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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Shadow, Nov 24, 2013.

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    Post your ratings and thoughts about Survivor Series in this thread.

    I give tonight's show a 5/10,it was pretty bad besides the opening match,Henry's return,and, the co-main event.
    Well,even the opening match lacked a lot.
  2. Better than expected.

    Nice 5 on 5 opener. My man Roman Reigns getting the win on his own and teasing a face turn.
    Big E match was TV Quality.
    Diva elimination was neither bad or good.
    Henry return was badass.
    Didn't really watch Cena match.
    Punk/Bryan Vs. The Wyatts was good as well. Awesome video package as well.
    Backstage segment with People Power was awesome.
    Main Event fucksucked.
  3. 8/10

    Only watched the Punk match so rating based on that
  4. 10/10 because Johnny Fucking Ace! [​IMG]
  5. Roman Reigns booked well
    Axel vs Langston was boring to me
    Divas match was boring. Got to see Aksana though so +1
    Ryback vs Henry ( who didn't see that coming) Match was boring
    Cena vs Rio was okay
    Thought Wyatts should have beaten punk and Bryan
    Segment with HHH and Cena wa interesting
    Main Event had show in it so it was pretty slow but whatevs
    End segment with Cena vs Orton was cool. Not expecting a heel turn but a face vs face and possible merging of titles?

    Overall 5/10
    Was entertained for probably half the show.
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    4.5/10. Much better than I expected. Would have been higher without the two horrendous title matches.

    + Reigns dominating
    + Axel, Show and ADR out of the title pictures!!!
    + Ryback's promo

    - The main event was plagued by multiple botches
    - Orton getting up moments after being KO'd by Show, which is supposedly one of the best finishers
    - Generic Cena "overcoming the odds" match
    - Cena getting no reaction from his hometown crowd at the end
    - The Beard and the Best team winning - why?
  7. Yeah, super-late bump but I have a semi-good reason for it. Firstly, after my last log-in on this site, I have no idea when that was, my laptop's charger port decided it like it better deeper inside my laptop. Essentially, I lost my laptop and access to the internet for about two weeks. Now, when I got it back, Survivor Series had already been out for a few days but I really didn't want to watch it. So, I kept putting it off and I didn't really come on here because I didn't want to without first seeing the PPV as I earlier had a self-made promise to watch & review every [WWE] PPV this year and I didn't want to give any indication that I was proceeding with it. Now, this will undoubtedly be the shortest review I've ever done because if there is one thing this PPV highlighted, it's my complete apathy towards the current product. It was not a good PPV and I'm quite jubilant that I only have one more wrestling show I have to watch.

    Survivor Series Review

    Match of the Night
    It's sad that this is the second time in a row the best match kicked the show off. I think the best way to talk about this is to talk about each elimination separately and interspersing those with other thoughts (well not really, it's just what I took note of). Dean's elimination was poor and the following breakdown was awkward. One of the most obviously choreographed tag match breakdowns I've seen. Swagger's elimination was fun and the tag moments between the Real Americans were great. Cesaro's elimination was meh but how is it that the swing is still entertaining? Seriously, I should be sick of it by now. Uso #1's elimination was nice. Rhodes elimination was impressive, best series of moves of the night, easily. Cody was on fire all night. Uso #2's elimination was cool, the blackout is awesome. Rollins elimination was meh but Rey had to get one I suppose. Goldust & Rey's subsequent elimination by Reigns was awesome too (he has one of the best spears in the history of wrestling).

    Outside of that, I have another problem with the bout that most probably don't. How come nobody attempted to break up any pins? Like, there wasn't even one single solitary attempt. Maybe they would've never been 5-2 if they decided to break up a pin. Like I loved that Rollins looked to his opponents corner everytime he went for a pin but what's the point when everyone is playing good samaritan?

    Match Rating: 7/10

    IntErcontinEntal TitlE Match
    Big E's still enjoyable energetic and Curtis Axel is still painfully plain. The end result was okay.

    Match Rating: 5/10

    Poor. Odd how the quickest paced match felt like it lasted the longest outside of Rio/Cena. There are a lot of things to hate about this match so I think I'll focus on the positives. Naomi did a good job, Natalya won (why did the commentators say Natalya was the sole survivor?) & Rosa danced for a bit. An erotic dance, not that stupid crap that followed after her elimination.

    Match Rating: 3/10

    World's Strongest Crossbody
    It was boring. Very boring but the finish was nice (so plus one for that) & objectively I don't think the two could've had a better match than that. The post-match was cool though. Oh wait, that's what I wrote for their last match on PPV. Why did I have to see this twice? I suppose it was better than their last one so they proved me wrong but it still wasn't that good.

    Match Rating: 4/10

    Cena's/Del Rio
    Boring, lifeless, mundane, Randy Orton, synonyms. This match followed the typical Cena structure and had real trouble keeping me watching it even with my blank expression. At the halfway point I busted out solitaire and multi-tasked. It did have some positive qualities though, Cena's neckbreaker was awesome and he should totally incorporate it into his moveset. The DDT's were nice too (Del Rio's regular & Cena's tornado).

    Match Rating: 3/10

    Dueling Banjos
    I've actually never seen that scene but I know what happens in it and I think it's an aptly title. Honestly, I was bored through most of it but it actually gained my interest at points which is more than I can say about every other match sans the opener. The entire portion of the bout where Bryan was taken on Harper where it ended with that powerbomb from the second rope was awesome. As was everything from Punk's final run in the match (Bryan's running knee was my favorite). Otherwise, it didn't really do it for me. In fact, it was really boring until that Bryan/Harper match-up. I will say that, Harper was solid all throughout the match so kudos to him. Rowan was terrible.

    Match Rating: 6/10

    Ice Cream with Whipped Cream
    For the main event, I decided that it was only appropriate to have something to eat. So, I got my vanilla ice cream, poured on whip cream like nobody's business and pressed play. Let me tell you something, those Himalayas of cream were delectable. Today was a day of great meals; waffles; cheeseburger subs & the only possible way to conclude so a magnificent day of meals was with something of euphoric proportion and boy did this ice cream go above and beyond the call of duty. It has just entered the pantheon of amazing foods I've had the pleasure indulging in. Alas, what I witnessed during that divine dessert was anything except bliss. It sucked but I suppose, it had the common courtesy to be quick.

    Match Rating: 4/10
    Ice Cream Rating: Batman/10

    PPV Rating: 4.6/10


    I. Payback ~ 6.3/10
    II. SummerSlam ~ 6.1/10
    III. Elimination Chamber ~ 6/10
    IV. Money In The Bank ~ 5.9/10
    V. Extreme Rules ~ 5.5/10
    V. Hell in a Cell ~ 5.5/10
    VII. Battleground ~ 5.4/10
    VIII. Royal Rumble ~ 4.9/10
    IX. Survivor Series ~ 4.6/10
    X. Night of Champions ~ 3.9/10
    XI. WrestleMania XXIX ~ 3.8/10

    I. WHC, Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler (c): Payback ~ 9/10
    II. Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk, No DQ: SummerSlam ~ 9/10
    III. The Shield vs. The Justice League (Cena, Sheamus & Ryback): Elimination Chamber ~ 9/10
    IV. Orton vs. Bryan vs. Punk vs. Sheamus vs. Christian vs. RVD, MITB Ladder: Money In The Bank ~ 9/10
    V. WHC, Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Christian: SummerSlam ~ 8/10
    VI. WWE Title, The Rock (c) vs. CM Punk: Elimination Chamber ~ 8/10
    VII. Sandow vs. Rhodes vs. Cesaro vs. Swagger vs. Barrett vs. Fandingoatemybabio, MITB Ladder: Money in the Bank ~ 8/10
    VIII. Tag Titles, The Rhodes (c) vs. The Shield vs. The Uso's: Hell in a Cell ~ 8/10
    IX. The Rhodes vs. The Shield: Battleground ~ 8/10
    X. Tag Titles, The Shield (Reigns & Rollins) vs. Team Hell No (c), Tornado: Extreme Rules ~ 8/10
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    Oh, WWE Pay-Per-Views... Giving us a great variety of meal options, from crab meat to ice cream... Nice review.

    crab > batman
    +1 point for the main event actually getting less time than the Divas' tag. :lol1:
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