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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Danielson, Aug 17, 2014.

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  1. Cena is one step closer to passing Flair/10

    I like watching executions/10

    Blood and Urine and Vomit /10

    The show, 4/10

  2. WWE/10
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  5. Ziggler winning finally - AWESOME
    Ambrose vs Rollins - AWESOME till Kane got involved and then it got down to Great, kinda wish they'd put Seth over cleanly for once.
    Divas matches - loldivas matches
    Y2J vs Bray - Great match and good to see Bray get over cleanly.
    Roman vs Orton - Meh match tbh, but had a couple of awesome spots, the spear countered into a powerslam as well as that Superman punch turning into RKO come to mind but the rest was just mindless typical stuff that is getting old - fast.
    Cena vs. Urine Blood and Vomit - Watching Cena get decimated for some reason brought tears of joy to my eyes, it's not like I hate him but its so good to see a heel finally dominate the top face. Come on BORK!

    The domination also meant it made sense for them to keep Seth away for now, this is going to be a fun Raw tomorrow, can't wait to see who gets destroyed next by Bork. I have a feeling that WWE plan on making Brock drop it to Roman but I hope that is a long way away because he sure as hell can't carry the title now.

    Oh and there was the flag match that wasn't really a flag match between people I don't really enjoy watching doing almost nothing new. so. Yeah.

    Overall 6/10. Would've been 5 if it wasn't for a really good start with the pre-show match, would've been 7 if Hulk Hogan wasn't given the mic.

    Oh and props to Triple H for taking that bump against Brie. Class act.
  6. 7/10

    Ziggs getting the win
    Steph's sexay attire
    Reigns vs Orton was ok.
    Cena losing clean...who would've thunk!
  7. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the actual show. However, I won every bet that I placed on the matches, so that's a plus I guess. Judging simply from results and analysis:
  8. 7/10 - A good PPV, not a great one but definitely still pretty good.

    The positives for me were pretty much the Reigns/Orton match, Ziggler winning the IC, Lesnar's utter ownage and a few other scattered things throughout the show.

    There was a couple negatives but most of them were pretty minute, I would say the kick-off match having RVD go over Cesaro was the most negative IMO.
  9. Watched the show last night till Ambrose vs Rollins started, then went to sleep before I passed out on my keyboard.
    Anyways, watching it from the beginning, atm. If Delik had done the SummerSlam predictions contest, the only two matches I haven't predicted correctly are AJ LEE > Paige, and MIZ > Ziggler.
  10. Just done watching it. 10/10 - Purely because of Cena lost the title.

    The Miz vs Ziggler was meh, but I'm happy with the outcome. Yes! Dolph fuckin' Ziggler!

    AJ Lee vs Paige was good, they delivered. Didn't expect to see Paige victorious, but what the hell... It was a good match.

    Rusev vs Swagger was also good. It was obvious Rusev was going to win.

    Ambrose vs Rollins in a lumberjack match was highlight of the night, it was beyond great! I knew this match wasn't gonna let down. So, now that Dean has to leave in order to film a movie, this'll cool off the feud and once Ambrose's back, it'll get hot once again, especially if Rollins cashes in in the meantime!

    Bray vs Y2J was damn good. Much better than what they did at Battleground last month, imo. Happy that Bray got the clean win.

    Steph vs Brie was meh, just like I thought it'd be. Nikki turning heel was obvious. How unpredicatble by the Creative team, it's never been done before. lol

    Orton vs Reigns was generic, but still good. There were some cool moments.

    Lesnar vs Cena was... I cannot describe how much I enjoyed seeing Cena getting his ass handed to him. Finally, no more championship necklace! Thank you, Brock! This is how the real WWE World Heavyweight Champion looks like, kids!
  11. 7/10


    Ziggler wins the IC title.
    Paige/AJ match was entertaining with a couple nice spots.
    Swagger/Rusev was good but the feud should end there and someone else should step up.
    Kudos to WWE on taking the action outside the ring for the Rollins/Ambrose Lumberjack match.
    Stephanie's ring gear.
    Cena getting destroyed by Lesnar.


    Cesaro losing to RVD in what is allegedly RVD's last match for a while? WTF!?
    Rusev kicking Colter after the match was not necessary.
    Kane getting involved in the Ambrose/Rollins match was stupid.
    Jericho/Wyatt just did not do it for me.. I could not be less interested in this feud.
    Nikki's heel turn was way too predictable.
    I'm happy Reigns won and I know they are grooming him for the top tier but this "Super Reigns" crap is getting old.
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  12. I thought the PPV was alright.
    • I highly enjoyed watching Dolph become champ again, and both of them delivered a nice match.
    • Paige/AJ was an entertaining match with nice spots from both competitors. Considering it was a typical Divas length match, they made the most of their time. I hope the feud continues from here.
    • The Rusev/Swagger feud is something I've never invested in so the match was lackluster for me.
    • I thought the Ambrose/Rollins match was the highlight of the PPV. Really nice spots and storytelling within the match. I didn't like that Kane interfered to help Rollins get the win, but ultimately it keeps getting them heat.
    • Another match I enjoyed was Y2J/Wyatt. Both of them have won clean in their singles matches so I wonder where they'll go from here. I hope they'll develop beyond this concept of who's the savior and give the feud more substance.
    • The match between Stephanie and Brie was slow and I kept waiting for more to happen. Nikki turning on Brie was predictable (I knew it would happen lol) so it just ensures that this feud is not ending anytime soon.
    • Orton/Reigns was decent, but I fear the WWE is treating him like Cena (especially with all this 'Super Reigns' talk). There were a few good spots but the feud is old at this point.
    • I am pleased that Cena got embarrassed and destroyed by Lesnar, but the match did not entertain me. Doing the same move over and over again does embarrass your opponent, but I kept waiting for something more and far more sinister than what he was doing. To put Cena in his own 'blood, urine, and vomit', he didn't seem to do that for me. Either way, it's nice to have a new WWE Champion that isn't Cena.
    Overall: 6/10
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    A REALLY solid B plus. Enjoyed everything thoroughly.

    Ziggler/Miz was a good opener, serving it's purpose and it was good to see Ziggler get the win. ***

    AJ/Paige was really short but even then they managed to pack in more action then what they did last month, another neat match. Better then their last bout for sure, and it leaves open a match at NoC with some sorta stip in the mix, submission probably. **3/4

    Rusev/Swagger was GREAT, psychology played perfectly in this match, just an overall well-worked match, don't see how people could find this boring in the slightest, selling by both men was exceptional. ***3/4

    Rollins/Ambrose is my fav match in months from the WWE, this was chaotic and I was entertained by every minute of the match. They kept the action inside the ring to a minimum, but even then, it was awesome. Loved how not even the lumberjacks could keep this in the ring due to the high-tension feud both these men have, nice detail. Err, fuck Kane though. ****-****1/4

    Y2J/Wyatt was another disappointment to me IMO, this feud has not really lived up to it's original hype and I just could not get into this. Still a passable match but I expected a tad more from both. Don't really wanna see another one. **3/4-***

    Steph/Brie was good for what it was, and I hate that people were comparing this match and the show in general to NJPW shows and whatnot. Of course this match ain't fucking surpassing Okada/Nakamura but it was still good for what it was, popped for Nikki's heel turn....and her tits. *** (entertainment)

    Roman/Orton was just fine, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it because Randy said previously that he would decimate Reigns methodically so at that instant I knew I wasn't expecting a spotfest like how everybody else did. This was a lot of fun towards the end, and builds Reigns up just great. I for one liked the methodical pace worked as it was essentially a "cool down" match but still good. ***1/4-1/2

    Lesnar/Cena was amazing, seriously. Just for the storytelling and booking this gets about 5 stars, makes Brock come across as a true beast. Only person I see fit challenging right now is Batista, cuz all the roster are scared shitless. Other than that, 16 brutal German Suplexes and 2 F-5's. Yep, good stuff. Cena did a good job at selling everything too and making Brock look like a real, true monster. ****1/4-1/2

    Lesnar/Cena and Rollins/Ambrose were my fav's tonight, but everything on this card was solid, definitely. Best PPV in a while.
  14. Watched Cena/Lesnar only. Great stuff, WWE did everything about this the right way. Hopefully they don't fuck it up later on.

    Rating for Cena/Lesnar: 9/10
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  15. 7/10, the show was good but the best highlight was definitely Cena/Lesnar. I loved that match. Everything else was pretty quality too, but the main event stole it for me.
  16. 9/10. Fantastic show amidst low expectations.

    Enjoyed the IC Title match. Miz is really coming across as a guy who's doing fine character work combined with maximizing his limited in-ring ability, and he deserves some props (and Senhor can just read the "little in-ring ability" part). He still needs a guy who can make a match entertaining on his own though, and Ziggler's the perfect guy to do it. Neither of these two are going anywhere so the Curse of the IC Title doesn't apply so these two can feud forever if they can keep it fresh

    AJ vs Paige I'll talk with people on Skype about since the rest of you don't care, but it's definitely a positive for the show.

    Don't like talking about selling but loved it in the "flag match" as Rusev actually had to kneel down to lock in the Accolade, giving Swagger an out to reverse it... then it just got too much. Perfect booking on display here, marked for the shot to Zeb and love that they're unafraid to actually have segments on PPV now that get heels a ton of heel heat. Nine ninety nine.

    Ambrose vs Rollins there just isn't words for. Loved every second of it, not even the bald dude from Office Space could kill this buzz, especially since Golddust attacked him because the Rhodes brothers hate the Authority. Yay continuity!

    Four matches, four overdelivering, then Stephanie and Brie came out. Oy. Surprised to see Stephanie get as much offense as she did but she looked great in the ring for someone so rusty. Very impressed. Figured they had some kind of climactic finish planned but sadly it ended with the one black mark on this PPV. Sadly, arguing about this Nikki Bella heel turn will be like a TNA hater arguing with me.

    Although here's reason #412 how Cena is in cahoots with the Authority... just saying... :emoji_wink:

    Reigns vs Orton had shitty match written all over it and then it didn't suck and Roman held his own. Yay!

    And after all these years, hot damn was it cathartic to see Cena's smug smile get permanently disfixed at the hands of Brocccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk Lesssssssnarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Loved every second of this match as I watched with a sick, sadistic smile. Cena, you had it coming. :yes:

    The only problem here is that Brock feels like a supernatural being after beating the Streak and dismantling Cena. He's ten steps above the entire rest of the roster and nobody can believably challenge him. In theory this should make for the perfect underdog story, but we know how WWE loves to quit on guys. Only time will tell. Either way for right now, I loved this show and it gave me some hope for the future, can't wait for the next promising young talent they bury to take it away again. Yay wrestling!
  17. I'd give it 8/10 enjoyed every match pretty much my interest in WWE has been restored looking forward to seeing who takes on lesnar at NOC
  18. Nice recap, pretty much agree... Snow.
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