interesting.

    Main Event - Not gonna lie I just skipped it as well, not much interest in any of the participants. Was kinda glad Berto won I guess, means that Orton will still fued with Jericho and that means he will not be suspended for long :yes:
  2. I give it a 6/10, mostly because i skipped the Big Show portion (and wont count it as part of the show, same as the two minute recap clips played 2-3 times a show)

    I hope that Ryback stops getting those Goldberg chants now, in the beginning i was insulting and mocking him, but that dude has some powerful moves and the ending to that fight? I marked out for sure.

    Other than that, i really dig Titus and Darren as a tag team, and they have the teamwork i havent seen much of since the Dudley boys had a team-finisher before (I only really just got back into WWE as of a couple months ago) and i dont mind the Uso's, I hope Hunico and Camacho get a couple more tag matches in, i thought that match they had recently was pretty decent, especially the over the ropes kick on whoever was in the corner.

    I've been a reader on the forums for a while, I'll be around for a while, granted i dont have to make a quick name change (you know you love Magic as much as i do)
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  3. Awesome first post, I'm glad you signed up. Liked it :emoji_slight_smile:.

    I also skipped every Big Show segment. I've been a fan of Ryback since he was in Nexus (he sucked in NXT and FCW imo). The guy is a serious future main eventer I'm sure of it. The intensity is so awesome when he enters.

    If you told me a month or two ago that I'd be a mark for Titus O'neil and Darren Freaking Young I would have laughed in your face. But I was wrong - they're awesome. So much charisma, it's one of those pleasurable shocks you get as a wrestling fan. Top tag-team. Millions of dollas'
  4. Definitely agreed. I didn't get down on Santino (I rarely do, the cobra makes little to no sense to me, since from these forums ive had to witness his past matches as an actual human being - not a cartoon stereotype brought to life) and Ricardo (for the same reason) Match, but i was really excited to see Daniel Bryan going in how he did, I love when kane has issues of choice, he plays the "slow" character so well.

    I think a lot of my enjoyment came from watching FCW and NXT last night, it was so great to watch, but Khali and Jackson just took the wind right out of my sails. I can't wait for Khali to retire, I saw on one of the sites they have arm wrestling, im sure he can still be great somewhere else. Does anyone else feel like Ezekiel Jackson did something really wrong, or is hated backstage? This is the first time ive seen him win in a while, and his last match i saw was a tag team event where he didnt even get a tag in. I dont think hes amazing, but he has something to offer as far as i can see.

    Actually that reminds me, anyone want to wager on Ryback being the next/possibly final person to put the giant on his shoulders?
  5. I hope it is Ryback but Khali is a face :emoji_slight_frown:. Ryback is a badass face atm it seems.

    I was on the Santino band wagon for a bit but now it's starting to bore me. The guy makes me laugh most segments he's in but he's a champion - it bothers me to see a championship which could help a future main eventer be held by a comedian.

    I'm personally not a fan of Kane being involved in the DB/Punk story-line. In my opinion it needs to be one on one with those two, Kane's involvement can only ruin their matches. Bryan/Punk was SO good at OTL and it'll be amazing again at No Way Out if it's one on one. Either way I want my home boy DB to become WWE champion.
  6. OK show. Didn't mind for the open segment, Big Show promo and Sheamus/Swagger. Christian vs Hunico was OK and it's nice to see Christian will feud with Cody. Good tag match and I love Young & O'Neil. The comedy match was... a comedy match. Sandow is great. I don't want Kane to ruin Punk vs Bryan matches. The Main Event antecipates a boring feud with two boring wrestlers. :burns:

    Edit: I also want to see Bryan winning the WWE Title and some giant about to leave putting Ryback over.
  7. Totally agreed, i know punk is a good wrestler, but the best in the world gimmick only goes so far. I think people like punk show how heyman teaches people to show their positves and really hide the negatives, as far as upper mid card goes, sure. WWE champion? I have always and will always be a Jerichoholic, so i got even more down seeing how Jericho wanted to put him over at WM, but it's almost sickening how often the heels lose to the undercard face cleanly, but never can win without some sort of outside agent, same as in TNA.

    Punk NEEDS to lose the title and get some new kind of motion going on, he isn't the kind of wrestler i think deserves the once/twice a month match, while having a segment weekly just talking. I hope DB wins the title, my safest assumption is they are going to have him go over kane for the title, leaving Punk feeling sorry for himself and really just switching rolls with DB himself. Either way, WWE champion i can deal with, its ShameUs im sick of seeing in the title role. Most of his matches are carried by the other wrestlers in ring ability to take hits (Which is why im a total Ziggler mark, and really why im getting into seeing Hunico sometimes) and are about as exciting as when Jerry the king was announced as the person facing DB in the beat the clock matches. Clearly a last second decision.
  8. Yes, Punk is getting stale even though he's charismatic, works well on the mic and is good in the ring. He's becoming another John Cena. [​IMG]

    Sheamus, on the other hand, is boring as the superman face he's portraying, and is often carried, it's true. But we'll probably have to see him hold this title throughout the summer, or at least until after No Way Out, while feuding with Del Rio... :upset:
  9. Sorry i should have specified how, i think Punk is a great, charasmatic wrestler, i just meant is as far as calling when you lose, having 10 minutes of mic time on things that are irrelevant (going out to talk about Johnny and ignoring DB) or being shown as at least one of two main faces in the company, etc. I didn't mean to offend saying his promos are terrible or anything, that's far from the truth. Terribly joke, i'll try to make sure to explain myself better from now on, especially when trying to joke.
  10. I know, I didn't mean that either. He's a great mic worker. But that's my point exactly, he's getting stale, he goes out there, talks about Johnny and doesn't mention his actual feud, it's true. Now, he is a great talker, that's for sure, but they're not booking him very well.
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  11. As for rating this show I'm going to give it a 5. Same as I gave iMPACT and more than I gave RAW so this is an improvement for SmackDown.

    I'm becoming a big big mark for Titus and Darren.
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