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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solidus, Aug 23, 2015.

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    Sheamus defeats Randy Orton via pinfall
    The New Day (new tag champions) defeat Lucha Dragons, Prime Time Players, Los Matadores via pinfall
    Rusev & Dolph Ziggler ended in a double count-out
    Neville & Stephen Amell defeat King Barrett & Stardust via pinfall
    Ryback defeats The Miz & Big Show via pinfall
    Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose defeat The Wyatt Family via pinfall
    Seth Rollins (WWE WHC and US Champion) defeats John Cena via pinfall, interference from John Stewart
    Team PCB defeat Team B.A.D and Team Bella via pinfall
    Kevin Owens defeats Cesaro via pinfall
    Undertaker defeats Brock Lesnar via submission

    Do your worst :urm:
  2. To say it was a summerslam would be a joke only liked 3 matches and one of them ended awfully (guess which one).

  3. /10
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  4. Watched for one match and it didn't disappoint
  5. I don't generally expect much from Summerslam but I gave it a 6. I'm not going to type as much as usual because my laptop is having problems and I'm typing on my phone.

    I really liked Rollins and Cena. The ending didn't bother me at all. My two favorite wrestlers of all time are Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett so cheating doesn't really bug me too much. I would have rather had Rollins win cleanly but that wasn't going to happen.

    Cesaro vs Owens was excellent.

    Undertaker vs Lesnar was fun until the end. I have to agree that the ending was crap, but it's pretty much what I was predicting so there's a mild satisfaction in that after so many people telling me it wasn't going to happen and that I was insane for thinking Taker would win. I didn't want Undertaker to win, but thought he would. I'm not gloating or anything... I would have preferred a Lesnar win. Lesnar made the Undertaker tap out regardless of the ref not seeing it and no one has ever done that. I don't think this match was damaging to Brock. I do, however, think the victory was damaging to Undertaker.
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  6. [​IMG]

    ....that is all I have to say
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  7. 2002 angle made him tap in a similar fashion
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  9. Yeah my knowledge of that time period is pretty weak. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Regardless it doesn't detract from Lesnar making him do it also. Kurt Angle is good company to be in accomplishment wise
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  10. This is SummerSlam, one of WWE's biggest(and usually best) events of the year. You had matches building up for weeks, some for months, and maybe... maybe 2/5ths of those bouts came to ahead at the show itself.

    - Neither Rusev or Ziggler won, so they're at least going on till Night of Champions.

    -Prime Time Players get an automatic rematch clause for their titles. There's New Day's first opponents.

    -Cena also has an automatic rematch clause, plus he lost dirty.

    -That was the first bout between the Wyatt Family & Roman/Ambrose, so they're probably going on a little bit longer.

    -Sheamus and Orton are even now, so they need a rubber match.

    -Amell pretty much said that it wasn't over yet.

    -The ME wasn't clear at all, so they'll probably have a rubber match at WrestleMania 32. Unless Lesnar F5's Charles and gets suspended again until we forget about the ending between his match with The Undertaker.

    Also, had the finishes between Rollins/Cena & Undertaker/Lesnar been swapped the show would've been a little more redeemable. To me, Cena having Rollins in the STFU and the bell ring, only for Little Nature Boy rejecting the call so Rollins could capitalize and walk out victorious would've made more sense. That way someone like Kane, or Owens could've ran in during Taker/Lesnar, and screw over one or the other would've been possible.

    Another thing that was I had a gripe with was that the matches were out of order. Had the outcomes of Cena/Rollins & Taker/Lesnar been swapped, and Rollins/Cena was the ME & Taker/Lesnar was the co-ME it wouldn't have left such a bad taste in people's mouths.

    Aside from my problems with the show, I did enjoy:
    - Owens/Cesaro

    - New Day winning the Tag Titles

    - Rollins/Cena until the end

    - The diva's match

    - The ME until the end

    I'll go ahead and rate it a 6/10, had the show been three hours, and the two faulty finishes been swapped, I would've enjoyed it far more.
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  12. Kevin Owens and cesaro could've been better. Needed more time but it was a great match

    Cena and Rollins was good until the end. Jon Stewart's involvement is well... I guess I don't get it.

    IC title match was forgettable.

    Tag team match was okay.

    Divas was dumb.

    Sheamus and orton should've had the briefcase on the line.

    Brock and taker had a stupid ending. The match itself was fun and not bad at all... But the end made taker look bad and made absolutely no sense. Brock flipping off taker was awesome though before he passed out so at least that was memorable.
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  13. My memory could be off here, but I'm pretty sure Ken Shamrock made him tap out as well (although the referee didn't see it) at Backlash 1999. However, they'll probably conveniently ignore their own history again (and arguably wisely so) by pointing out that Brock Lesnar was the first man to make the Undertaker tap even though he wasn't. Similar to how Hogan was painted as the first person to ever bodyslam Andre The Giant despite Andre having been slammed like twelve or so times prior to that night at Wrestlemania 3.

    As for the PPV, I thought it was a pretty enjoyable event overall. A couple of questionable things, and I'm still kind of split over that fuckery we saw in the ending, but overall I was entertained throughout the whole show.
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  14. ^ This was hilarious.

    On another note, WWE chose to suppress my in-ring ability, but nevertheless. Stardust has failed this city and I took him out!
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  15. :booker2:

    I LOL'd so hard. It was one of the best PPV moments in years.
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  16. 5/10
    Question, was that the idea for the show to end like that? Or did the time keeper or Robinson fuck up?
  17. Clearly it was intentional. They even followed it up on and their Youtube channel:

    A time keeper would never ring the bell without the referee's discretion unless it was for convenient storyline purposes like it was last night.
  18. oh.. well still fuck, that's not how you book a shocking ending
  19. The ending was shit as people would've respected taker more for losing clean...even if he did tap out this time. Having the referee miss a tap out, which never happens, and then having taker low blow brock then make him pass out was bad...the only good thing was brock's middle finger....and the laughing sequence between them when they both sat up...the match itself was great though.
  20. SummerSlam was OK, but also disappointing. 5/10

    - Gladly skipped Foley/Stewart.

    - Sheamus vs Orton was a rock solid show opener. **¾
    I like both guys, but this has been a directionless feud. Sheamus winning here will set up a rubber match at NOC.
    Hopefully it'll be a big blow-off match for the briefcase.

    - The New Day vs Los Matadores vs The PTP vs The Lucha Dragons was good and fun to watch. ***
    Despite some sloppiness (by Sin Cara and Matadore), it was just random carnage and totally fun to watch.
    But anyways, I'm happy The New Day regained the tag titles!

    - DZ vs Rusev was decent for what it was. **
    I'm not a fan of the ending at all. This feud's done nothing for me, it's boring as hell and I want it over, ASAP.

    - Amell & Neville vs Barrett & Stardust was fine for what it was, but it doesn't hurt if you skip it. *¾
    While I had zero interest in this, gotta give props to Amell for taking bumps and doing enough to look fine.

    - Ryback vs The Miz vs Big Show was just meh and very rushed. *
    All I can say is, the right guy won. But, this match is definitely skip-worthy.

    - Reigns & Ambrose vs Wyatt & Harper was good and entertaining for the time given! ***¼
    This was pretty wild and chaotic, had a great pace and energy from the get-go and felt totally different than anything on the card thus far. All in all, they made the most of it.

    - Rollins vs Cena was great. ****
    BUT... The finish ruined the match for me. Even though these two delivered, the booking failed.
    Rollins should've won CLEAN if that was their plan all along, but God forbid Cena drops the title that way.
    Or, if Cena was to win here, it should've been done clean. Don't ruin a big match by doing silly things.
    But apparently, having a clean and decisive finish is too much to ask of WWE. Oh, silly me.
    WWE surely loves to spam DQ/stupid finishes, but they should do it where it'd actually be helpful.
    If crowning Cena the 16x WC at NOC is their plan, then a DQ finish would've worked here.
    Rollins could've DQ'd himself, 'cause in his mind, WWE-WHC is still superior to the US title and he could've said 'Meh, I didn't want your piddly-ass title anyway.' But nah, he had to win because there's a statue waiting for him in WWE HQ. Woo-hoo!
    Now, with things happening this way, Rollins will be Cena's bitch at NOC.
    I also hated that there was a ref bump, a completely random interference by Stewart and him helping Rollins was just WWE Creative telling us 'LOL. Why the hell not.' - Just frig off.
    If it wasn't for all that BS, the match would've been MOTYC.

    - Team PCB vs Team Bella vs Team B.A.D was meh and didn't feel special at all. *
    I just couldn't get into this match... There are too many people involved.
    Even though I like Team PCB and Sasha, there's no real story and overall, it just felt like a random match with no real consequences. This whole #DivasRevolution feels like 'Hey-yo! We're giving women more time to wrestle.' While that is nice, this match was a big let down compared to Bayley/Sasha from TakeOver.
    Bayley/Sasha was a bout that was filled with emotion and passion. The stakes were high and every move mattered and the storytelling was right on point.
    But, here at SummerSlam, it was never made clear about the whys and wherefores of what these women are fighting for... Knowing Nikki hasn't defended that Divas title in a loooong time.
    Plus, the only heat they got is when they went for those outside dives. After that, it was just meh.
    And not to mention how badly Sasha was treated. At TakeOver, she was having an amazing match, but she was just a body here.
    Also, the finish looked clunky and Nikki should've been the one to eat the pin.

    - KO vs Cesaro was very good. ***½
    I worship these two. They were on fire early on, brawling, diving over the top rope and such.
    And I love it when KO starts picking on Cole, hope he takes him to Pop-up Powerbomb City soon!
    Perhaps, this should've been the opener. But, oh well. I still enjoyed it.

    - Undertaker vs Lesnar was surprisingly good and pretty enjoyable. ***½
    While I love Brock and I'm not really a fan of Taker's, I wasn't mad at the ending.
    This match ended in the only way it could've, in order to tell the story they're trying to tell.
    Taker losing kills him completely and beyond repair, and Taker going over clean kills Lesnar's momentum.
    It had to end with shenanigans.

    And last, but not least... I LOL'd so hard here.
    Lesnar flipping Taker the bird while he was trapped in Hell's Gate was an awesome moment, too!
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