SummerSlam Rate SummerSlam! 8/11/2019

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The Artiste

+ Opening match was decent. Nothing too special but the crowd was really into it which helped it a lot.

+ Owens vs Shane woke me up a little, even though it was a mess of a match.

+ Trish vs Charlotte was way better than I expected.

+ Holy shit that Fiend entrance was absolutely the best part of the show.

+ Great main event. Now that Seth has beaten Lesnar TWICE, you have to make him untouchable for a year. But lets start by giving him a decent reign this time around.

+ Thank god this was 3 and a half hours long.


- Goldberg vs Ziggler was a gigantic waste of time. I was ok with the squash, but the stuff after the match was completely unnecessary. Hopefully this means that Dolph is gone for some time. I hate saying that cause I love Ziggler to death, but he is of no use anymore. Beating him means absolutely nothing, and losing to him is down right embarrassing.

- AJ vs Black Panther was really disappointing. I seriously don't remember a thing from this match, except for the finish. Bye bye Ricochet, off to midcard hell you go.

- Bayley and Ember tried, but there was simply nothing there.

- The finish to Kofi vs Orton pissed me off so much man. I was really into this match, and just as it started picking up some serious steam, it ended by a random count out. Are you fucking kidding me?

Overall : 6/10

While nothing on Summerslam was particularly bad (except for the Kofi/Orton finish), most of it was quite boring, forgettable. The last 2 matches saved the show for me.

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