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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Jacob Fox, Oct 6, 2018.

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  1. Rate Super Showdown and let us know what you thought of the show!

    Smackdown Tag Team Championship: Champion The New Day vs The Bar

    The New Day retained by pin fall

    Smackdown Women's Championship: Champion Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair

    Charlotte won by DQ

    Bobby Lashley and John Cena vs Elias and Kevin Owens

    Lashley and Cena won by pin fall

    The Iconics vs Asuka and Naomi

    The Iconics won by pin fall

    WWE Championship: Champion AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe

    Styles retained by submission

    The Bella twins and Ronda Rousey vs the Riott Squad

    The Bellas and Ronda Rousey won by submission

    Cruiserweight Championship: Champion Cedric Alexander vs Buddy Murphy

    Murphy became the new Cruiserweight champion by pin fall

    The Shield vs Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

    The Shield won by pin fall

    Daniel Bryan vs The Miz Winner gets a WWE Championship match

    Daniel Bryan won by pin fall

    Triple H vs The Undertaker No DQ

    Triple H won by pin fall

  2. I watched this whole show, ALONE, making a rate thread as I went and was waiting til the entire show officially ended, just to have you post a less entertaining one as soon as the last pinball happens? I love you Jacob, but with all due respect, fuck you
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  3. Or you could just say "Hey Jacob, I made a thread. Would you delete yours and post mine since I worked really hard on it?" And I would say "Yup."
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  5. Nah I'm too drunk for that lol. Plus it would feel unearned. I'll just do better for Crown Jewel :emoji_wink:

    Bangs aside, that wasn't nearly as bad a show as I thought it'd be. Fucking incredible Cruiserweight Title match. Great booking on the Attitude Era Nostalgia/ Setup to HBK Return match. All in all a pretty decent show, even though Lashley was too rude to let Elias continue his beautiful rendition of Thunderstruck.
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  6. this felt more like a PPV to me rather than a house show, it definitely had its moments and I'd say it was better than HIAC
    • the Becky/Charlotte storyline is great but their matches aren't really clicking with me. I'm not getting that blood feud feel off of them and it doesn't seem like the crowd is either. The DQ finish didn't help that
    • Cena looks really weird with that hair, he's really starting to look like his dad, but it's nice to see him show up from time to time. He's definitely still over af, he was only in there for a couple of minutes but the crowd loved it
    • every time I see Asuka and Naomi I feel sad. Asuka was once rumored to face Rousey instead of Charlotte and now she's as far away from that as possible. Not to drag Naomi or anything but this ain't it chief. But at least the IIconics got something out of it
    • Styles vs Joe was great, but it showed one of my biggest pet peeves in noDQ matches. They barely used any weapons and once they did, it was like 15 minutes after having a lengthy normal one on one encounter. Like, in kayfabe, why wouldn't a wrestler immediately go for a weapon once he has the chance to, especially in a "personal" feud like this? It was a great match regardless tho
    • that double armbar ending by Ronda was badass even though she didn't lock in anything if we look at it as a shoot
    • Buddy Murphy winning the cruiserweight title was perfect. It was the right place, the right time and the right match. Great stuff
    • I really liked the story they told with Ambrose, having him tease jumping ship and then having Reigns and Rollins throw themselves in harms way to save him.. good stuff. Also, what's the point of chopping a tactical vest you big dummies
    • the Bryan/Miz match was nothing serious but I loved how the crowd's reaction was a bit delayed and it reminded me of when the streak was broken. This is definitely not gonna be their last match so I don't have a problem with this being a throwaway
    • this isn't gonna be a ground breaking analysis but age really hindered HHH/Taker from being great. They had the right idea and mindset, but it was just too slow to keep up any momentum. Considering this is just a set up for the next 2 matches and he needed a shit ton of help, it doesn't really matter to me that Triple H won here
    Overall, quite entertaining, maybe I'm a bit biased here because I didn't have to stay up the whole night to watch it live this time around but I'd give it a 6/10. There wasn't anything in particular I disliked but at the same time, it didn't really blow me out of the water either
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  7. Really, really boring show.

    Only highlight was AJ vs Joe, fantastic match.

    Didn't really expect much, it was a juiced up house show...

    Now getting ready for UFC 229. If this doesn't deliver this really fucks up my weekend.
  8. Nice to see they settled the geezers down at the old folks home and they ended up holding hands and playing bingo together.
  9. I give it meh out of eh.
  10. Seeing and Hearing some of the stuff that went down. It makes me wonder why WWE keeps doing this to their legends.

    And these bastards are going to continue with this story angle, because they cannot make a Good Younger Talent Storyline to save their own lives.
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  11. #11 Redboy123@, Oct 6, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2018
    this was a good show. 8/10.

    The booking of Becky vs Charlotte was terrible though. Absolutely terrible. Becky is going to be nothing by the time 2019 comes around.

    Murphy vs Alexander, AJ vs Joe, Shield vs Dogs of War and the main event were really good. Happy that Undertaker put on one last great match, even if people disagree I think that Taker vs HHH was very good.

    Only bad thing was the Charlotte vs Becky finish, but the wrestling before was great.
  12. New Day vs. The Bar. Ok, not a stellar match but not a bad match either. New Day retains.

    Becky vs. Charlotte. I know people are going to complain about Becky cheating to retain her title, but let me tell you this - you are wrong. The whole story is that since winning the title she has been cocky and has underestimated Charlotte going into the match. So the storytelling of the match is that Becky realises she is about to lose her title, so she tries to get the count out win, then gets the DQ to escape the Figure 8. Becky is a heel. Get over it.

    The John Cena tag match was meh, and his "6th move of doom" - btw WWE you aren't meant to be proud of that because "5 moves of doom" is a negative term shitting on the fact that your poster boy had a very limited moveset during his reign of terror - is just a stupid punch. They must really be wanting the Chinese market or something.

    Iconics vs. Asuka/Naomi. Iconics winning in Australia was nice, but Asuka's team should have probably picked up the victory.

    AJ vs. Joe. I still think Joe should have won here, but I liked the story of AJ going to the dark side and viciously attacking Joe's injured leg after the table spot. Maybe he will take a heel/tweener role in this matchup against Daniel Bryan? Solid match

    That Ronda match was probably the worst thing in the night. Who the hell is she going to face at Evolution? Clearly not Ruby Riott, as she lost on RAW and her team lost last night. And if it is Nikki Bella she is facing it's stupid that they didn't have the heel turn last night? Nia Jax? We never got a conclusion to their last match because of Alexa Bliss having to hog the spotlight all the time. Natalya? Nobody cares about her anymore.

    Buddy winning the title Alexander would have been awesome if it wasn't for the fact that the Cruiserweights are the biggest after thought and the Iconics gets more screen time than either of these 2 talented. Scrap 205 Live and just have the Cruiserweight division compete on RAW and Smackdown like the tag team and women's divisions compete on them FFS

    The Shield/Strowman, Dolph & Ziggler match was better than it deserved to be. I guess that shows how talented the men in the ring are that I got so invested in that match. I love the storytelling around Ambrose over the past few weeks. Dolph talking shit when Seth was getting beat down during the first half of that match was hilarious. Maybe Strowman gets pissed off and drops Dolph & Drew? They need to start getting away from this group feud into each person having their own feuds. Then again, Survivor Series is coming up, so maybe it will be Team Shield vs. Teams Dogs of War with each side recruiting 2 new members.

    Surprised Daniel/Miz got to go on before the main event, but maybe the WWE realised Bryan could wake the crowd up during the final stretch of the PPV (it's not a glorified house show people ffs). And he did. That crowd was hot before the match even began. Got to be honest I didn't see the finish (except after the replay) because it happened out of nowhere. Which is good, because surprise quick wins like that are needed sometimes to keep things fresh. Still would have liked to see more tho.

    HHH/Undertaker. Bleh. I was hoping in all hell that they changed their minds about bringing Shawn out of retirement for that Saudi show when they did the "hold up each others arm" segment at the end. But then Cole had to ruin it by screaming things like "THIS IS AN END OF AN ERA!", making it obvious that Taker and Kane were going to end things by attacking HHH and HBK.

    All in all, an entertaining show. I didn't agree with all the decisions but I get why they were made (except the booking of that Ronda match). 7/10
  13. random note

    I remember Beast in the East. When they first put a house show on the network.
    While it was cool to see Finn Balor winning the NXT title from Kevin Owens, all the main roster build was "Hey y'all, WWE Network! Brock Lesnar's there! Buy!"
    and people who knew he was facing Kofi were AMPED to watch a squash, but that was it.
    They trusted "Brock Lesnar! Buy!" to sell it, while not pretending it was more than it was.

    Bad for business, I think? Because it's best to pump out as many buys as you can?
    Or is it good since it left a lot of people let down that this glorified house show (which was fun) was supposed to be a bigger deal than it was?
  14. Cena is trolling. By dressing the negative it turns it into a positive. It's like when people make un of themselves.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 7, 2018 ---
    *watches the Cena match....ok
  15. We had a throwaway Cena/Undertaker match at WrestleMania. Was WM a glorified house show?
  16. No because Taker vs Cena wasn't a house show match
  17. A house show is a house show if it isn't televised. That's it.

    This show was televised, was sold as a PPV in countries where WWE PPVs are sold by cable networks like Australia had a title change like a PPV, and built upon and furthered feuds like a PPV.

    It was a PPV.
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  18. Yeah obviously. But that doesn't change the fact it was a house show with cameras. hence the term glorified house show has been coined.
  19. A house show is generally ignored by the company itself in that on TV it is not promoted by the announcers (obviously they advertise it in the area to get ticket sales but the title matches aren't acknowledged unless a title changes hands e.g. AJ winning the US title in MSG). Social media posts by the company showing wrestlers comment on their feuds/upcoming PPV matches as they make their way to the ring at a house show complicates things but again the focus is on the main shows (TV/PPV).

    God, are we going to start calling main event matches that involve big 6 man tags or an impromptu title match between a champ and someone they aren't feuding with "glorified dark matches" now?
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