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  1. Rarely give WWE events above a 7 but that exceeded expectations like I thought it would. 9/10. The DZ and Diva matches sucked, but there were two amazing matches. Brock vs Punk was awesome, and then Cena vs Bryan I think almost was better than Brock and Punk. The ending made me jizz and mark all over the place. Most predicted something would happen as far as DB winning and then losing the title, but I never expected HHH. Fucking great ending. Post yours.
  2. 9.5

    MOTYC: Lesnar/Punk & Cena/Bryan

    ADR vs Christian was also very good, as was Rhodes Scholars. Kane/Wyatt was weird, but I like where they took the angle.

    And dat finish
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  3. You know it's a great PPV when you get that kind of optimism from D'Z.
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  4. WOW. My predictions were so off.
  5. 10/10. Seriously 10/10.

    Brock/Punk - Let us just say this match is without a doubt the best one this year. Still sad that Punk didn't win.

    Brian/Cena - Great match, however it got a bit boring but still you gotta give em both a round of applause for the great "wrestling."

    Rhodes/Sandow - Liked the match and enjoyed seeing Rhodes leaving the ring as the winner of it. Nothing more to add here.

    Christian/ADR - Loved the way they made us all think for a second that Christian was going to be the winner, nevertheless this match was really good so hats off to both.

    And let us not forget the ending which was the sole reason why I came all over my desk. HHH & Orton turning heel at the same time is a moment that will never ever be forgotten. I am still marking guys. That shit was pretty dope.
  6. 9/10

    Pre-ppv match was good. Lame ending, but > > > > RVD with the belt.
    Fandango. Yes, I love the guy.
    Loved Brock no-selling Punk's weak ass moves, loved Heyman, loved Brock annihilating and tossing Punk around like he was a child.
    Wyatt sacrificing Kane was odd, but cool. My sorta thing.
    Cody was awesome, really solid match too.
    ADR/Christian was solid. A heel went over clean for once (though was he teasing a face turn with kissing the LA latino crowd's ass there?)
    Bryan went over CLEAN(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) + dat ending (Orton/HHH turn) + what the future holds for Bryan.

    Really fucking good PPV.
  7. 9.7/10,It was so awesome.
    -Ambrose retained
    -Wyatt won and sacrificed Kane
    -Rhodes won in an awesome match
    -Del Rio retained in an awesome match
    -Ziggler won which means AJ fucking lost
    -Lesnar whooped that ass
    -Cena lost cleanly by a beast knee
    -Triple H turned heel which made me mark the fuck out
    - Orton turned heel and cashed in,whatta great finish
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  8. 9/10. Real solid PPV, will probably be the best all year.

    Preshow - Would've been better if they'd fucking let dean win clean. I hate how all heels are cowards, but as long as Bob didn't get the title, I was ok

    Rhodes/Sandow: Solid match. Shows why these two should be in bigger things in a year or two. I'm such a mark god dammit

    ADR/Christian: Loved it. These two really work well together.

    Kane/Wyatt: Loved the ending. Really leaves me wanting to know what'll happen next

    Brock/Punk: really good match. Punk played the underdog well and Bork was just beating out there. Heyman did good saving it. Ended sort of how I thought it would

    Bryan/Cena/Fucking awesome heel turn: Very good match. Loved how Bryan won by knocking him out instead of a small package. Then Orton. That was just amazing. No other words. What an awesome Pay per view
  9. Only 3 of the matches felt like they were booked beautifully.
  10. 9.7 out of 10.

    All the matches kept me entertained. None were typical "Raw-fest" bs matches like we had at Wrestle Mania.
    Christian vs ADR = AMAZING.
    Punk vs Brock = BETTER THAN PUNK vs TAKER
    Daniel Bryan vs John Cena = Nice build and HOLY S*^% THAT ENDING! Gave me a Big E(rection)
    The mixed tag match was good.
    Natalya was great as always.
    Kane vs Bray could have been better imo
    Sandow vs Cody was good.
    Ambrose vs RVD was okay, could have been better imo.
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  11. 9.5/10

  12. This was a 9 out of 10. Best PPV WWE has done this year. And that is saying something considering PPV quality has been solid this entire year.
  13. 756541447712547/10 ORTON MOTHERFUCKERS :yes:
  14. Ma gurrrdddd it was awesome! A few weak matches but a heel orton and DB getting a clean win made me cum so hard I need a new carpet
  15. Bryan winning Cena was sad, Triple H attacking D-Bryan was exciting, Randy Orton, new wwe champion was rocking. D-Bryan wins it and loses it the same night. Guess 'The Game' wanted a CHAMP!

    The Best vs The Beast was good. Thought Punk had, had him when he smashed the steel chair right to the face of Lesnar. The 'go to sleep time' changed the game. Epic fail, Punk is going to be roooking on RAW tonight!
  16. 9.5/10

    Bryan is now in the same category as Cena. He is temporarily the new top face of WWE. Orton is fucking heel again baby. HHH IS HEEL TOO <3. As much as that doesn't make sense, HHH is one of the greatest heels of all time (the greatest imo). Lesnar/Punk was epic too. Just an awesome PPV.
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  17. Bryan is a made man now to use a mafia term. So exciting :yay:
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