Rate SmackDown this week.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. 1/10 - Only the main-event amused me.
  2. Awgh, 3/10.. barely the main event amused me.
  3. First off, please tell me the Drew Mcintyre firing is legitimate.

    Review: 2/10. Every Raw and Every Smackdown should be done to hype up Wrestlemania. They can use Superstars/NXT to use the guys who won't be on the card.

    Negatives: It seemed like there were 30 minutes of Raw recaps, if we wanted to know what was going on on Raw, we'd watch Raw. Dolph Ziggler is a jobber now, apparently. David Otunga > Dolph Ziggler right now, #wwelogic. Guess he'll join The Miz and Mark Henry in the traditional Wrestlemania Dark Match Battle Royal this year. Eve vs Nattie and Santino vs Slater were pointless, they made Gabriel look strong again but probably won't push him again, WWE studios still exists, The GM feud needs to go somewhere fast.

    Positives: Orton and Kane have something to do at Wrestlemania, Cody Rhodes's weekly Big Show Fail at Wrestlemania, Daniel Bryan's heat.
  4. 4/10

    - The main event was good
    - I liked the short interviews of Bryan and Orton
  5. Bryan is literally the only hope for SmackDown, it was Rhodes but he's feuding with The Big Squash so :S
  6. 10/10

    Just loved it.
  7. @[Zamorkian] can you link me to that segment with Ziggler?
  8. 2/10

    Ziggler and Sheamus did have a decent match, but that was about it.
  9. 5/10 only because of Bryan.Smackdown has been always the more wrestling orientated show but as of late it is turning more and more into raw with all the promos and johnny ace shenanigans.
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