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The Reagmaster

Future Vice President of WWEF
I guess I'll do this since nobody else wants to.

How drunk is Ric Flair tonight?: The Video game: The Movie: The Musical: The toy: The video game: The real life

Flair was on screen for like 5 minutes and mentioned scripts and revealed that his script had bullet points. He was asked one question in a talk show segment. Ric! No! Then The Club came in! And then Profits on The Street came in! And then it was revealed that this entire segment was pointless! This will become a theme!

I think they buy streets? And then you have to pay to use that street? HOW DO YOU PROFIT FROM STREETS vs Adam Brody & Ben McKenzie! Commissioner Gordon & One of the Shazam family, don't know which one because I didn't watch the movie yeah!

Profits frog splashed it and won! And awkwardly celebrated with Ric.

A Pirate and a Emperess walk into a bar vs Sashas still the better one vs Team Tea vs Bliss Cross. Get it? It's a pun on Criss Cross, the popular cha cha slide dance move.

Me, Jeffry & Kevin just spent the entire match asking which current woman wrestler had the best ass and we all agreed it wasn't Charlotte. Deal with it Grievous! Also Asuka choked a bitch and retained.

When I was young and just got into wrestling, I was told by my cousins that Cena threw Lashley through the ring and he was never seen again. And I believed it. BUT HE WAS SEEN AGAIN. vs remember when Rusev fought Henry in a flag match and nobody cared? That first guy.

Rusev didn't show up. Lashley won by forfeit. I WASTED MY BAD BUT FUNNY IN RETROSPECT MEMORY ON A MATCH THAT WAS WON BY FORFEIT! AHHHHH! Well I'm gonna use this to advertise my shit. TLC MARKS THE END OF SEASON ONE FANTASY LEAGUE! If you would like to prebook your position in Season 2, pm me or something. Get my attention.

LASHLEY. YEAH I'M NOT WASTING MY JOKES ON HIM A SECOND TIME vs I have a friend who has the last name of Owens. You can really tell it's 2:45 and I still need to set up my nephew and nieces Elf on the freaking shelf!

This...was pointless! They fought for a lot then Rusev showed up because..traffic? Was Rusev delayed by traffic? Questions. Rusev killed him.

Jeffry Fucking Mason

Your Local Sports Team Sucks
LDW Management
Was a good show when taking into consideration what it actually was, which was truly just a house show. They made a bigger deal about and put more effort into the EVOLVE show that was on earlier this year, so I can't really say that it was "lacking" since this is about what you get at a typical house show.

And yes, InsaneAlphaBeta InsaneAlphaBeta , I'm going to sleep now so a response may be delayed if you decide to start it, but if you'd like to continue our discussion about why Lashley vs. KO was perfectly fine, this is the thread I was talking about doing so in :emoji_slight_smile:


Guardian of Light. The Dave Meltzer of WWEF
And yes, InsaneAlphaBeta InsaneAlphaBeta , I'm going to sleep now so a response may be delayed if you decide to start it, but if you'd like to continue our discussion about why Lashley vs. KO was perfectly fine, this is the thread I was talking about doing so in :emoji_slight_smile:
Perhaps i shoudl tackle this from a alternate perspective, so you will have a better understanding of my view on the matter lol, also Lashley and KO being fine wasnt my point, but i will get to that.

Firstly let me just dive into something else, you will understand why just bare with me.

Im no expert in the world of Wrestling, i'll be the first to admit that, but if there is one thing i am certainly experienced in, its the gaming industry. Gaming is something i would consider myself a expert in, i know alot about it and its history, aswell as having played many games myself and observing the industry over the years. And my knowledge of gaming has helped me in understanding the world of entertainment, afteral thats what gaming is, a form of entertainment.

And as you are aware, WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, so some of my knowledge can and does apply in certain specific aspects, one in particuler being the fans, which brings me to the main topic itself.

I say WWE promoteing a match like Lashley vs Rusev in a Last Man Standing match, yet never intending to deliver is a bad idea and soemthing they should not have done and is not okay, becuase ive seen things like this first hand, companies promising fans one thing promoting it as such and on the day of, the fans realise they didnt get what they paid for, it always turns bad, why? because of the simple truth that fans dont like to be lied to, and if you lie enough they will eventually abandon you.

And thats disregarding the fact Starcade was basicly a house show so they absolutely could have, and the fact they didnt even mention starcade on Raw just adds to that,

Here is a prime WWE example, remmeber that series of weeks when they advertised Brock Lesnar? well there was a ratings increase because people wanted to see lesnar, well he didnt show up, so then they promised the next week he would be there, fans tuned in again, no Brock, and then they promised him again, still no brock but now the ratings began to decrease and that only continued as they kept promising brock but not delivering. The fact is you can only lie to people so much before they take the hint and leave. In the gaming industry the fans there have a shorter fuse and leave faster, WWE is lucky that wrestling fans more often then not are very tolerent.

That is why i said it was a bad move of WWE for doing that, They advertised a last man standing match between rusev and lashley, for a house show that wasnt even gonna be canon in the first place so they had no excuse not to, if they brought it up on raw the next night then sure, maybe it gets a pass, but starcade wasnt even referenced, it was a house show, there was no excuse not to do that match, it doesnt matter if KO vs Lashley was good becuase that isnt the point here. The point is they advertised a match for a house show, and didnt deliver on what the fans paid for, despite the fact the show wasnt canon and they could have done the match. And fact is if WWE keeps lieing like this to their fans, it will bite them if it hasnt already. If you look at the yearly numbers its all going down, is that solely because of them lieing like this? certainly not, but its likely a whole number of things, hell we even know the true loyalty of the fans isnt very strong and most watch out of habbit, but thats another topic for another day unless you want me to explain what i mean.

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