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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Aug 19, 2012.

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  1. Now I know there's hate but reflect on it before you review.


    - Illogical booking between Jericho/Ziggler. Shouldn't have opened, Jericho shouldn't have gone over. Match was great though and maybe the feud continues?
    -Big Show in the title match was unbearable, in fact, the whole match sucked but the result was good.
    -Stupid song performance
    -Kofi/Truth winning


    -Ziggler/Jericho match quality was awesome. As expected.
    -DB went over Kane cleanly.
    -Sheamus had to cheat to beat ADR which means that awesome feud continues and is finally a different face win instead of superman, I'll make an individual thread on this tomorrow though.
    -CM Punk retained cleanly.
    -Miz went over Rey Mysterio cleanly
    -New US champion
    -Lesnar made HHH for fuck sake tap CLEANLY. HHH JOBBED TO LESNAR.

    7/10 PPV. Good was way better than the bad.
  2. did'nt enjoy it so 5/10
  3. I cant take you seriously with this username lol.

    you pretty much covered the way i feel about the PPV. 7/10. points taken off for kofi/Rtruth and jericho winning and big show being so dominant.
  4. 4/10. Completely forgettable. Nothing stood out at all, and the last three matches sucked ass save for the WWE Championship's finish. The undercard matches were solid but nothing more. Loved Bryan, Miz, Brock, and Punk winning clean.
  5. 8/10. I really enjoyed it, including the Show/Punk/Cena match (good swerve imo).

    I however didn't like Kofi/Truth winning and that terrible, terrible "concert". I actually like that song, but you can tell it was heavily edited in production. Can't sing it like for shit.

    Other than that, good PPV. Especially Cesaro winning. Return of the European championship perhaps?

    Show Spoiler
    lol bock laser one
  6. Brock going over HHH sucked ass?
  7. 3/10 Absolute garbage. Nothing was really a "great" match. Punk still cant beat Cena cleanly. Jericho for some reason won. The tag match was boring as expected (Didn't need AW to save it as you all think.) Never cared about HHH vs Brock. Fuck The Miz.

    The only positives were Punk actually retaining, Bryan shockingly but deserving wining his match. and Claudio wining the US title.
  8. 6/10 good to great matches (excluding WWE title match) but the outcomes of most of these matches were bad except Lesnar, so good PPV but not as good as it could have been.
  9. 5/10
    Brock winning was pretty cool, and Santino losing that belt is a great thing, and CM Punk retaining is good. Didnt enjoy it though. Also, Daniel getting a win is cool.
  10. Matches: Great Opener, best choice they could have done. Jericho vs Ziggler opening had me believe that Ziggler would win and cash in. The match was superb, very quick at the start, surprised me actually

    Kane vs D-Bry was better than I expected, Daniel Bryan winning was obvious, no AJ for that match was a plus in my opinion

    Tag Team match: Was very good and I hope they further develop the storyline between these two teams. Loved the Kobe Chants as I am sure AW did

    Pre-Show Match: Was perfect, not too long and we have a serious champion, crap gimmick but a serious champion.

    Intercontinental Championship was very well done, loved the Batman costume on Rey, He has done Flash, he still has a long way to go to complete the justice league. only a matter of time till he wears a wonder woman costume, as Aqua Man sucks. Glad Miz retained. Hopefully some prestige has returned and I would enjoy division of Miz, Cody, Rey and Christian for the title, as they lack them.

    WHC: Good length, Del Rio is doing better I see, I believed Del Rio would attack Sheamus post match, but that was not the case,

    WWE Title: I almost predicted ending, having Show double KO Cena and Punk for win, that was not the case, and kinda pissed me off Punk still is champ, I honestly would prefer Show to win as I am sick of Punk and do not want the title on Cena anytime soon

    Brock vs HHH, great match, loved every bit of it. Possibility of Game finally Over for HHH wrestling wise? We will see.

    Solid 9/10 from me, only let down was that terrible performance from Rudolph
  11. Edited post, tried to get that match out of my mind at the time of posting.

    Make it 5/10 actually, the 4/10 before +1 for Fred Durst's middle finger.
  12. How was Bryan wining obvious? I would think that was the biggest shock of the night. He has be shit on by AJ for most of the month. If anything im happy he got a win for a change.

  13. also for there being no ryback mach. and also divas.. means i had to take a piss break during the good parts
  14. I found that horrendously dull. I ran out of reasons to care as soon as Sheamus didn't get cashed in on. I found Brock going over horrible, as it means that abomination of a fued is going to continue with Hunter eventually coming out on top anyway. Still, worth it for Crayo + Xanth's usernames :lol1:

    Ziggler/Jericho not only being poorly booked, but not as good a match as I was expecting it to be. Maybe the result has effected my opinion, but it was a little dull for me.

    The rest I can't even be bothered to write about, crowd was decent I guess and Punk's attire was epic....that's about it.

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  15. I thought the PPV was pretty good, It had it's good and it's bad sides, Good Triple H vs Lesnar was awesome, I think the triple threat ending sucked a little bit where A.J came out and said it had to be restarted, Shame that Ziggler vs Jericho opened the show.
  16. well they weren't going to main event so it's better than being thrown in the middle :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  17. I just skimmed through it and watched the opener and ME. MEH

    Ziggler v Jericho was good, not great. I knew Jericho would win so no problem there, I just expected more out of those two.

    Retarded finish to the WHC match. Just stupid unnecessary BS

    Same thing to be said about the WWE title finish. Just why?

    Even HHH v Lesnar was underwhelming. Slow paced and just focusing on Lesnar working on an arm. Nowhere near as good as Lesnars match vs Cena. Not even in the same league.

    The rest meaning the US, IC and tag team titles are all Irrelevant to me. Oh and my god that guy who played the SS theme sucks dick

    Overall just a ho hum lackluster event. I didn't sit through all of the matches but based on the finishes and two matches I did watch in their entirety I have to say I was far from impressed

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